lace day

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Eavhen looks at the ensemble set before her and feels something roil within her.


“No?” Josephine repeats, obviously startled. “Inquisitor, it’s important that we show a united-”

“I understand that, and we’ll come up with something that fits, but…” Eavhen takes a breath and straightens her spine. She’s postured enough by now. “I go as the leader of the Inquisition, of course. But I also will not go to Halamshiral and let them forget that I am Dalish and proud.”

Painting the rest of her body to match her vallaslin may be a bit overdramatic, but she thinks she’s allowed that much by now.

poetry or short stories person? sunny days outside or rainy days inside person? candles or fairy lights person? films or painting person? sun or moon person? roller coaster or merry-go-round person? a mermaid or siren person? lace or velvet person? vampire or werewolf person? freckles or birthmarks person? kisses on the neck or kisses on the lips person? playing with hair or holding hands person? glossy finish or matte finish person? neons or pastels person? cotton or linen person? heels or ballet flats person? two braids or one person? plaid or denim person? tudor era or victorian era person? twenty one pilots or fall out boy person? rings or necklaces person? rose gold or white gold person? coffee or hot chocolate person? smoothies or milkshakes person?


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