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Dear all of knitblr, please help me a bit

I seem to have irreparably screwed up my current knitting project, which is a very important and personal piece to me. It’s the sochi shawl (on ravalry for free) done in bisexual pride colors; I live in a very conservative area that doesn’t let me be as open as I wish about who i am, and i found the idea of wearing a subtle emblem of my identity, crafted by my own two hands, to be very comforting and validating. But I dropped a few stitches around a double center increase a few rows back and even though I tried to go back and fix it it’s really screwed up, and also one of the stitches seems to have dropped out of existence entirely. The sochi shawl pattern has lots of eyelets, double center decreases, and dropped stitches, so I have no idea how to frog it without screwing it up, and I’m not sure how to weave a lifeline through it. Its pretty far along and it would break my heart to start over from scratch. I don’t know many very experienced knitters, and the ones I do know can’t help me right now because I’m living away from home for a while.

Knitblr, you are my only hope right now. If anyone knows how to thread a lifeline through a complicated shawl or restitch a botched double center decrease, please send me a message and give me a few tips. Finishing this shawl is quite important to me.

Making Them Blush || Riverdale Preferences

Archie Andrews:

“Come on, Betty! We need to go now. Archie said he didn’t want anything too big for his birthday, so I decided to go all out.” You grinned at the blonde as the two of you stood outside of the boys’ locker room. Of course, you were going to do this in front of all of the football boys. It was the only way to really see his reaction. Toying with the glittering ring on your ring finger, you took a deep breath. “I mean, what if we get in trouble for this? There are rules against this for a reason.” Betty tried to reason with you, holding your arm in her steady grip. “Live a little! I know I am!” You giggled, pushing open the door and walking inside. You ignored the piercing stares and continued to walk straight towards your ginger boyfriend. He stuttered, dropping his towel a little bit before regaining composure and fixing himself. Pulling the small jewelry from your finger, you placed the chastity ring in the palm of his outstretched hand. “Happy Birthday Archie.” You crooned, kissing him softly before pulling away. Before you exited the humid room, you noticed the bright red dust his cheeks as the boys around him wolf whistled. You rolled your eyes, walking out of the room. Oh, how you were in for a fun night.

Jughead Jones:

You twirled the metal instrument in you fingers before mustering up the courage to look up. “So..(Y/N). Something tells me you and Jughead are going to last long.” FP announced, munching on his own food. You quickly grinned but hid it with words. “I hope so. I’m really lucky to be the special girl to date your son.” You replied, putting some salad into your awaiting mouth. For the most part, the conversations between you and Jughead’s father were few and far apart. This gave your heart to slow down a bit before he threw you the next question. “Also. I think it runs through our blood, but I’ve heard Jughead is very good in bed. Is he?” This caused a deep crimson to settle upon your cheeks, but you coughed to cover it. “I mean… If you mean talented, then most definitely. Size wise, I’d say he’s bigger than average.” Knowing that FP wanted this kind of answer, you flashed a grin at the man and at Jughead. FP was not one to judge, and he constantly wanted an honest answer. So you obviously gave him one. This time, Jughead was the one to cough, and it made you and FP laughed. “That’s my boy.”

Betty Cooper:

With football came cheer, with cheer came Betty, and with Betty came you. You were her biggest supporter along with the best girlfriend in the world. This was it. Riverdale was up against one of their biggest rivals, and the cheerleaders most definitely had to cheer them up. That’s what they were meant to do, right? You sat in the front row of the stands, rubbing your hands together to keep warm. How they managed to wear those short skirts and sleeveless tops never failed to amaze you. Your large (e/c) eyes focused in on the blonde, and you grinned. “THAT’S MY GIRL!” You belted out, a crazy smile adorning your features. Glancing sideways at you, you caught a glimpse of the cheerleader blushing madly. You rolled your eyes and continued with your antics. Like hell, you were going to stop, and besides, you just had to be her biggest supporter. “WORK IT, BABY!” You screamed once again, happy to see her happy doing something that she loved. Even if you had lots and lots of homework to do at home, you would do anything to see that dazzling smile and that embarrassed blush.

Veronica Lodge:

Glancing up from your dimly-lit phone, you snuck a glance at the daring Veronica Lodge. She was drop-dead gorgeous, and you constantly told her that every day. She was confident, sassy, not to mention gorgeous again, and most of all, kind. She was willing to do anything for anyone at anytime. And she was all yours. “Damn baby, you look good! However, there is an issue. How come you’re not wear that new set I wore you? You look so good in it, especially when you’re eating me out.” You said blatantly, noting how there were no customers in the diner. However, her mom worked the late shift. Veronica’s eyes grew wide as they landed on her maternal figure, who was situated behind you with a blank stare. You smirked, unfazed by it, as you were not the one who had done those sinful things. Of course you had, but there was no need to discuss. “I-I..” her mother began before walking away. Her own daughter. Veronica’s face blazed in a violent red as she sat down across from her. “Don’t worry. I have it on now.”

Cheryl Blossom:

Sitting on top of her large bed, you yawned. “What are you doing?” “I…” She trailed off, uninterested in having to explain to you what her antics were. “Am doing something. Just hold on for another 10 seconds!” She had bought new lingerie and wanted to surprise you. You were a sucker for the expensive sets that she did buy, although you constantly reassured her that she was beautiful without them. This one though, she knew was going to be your favorite. It was a velvety (f/c) one-piece that only connected in the center and lace covered her breasts and throbbing cunt. Yawning once more, you opened your eyes to reveal the gorgeous Cheryl Blossom, and your jaw dropped. “ I swear to God baby. I have never seen anyone as gorgeous as you.” You mewled, reaching up to press a gentle kiss on her cheek. Suddenly, you saw something you had never seen before. A dark red dusted her cheeks for the first time as she shook her head. You had done it. You had made one of the Blossom’s blush!

Title: Miss Me

Warnings: *SMUT* Beware, children.

Request: Hi do you think you could do a Morgan Rielly smut? Btw I love your imagines!!!!💙

Note: I’m slowly but surely getting through the current list of requests. Let me know what you think of this one!

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 “At the beginning of the season, did you expect the team to make it this far?” the reporter asked. You saw Morgan’s eyes narrow slightly before answering the question. You rolled your eyes from the back of the room. These journalists were only trying to do their jobs, but fuck, couldn’t someone come up with an original question anymore?

“Um, yeah, ya know. We go into every season with the goal of making it to the finals, to win the Cup. It just didn’t come together for us this year. From where we were in the standings last year, I think we had a hell of a run.” Morgan said from the table, his expression blank. “Winning the Cup; that’s always the goal. We’re ready for next year.” Cameras continued to flash; more reporters waiting to be acknowledged. 

“This year you were tied with your rookie season for a career low in points, do you think that had a major impact on the season?”

Dropping your head back in disbelief, you accidentally bumped it on the wall behind you. Wincing as you rubbed the back of your head, you watched as Morgan tensed up, preparing another generic answer. “Yeah, I mean, that wasn’t the goal for this season. Every time you’re contributing less to your team than you have in the past, it’s not a good feeling, you know? Only thing we can do now is focus on next season.”

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Reward / Finn Bálor

Warning: NSFW. Dom Bálor. Short smut…just smut lol
Side Note: not the greatest but I’m throwing it out there anyway

   The footsteps coming towards her ever so slowly was the only thing she heard. She had to keep her breathing steady, not wanting to show the mixture of fear and excitement within her. The footsteps stopped behind her, “kneel”. She did what she was told and kept her head down. The figure walked around her, admiring how easily he could get her to submit. He sat on his leather seat in front of her. “Pretty little thing aren’t you? Obeying my commands like the good girl that you are” the thick voice said calmly. She took a deep breath before she could answer, “Yes sir”. A smirk slid across his face, “Do you know why I summoned you?”. “No sir” she replied still with her head down.

    He leaned forward in his seat, “You’ve been a very good girl and you know what happens when you’re good?”. His words sending a chill down her spine, “Good girls get rewarded sir”. “Very good little one” he leaned back in his seat again. The anticipation of his touch had her aching at her core. “Crawl”. She crawled slowly up to him until she sat on his lap. His rough hands trailing up her back. He leaned in and gave her a rough kiss. He trailed off from her lips down to her neck, “Who do you belong to little one?”. The warmth of his breath against her skin made her whimper,  “I’m yours Sir”. His fingers tangled in her hair giving it a light pull as he kissed her again. Only this time he bit her bottom lip, “Say it”. She moaned against his lips, “I’m yours Bálor”.

“Very good” he slowly unbuttoned her blouse revealing a black lace bra and let out a low growl. Bálor tossed the blouse aside and lightly ran his fingers over the lace material. He peppered her chest with kisses and leaving pink and red marks in places only he would be able to see. She let out small whimpers in between each mark, he was going agonizingly slow and she needed him bad. She ran her fingers over his short hair and gave it a light tug.

  Another growl escaped Bálor as he sat back and bent her over his knee. He pulled her skirt up to reveal a matching set of black lace panties. A hard spank leaving her skin slightly red, “No touching”. She let out a moan, “Yes sir”. His large hand lightly caressing her ass before delivering another hard spank. Her inner thighs showing evidence of her excitement. He teased a finger over the lace material at her center,“already so wet for me, good girl”. She bit her lip,“only for you Sir”.

   Bálor undid his silk black tie, using it to bind her wrists together behind her back. “Kneel” his accent thicker than before. She did as she was told and adjusted herself in front of him. He rewarded her with a small kiss before standing. She licked her lips as he slid off his belt and unzipped his pants slowly. His strained cock now free, she kissed the very tip and licked along the bottom of his length before taking most of it in her mouth. Bálor snaked his hands in her hair and guided her down further down his cock.

  Her eyes began to water as he thrusted into her mouth. She tapped his thigh signaling to let her catch her breath. Bálor looked down at her with a smirk, “good girl”. She flashed him an innocent smile before taking his cock in her mouth once again and hollowing her cheeks. Bálor let out a moan before thrusting into her mouth again. “Tongue out”. She did as she told, allowing Bálor to go further into her mouth and almost making her gag. “So beautiful especially when you’re on your knees”, his pace was starting to get sloppy and she knew he was close. However, Bálor pulled out of her mouth and admired as her spit now dripped onto her chest.   

    He rewarded her with another sloppy kiss before picking her up and bending her over on the edge of the leather couch. Growling, he slid her panties off and put them in his pocket. Another hard spank made her moan. Bálor came down to a knee and gave her a slow lick at her folds, placing a kiss on her bundle of nerves. “Bálor please” she moaned. “Please what?” he smirked. “Make you yours, please sir” she begged. He slowly slid in two digits into her sex curling his fingers and hitting the sweet spot within her. She moaned louder, resisting the urge building within her already aching core.

     “Is this what you want little one?” Bálor asked as he kissed his way up her back, stopping at her shoulder. His heavy accent in her ear was almost enough to make her come undone right then and there. “Please Sir may I cum?” she begged. He smirked against her skin, removing his digits from her core and delivering a hard spank, “Not yet”. Bálor sucked the juices off of his fingers and smirked, “You taste so good little one”.

She moaned louder than before as Bálor’s thick member filled her perfectly. His steady pace quickened while he snaked one hand into her hair and another held firm grip on her hip. She was caught in blissful mixture of pain and pleasure. “Who do you belong to?” Bálor asked. Another hard spank when she failed to reply. “I said who do you belong to?” he growled into her ear. She let out a whimper, “I belong to you Sir. I’m yours Bálor”.

“Good girl”. His hand that was previously tangled in her hair was now around her neck, giving the sides a light squeeze. Bálor’s rough steady pace was now sloppy. Low and heavy growls escaped his lips, “fuck”. Bálor increased the grip around her neck. Pleasure buzzing like a swarm of bees within her. “Please Bálor, may I cum?” she begged. “Cum”. Her legs began to shake as the knot in her core became undone.

Bálor let out a curse before ending his pace, “on your knees”. She could taste their mixture of juices as she took his cock into her mouth once again and hollowed out her cheeks. It wasn’t long before he let out rope after rope of his cum down her throat with one last growl, “Good girl”. She looked up at him with a smirk, “Thank you Sir”. “That was just the beginning little one”.

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In the Shadows

A/N: A fourth (and probably last) part to Quite a Show, Someone’s Coming and Pull Over, where Spencer and the Reader take their escapades outside a restaurant they frequent. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8 @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 @hogwarts-konoha @sweetg


“Are you absolutely sure about this one?” You giggled after asking Spencer for the 50th time about your next exhibitionist escapade. There had been nothing wrong with the last few times. It had been amazing, which is why you seemed to be pushing the boundaries more and more, but Spencer could possibly face repercussions from work if you were to get caught, and this next stop of the outside-sex train was the most likely of the four to get you caught with your pants down - literally. 

Spencer nodded his head. “Definitely,” he smiled as he puckered his lips and pressed them to your cheek. “I mean if we were going to TGI Friday’s or something like that, I would be a little more worried, but the Thai place on fifth is so small and isolated that I think we’ll be fine.” 

After grabbing a quick drink of water, he gave you his arm. “Ready to go, beautiful?”

“You say beautiful like it’s my name,” you said softly, a delicate blush coating your cheeks.

Spencer leaned over and pushed your hair out of your face as he kissed you on the forehead. “I just call it how I see it.”


Dinner was absolutely delicious. But honestly, at the Thai place, you’d never ordered anything that wasn’t amazing. There was barely anyone else there, which was great for you - less people to catch you in the act, and as you ate the anticipation built up to the point where neither of you were going to need much foreplay. Also a plus in the not getting caught department. 

Considering you’d both been very hungry, which wasn’t a surprise due to all the sex you’d been having these past few weeks, you went to dinner slightly early, so the regular dinner crowd was just coming in. “That might actually be good for us,” you said, noticing the slightly worried look on your husband’s face. 


“Sure. They’ll all be super hungry and waiting for their food, so they won’t be paying attention to the slight thudding of my ass against the wall out back.” You’d said it a little louder than intended, but no one heard. Spencer’s mouth dropped open at your words. Since you’d started this whole exhibitionist thing, you’d become much more open with your wording and both of you were enjoying it. 

Once the bill was paid, you went outside and walked around the back of the restaurant. There was a mom and pop antique shop on one side, and there tended to be more traffic there in the mornings, and on the other side stood a small hardware store, also rarely frequented at dinner time, which meant that both of the store owners would probably be getting ready to go home. Although this restaurant, and the idea of having sex outside had been his to begin with, he looked around tentatively one last time to make sure there was no one in sight.

Eventually he was satisfied with the lack of people and gently backed you into the wall and hiked up your skirt, moving the lace away from your center just enough. He took you by surprise by dropping to his knees and dipping his head under your skirt to taste your arousal. At first, his lips were the only thing to touch you, but he couldn’t tease you too much because he couldn’t handle it himself. Groaning, he licked up your center and stood back up.

The likelihood of getting caught here was so much higher than a little alcove on the beach or in the relative safety of a dressing room in a mall, but it was exactly that thought that coaxed you forward, your hands roaming down to his pants to unzip his fly. Just in case you needed to make a quick getaway, you only pushed Spencer’s pants down enough to get the job done. His length was hard and ready for you, and you moaned at the feel of him in your hand. “Please,” you said softly. He nuzzled his nose against your neck and up behind your ear, before coming to meet you eye to eye as he placed himself inside your wet heat. “Oh, this is a good angle.” You laughed. “Why don’t we have wall sex more often?”

“Because it hurts my weak ass arms,” he chuckled as your walls clenched around him. “But maybe that’s an excuse to keep doing this. It’s a workout for my arms.”

You bit down on his bottom lip, his teeth and tongue clashing against yours while you laughed into his mouth. “Exactly. I’m just helping you with your workout and you get a tight and wet pussy in the process. Really no downsides.”

Spencer’s tongue peeked out slightly to wash your upper lip before he devoured you bit by bit. With each thrust, your legs tightened around his waist, and your heels into his ass. “I don’t have an ass,” he laughed. “Why do you like my ass so much?”

“You have the perfect ass,” you replied. “And it’s all mine.” You gasped as he thrust upward again, and in turn you gripped more of his ass in your hands. The entire experience was hurried and frenzied, probably because you were both fully aware that you could be caught at any second. The sun was on its way down, which was serving as better cover for you, the shadows casting over your sweat-slickened bodies pushed up against the concrete walls. “Oh my god, fuck Spence. Right there.” You practically went still at the sensation; he was situated in the perfect position to hit your g-spot repeatedly. “Please, don’t stop.”

Spencer cradled your head to protect it from the wall as he thrust into you over and over again. The feeling had you frozen in place, arching backward as you held your breath and repeated Spencer’s name in perpetuity - like a prayer. One that he was more than willing to answer. As you came, you cried out and arched back further into the wall. Your body was spread out in front of him, a complete mess, but undeniably beautiful, and the image was enough to push him over the edge as well. 

As you started to move again, pulling your underwear back in place and flattening out your skirt, you kissed Spencer’s neck, licking at the saltiness that accumulated there. He ran his teeth up the side of your neck and underneath your chin, leaving little love bites in his wake. When he did the same with your nose, it made you laugh - a bellowing laugh that definitely would’ve drawn attention. Thankfully, if someone saw you, the position wouldn’t be as compromising anymore. “Is it bad that I almost wanted someone to catch us?” he asked.

“Yes!” you exclaimed as you slapped his arm. You were both finally decent enough to make your way back to your car. “You could get in trouble at work!”

Spencer shrugged. “I feel like Rossi has probably been caught doing worse. There is a whole other side to him that he alludes to and frankly, I don’t want to hear about,” he laughed. 

“Well, thankfully no one did catch us, so we don’t have to test that possibility.” As you got in the car, Spencer’s phone buzzed in his pocket. 

“Oh no…”

“What is it?”

Your husband sucked in his lip and smirked to himself, handing you the phone. On the screen was Emily’s name. She decided to grab dinner with Garcia.

At the Thai place.

She’d heard you. 

Both of them had.

“Who knew Spencer was such a bad boy?” ;)

You threw the phone back toward Spencer and glanced between him and the restaurant. “You’re gonna hear about that from the team, aren’t you?”

“Without a doubt.” After putting the car in drive, he pulled away from the curb and smiled. “…And I don’t think I care.”

Never Enough | Niall Horan

A/N: Track 9 out of 17.  From my Made In The A.M. (Deluxe Edition) Series! Find the rest of the songs on my Masterlist!

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Wanna pull an all-nighter and get into something we’ll never forget?

Wanna stay up and party the weekend away and not know when to quit?

Wanna drive in the night to the end of the earth and go over the edge?

Wanna wake with you and say ‘Baby, let’s do it all over again.’

I sway my hips to the beat as I put paper inserts into each individual slot of the pan. The bowl of confetti cake batter sits next to it, already mixed. It smells so good, I’m half tempted to just eat it out of the bowl, but I’m refraining. Finally finished putting the paper in, I grab the bowl and start pouring it into each section.

It’s Sunday, about four in the afternoon. I just woke up an hour ago, body aching and hair an absolute mess. I was too lazy to put on pants, so I’m baking cupcakes in one of Niall’s t-shirts and a pair of lacy underwear. I smile; my bottom lip comes between my teeth as I think of my boyfriend still snoozing away and all the exhausting fun we had last night. Starting at midnight until three in the morning, the two of us were between the sheets.

He just came home from his long nine month worldwide tour. As soon as he stepped off the plane and saw me at the airport waiting for him, he charged toward me, abandoning his belongings. Gathering me in his arms, squeezing so tight, he peppered my face in kisses and kept telling me how much he loved me. I giggle and smiled. I missed him so much. From that time in the airport and the walk to the car, his hand was intertwined tightly with mine, squeezing it occasionally like he was making sure I was real. He couldn’t stop grinning. We didn’t start dating until a few months ago, so our relationship is still pretty new. However, I didn’t have to get used to him being away for so long since we’ve been close friends for a few years. It just hurt a little more, but made moments like these that much better.

As soon as we were out of the public’s eyes and on our way back home, his touch turned from sweet to intoxicating. His large hand constantly kneading my thigh, slowly working his way up. I kept shooting him glares to make him stop because I didn’t want to wreck the car. His response was laughter. “But baby, I missed you so much. Nine months without sex is absolute torture.” He purred. “I’m just getting a head start.” His calloused fingers start playing with the holes in my jeans. They dip inside them. The skin to skin contact is like electricity shooting through me. I clench my jaw then flick my eyes over to him again. He licks his bottom lip. “Mmm, I can’t wait to bury my cock inside of you.” A blush spreads across my cheeks. I grab his wandering hand that’s creeping a little to close to my burning center and lace our fingers together.

“Stop it Niall, I’m serious. We have to make it home first and at this rate I’ll wreck the fucking car.” He smirks devilishly and turns away, keeping quiet the rest of the way home.

As soon as we pulled into the driveway, he hopped out of the car and tore my door open before I could even unbuckle my seat belt. He dragged me inside and slammed the door behind us. For awhile, we stayed downstairs in the living room.

I set the empty bowl on the counter top and look up out into the living room. Pillows and blankets were everywhere. It still looked disastrous. Smirking to myself, I pick up the pan and walk over to the oven. When I open the door, a blast of warm heat hits my bare legs. Sliding the pan inside, I set the timer for fifteen minutes. I let out a sigh and turn around to observe the messy counter top, then my eyes fall onto the empty bowl. There’s some excess batter still in it. I run my finger across the edge of it, collecting as much as I can and hold it up. My mother isn’t here to tell me no, so what the hell. I lick off the creamy confetti goodness off my pointer finger.


I turn on the sink next to me, filling it with hot water to wash the bake ware. I squirt a little dollop of soap into the water and watch the bubbles erupt. My finger swipes the bowl again, gathering another stripe of batter and lick it off. Between watching the water level and eating, two large hands come into my peripheral and sit on the edge of the sink on either side of me. A pair of lips press below my ear. “Mornin’ princess. What are you making?”

“I made cupcakes, but now I’m just eating the rest of the batter.” I say and lick off another helping. “Want some?” I swipe my finger and hold it up behind me, knowing that he won’t say no. I feel his lips wrap around my finger then pull away slowly, gathering all the batter with his tongue. My heart skips a beat and I gulp.

I found that.. hot.

“Tastes yummy baby,” He plants small kisses on the side on my neck, trailing up to my ear then whispering. “I bet they don’t taste as you good as you do though.” I almost gasp at his words. He certainly knows how to flip the right switches.

My cheeks grow red as I shut the water off. “Aren’t you a cheeky boy this morning?”

He chuckles. “I’m still a little hot and bothered from last night.”

I turn around to face him. His bright blue eyes are dark as he smiles. “Really? After all that? Haven’t you had enough yet?” I giggle, my fingers slowly walking up his chest, then finally lacing behind his neck.

“I could never get enough of you, princess.” He kisses me lightly on the lips then lingers. His hot breath washes over my lips still tender from the night before. Even with a simple touch, he knows just what to do to get me going when I feel heat pull to my core. He goes in for another, deeper this time. His hands start off on my face, but trail down to my waist. His fingers slightly drifting under the fabric of my shirt. It’s not long before out tongues meet and my hands are tangled in his messy blonde hair.

His calloused fingers wandered down to my ass, squeezing it. A tiny moan escapes me against his mouth causing him run his hand on the bottom side of my thigh, lifting it up. “Jump,” He commands. So I do, my legs wrapping around his waist and my hands still tangled in his hair. He walks us over to the counter, and sets me down roughly, causing the bowls and utensils tumble in every direction. He grunts in satisfaction. His eager hands exploring each inch underneath my shirt before he grabs the hem and starts to pull it off.

I hear the timer for the cupcakes go off. Breaking away from his infatuating kiss, I look over at the blinking green light on the stove that reads zero. He pecks my neck hungrily. “Ni, the timer went off.” Ignoring me, he slides off my shirt and throws it behind him. His mouth works wonders down the base of my neck and across my collarbone. “Did you hear me? Let me get them before they burn.”

He kisses the tops of both of my breasts before answering. “Baby, come on. You’re kidding me.” He sounds a little angry. He runs his tongue over my left nipple before taking it in his mouth. The tip of his tongue swirling circles around it. I let out a gasp. Trust me, I do not want him to stop, but I also don’t want our house burning down either.

“It’ll take like five seconds.” He pulls away and glares at me, eyebrows pulled together in frustration. He walks over to the drawer and pulls out an oven mitt. Sliding it on his hand, he throws the door open and grabs the pan before roughly setting it on top of the stove. It clangs as he tosses the mitt on the counter next to it and shuts the oven off. Still angry, he rushes over to me kisses me hard then grabs my hand. I like this dominant side of Niall. I’m smiling cheekily as he leads us to the bedroom.

“Lie down,” He growls. I do as I’m told; my back meets the cream colored sheets. He stands at the foot of the bed in nothing but just his boxers, admiring the sight of his shirtless girlfriend. I gulp when he starts crawling towards me. The bed dips from his weight. “You made me wait princess, now I’m going to make you.” He hovers over me, hot breath against my neck makes me shiver underneath him. He trails back up to my mouth, kissing the corner of it, but stopping centimeters from my lips. I lean forward to reconnect our lips, but he pulls backward. “No, you’re not allowed to kiss me.” I whimper at his words. The ways he could tease me drove my urge to the wall.

His hand drifts down to my breast; he massages it a little before rolling my nipple between his index finger and thumb. He gently kisses my neck down to my collarbone, then stops. Niall grabs both of my wrists and pins them above my head with his single hand. He pushes my legs apart with his knee and grinds his erection against my heat slowly. To torture me futher, he roams down to my breast again and blows lightly on both nipples, hardening them more. I gasp as he takes on of them in between his teeth, biting very gently. I squirm underneath him. “Stop moving baby.” He warns, squeezing my wrists a little. His tongue nutures one while his free hand kneads the other. My lower lip comes in between my teeth as I crave for his touch more and more. I want him to feel my desire. The growing pressure I feel is unbearable. I buck my hips against his erection that still grinds against me. “Please touch me Ni.” I whisper.

He stops his action and looks up at me. His bright blue eyes are so dark with lust, they’re almost black. He chuckles darkly. “I don’t know, I like watching you beg.”

His exploring hand roam down my waist, to my thigh, the cups me intimately. I take a sharp intake of breath as he rubs me through my black lace underwear. He stops after a minute. “No, keep going. Please Niall.” I buck my hips, eagerly. He kisses my lips gently as he resumes then sweeps them over to the side and grazes a finger in slow circles over my slit. He hums in satisfaction.

He thrusts his finger inside of me, making me gasp with pleasure as he does it again and again. I struggle under his grip. Moaning more loudly when he adds another finger and massages my sex with his thumb, building me up slowly. He applies more pressure causing me to tighten my walls around his fingers. He groans, looking me in the eye, mouth agap as he starts pumping faster. I’m a moaning mess as my climax approaches. “Ni, I’m c-close.” He removes his hand licking off his two fingers.

“See? Way better than cupcakes.” He sits back up suddenly and removes his boxers, letting his erection spring free. I bite my lip at the sight then remove my own panties, chucking them from the bed. A wicked grin spreads across my lips as I sit up on my knees, scooting over to him. I give him a few slow pecks before whispering in his ear. “I’m going to suck your cock now, baby.” He grunts at my words. My teeth graze his earlobe. I push him back on the sheets so his back rests against the headboard.

I start at his neck, sucking and pecking just like he did to me. My tongue runs over his soft spot just under his ear; a moan escapes him, causing me to smirk against his hot skin. “Baby, come on.” I place a long kiss there before moving down slowly down his toned chest, past his stomach. I kiss up both thighs before softly blowing on his erection, making it twitch.

I look up at him and see that he’s watching with dark eyes. His lip between his teeth begging me to continue. My hand grasps him, thumb swiping over the tip, wiping away the beads of pre-cum that gather on his slit. He grunts as I start pumping my hand slowly a few times before tracing my lips down his length from tip to base, making a shiver run through him. Smirking at his pleading eyes, my tongue grazes across the swollen head, causing him to grunt in frustration. “Use your mouth, princess.” Winking, I take the head into my mouth, not removing any eye contact. His slender fingers slide into my hair, gripping it tightly.

I suck in my cheeks, feeling his length slide up and down my tongue. This is one of the many reason I enjoy going down on Niall. I feel so empowered watching him come apart with my mouth. Loving the sense of having full control on whether he could come or not. He quakes with pleasure as I swallow around him. Which each thrust, I take more and more of him. His breaths become heavy. My hands replace my mouth, sliding up and down his shaft quickly. “You like that, baby? Did you miss my pretty little mouth?” He just moans.

I tighten my hand slightly around him, making him wince. “Answer me. Do you like me sucking your big cock?” I purr. Niall moans out loud, his hand gripping my hair harder. The stinging sensation bring pain, but also pleasure.

“I love your dirty little mouth, baby.” He growls. “I love how eager you are for my cock.” I moan around his length at his words, feeling the wetness building back up again. My head bobs up and down a couple more time before his hand tightens in my locks causing me to moan again. This brings him to the edge. “I’m coming, love.” I swallow everything he has to offer, licking my lips in satisfaction as I sit up, savoring his sweet juices.

“You’re such a naughty girl.” He runs his hand up and down his now sensitive shaft, hardening back up again. “My naughty girl.” He winks. “Lie down.” I take his spot on the bed. My hair spilling all around me. He spreads open my legs, then positions his length rubbing the tip against my craving slit.

He gives me no warning before slamming into me, filling me up all the way. We both sigh in content once he’s fully in. He doesn’t start off slow probably because of all this built up pleasure we share. My hands slide onto his arms then up around his back as bends down to attack my neck with wet kisses. “Oh, God, Niall.” I moan, digging my nails into his back. He kisses my lips hard again then pulls away, but just enough so they only touch a little.

“I fucking love when you do that to me, baby.” He whispers, breathlessly. My body begins to tighten as a sheen of sweat covers our bodies as he thrusts on and on, loving the feel of my pussy stretched by his length. He slows down just a little, pulling out almost all the way before slamming into me again, hard. He repeats this five times. It feels like his hitting the bottom of my stomach. I cannot hold on from much longer; my walls clench around him earning a loud groan from him. His hand slithers down to my clit, rubbing fast circles with his thumb. “Oh, Ni. I’m going to come.” My hand entangles into his hair as he whispers. “Come with me, baby girl,” I unravel at his words and climax with him. He thrusts deeply one last time before collapsing on top of me. Our bodies heaving from exhaustion.

He kisses me sweetly then rolls off of me before gathering me in his arms. “I love you, (Y/N).” He says after a few minutes.

I smile. “I love you, too, Niall.”

He buries his nose in my hair and closes his eyes. “It’s good to hold you in my arms again. That pillow wasn’t cutting it.”

“And neither was your hand, huh?” I snicker.

He grimaces like he’s embarrassed. “Not necessarily, it’s not the same.” He sits up on his elbow. “Please, I’m not the only one who had some fun with my hand.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I say innocently and I close my eyes exhausted.

“Uh-huh. Sure ya don’t.” He lied back down and wraps his arm back around my stomach.

“I’m glad your home Ni, I really missed you.”

He presses a soft kiss on the back of my neck. “Me too, baby. I won’t be leaving for a whole year, can you believe that?” My answer is a hum of satisfaction and my hand rests on his, his thumb tracing circles at the top of his hand. He buries his head into my shoulder and it turns quiet for a moment. The peacefulness almost putting me to sleep and my heart grows full of warmth when I hear him say,  “I can’t wait to marry you, princess.”

My Heart Bleeds For You-Part 6

This chapter contains sex. If you are under the age of 18 please skip to the third line break.

But considering it’s the internet I have no clue if you’ll follow those direction. I just had to put it out there because I don’t want to contribute to the “tainting” of the youth.


yes I have lost all pretense of chill, please reblog instead. If you like it enough to like it, spread it around to your friends yo. My motivation feeds off of feedback and the notes I get for each chapter.

Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7

Chapter 6: I’d Love To (Love You)

Song rec:  I’d Love To Change The World - Matstubs Remix by Jetta & MatstubsHigher by Keiynan Lonsdale

Word count: 5,929 without counting the italicized paragraphs from last chapter, coming to 11 pages in word. Also 2,203 words just for the sin/smut scene lol.

Warnings: Swearing (always), oral (male on female), sex (and in my humble opinion it’s some of my best damn work, holy fuck), mild violence(fighting), family tension, talks of assault, 


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Cold Rarity (Pt. 2)

(y/n) was plummeting into darkness, but something was wrong. It was like all was still, yet some unsettling doubt pushed them over the edge into an endless fall. The jolted awake, they weren’t comfortably nestled away by their hoard as they wished they were, instead, this setting was entirely different from home.

(Y/n) shot up from their position lying down and looked at their appendages, arms… hands… they were still stuck in their partially human form. Looking around they found they were laying on a plush, round mattress with an assortment of other pillows and blankets for comfort. The room was decorated in a black, white and burgundy theme, it was simple, yet regal and imposing. Clearly the owner of these things was not lacking in wealth.

(y/n) began fidgeting with one of the golden tassels on a cushion while continuing to observe. They made their way from the black walls to the large square window directly across from their spot on the ground, displayed on it an astonishing view. (y/n) gawked at the panorama, the lights of the town below them, and farther away the forest, even farther the land they had ruled for so long, the bright, round moon shining above it all. As they admired it, they realized a key question they should be asking themselves.

Why are they here?

Memories began to surface, running, the Dark king, pain, passing out on the cave floor. Suddenly, the room wasn’t nearly as welcoming anymore, it was alien, it was unknown. (Y/n)’s instinct to run kicked up again, but upon shifting around they heard the clinking of chains and now noticed the weight around their neck was a restraint chaining them to the wall. Dammit, they were trapped.

The window seemed to mock them now, as they stared off into the freedom they couldn’t possess. (y/n) wrapped their tail around themselves and made themselves smaller, also covering up with their wings. They were a young dragon, they had been lucky and spoiled, now they were stuck in this predicament. The neck restraint might’ve bruised by this point, it was certainly not comfortable, and while trying to make the room just a bit colder (y/n) found their powers were now inactive as well.

Dark knew what he was doing, they were being left to stir in their own thoughts. (y/n) stretched their wings and flapped a small bit, noticing the would they had before was no longer present. They replayed his words, the deal they had made without truly thinking, mind cloudy from pain. The room was rather barren beyond their bed on the ground, although there was a chair next to the window, unoccupied at the moment.

(y/n) found themselves startled as the door to their left opened, a dreadfully familiar face showing itself. The man was dressed in a gray suit with a burgundy tie, black dress shoes finishing the look. He held something in his hands but (y/n) didn’t get a good look before he stuffed it in his pocket neatly. He had a warm smile on his face, almost pleasant, but it was predatory and simply couldn’t mean good for (y/n). He sat on the chair, looking out the window pensively before quickly snapping back to (y/n), eyeing them over hungrily, taking in every detail.

“You are truly a beautiful creature darling.”

He trailed off, they simply sunk more into themselves if that was even possible. Something about this man, it was intimidating, nothing had ever made them cower, yet in the face of this king they behaved like a frightened, cornered animal. (y/n) tried speaking but a hoarse whisper came out at first, before they truly formulated a sentence.

“What do you want?”

Dark chuckled in satisfaction, easing and making himself comfortable on the chair, taking in their change in demeanor. “I got what I wanted, you, love.”

His voice was deep and booming, it struck something primal inside, a heightened instinct of fear like nothing before. (y/n) swallowed dry and sat up straight, trying to stand to his level as much as they could.

“But what… what do you want with me? I know of kings that would give anything to have me publicly slaughtered like an animal, I’m still alive… Why is that?”

The man grinned. “Well, I believe I shouldn’t leave such power and beauty to waste, although, who said I wouldn’t treat you like an animal? I can do what I want and if so I wish then as such it shall be.”

He was like a spoiled child, so terribly arrogant, but he was clearly in control of the situation, nothing could be done one (y/n)’s part. They shook slightly in fear, but tried to keep their composure. “What am I then? A glorified pet?”

He seemed to debate it for a second before speaking once more. “I suppose that could be an accurate description, think of it this way, your every need will be catered to, I offer shelter and care, all I ask of you is obedience. Simple, right?”

They didn’t respond, simply eyed him suspiciously.

“I took care of that wound for you, did I not? You should be grateful, I can still just give you away to one of the other kingdoms, the universe knows they want you dead. Think about it, isn’t this a much better fate?”

(y/n) knew he was right, it pained them, why must he be right. They solemnly nodded and sighed. “What’s your name?” they tentatively asked. Maybe they’d get solace in directing their anger towards a name, all they really knew was that he was the Dark king.

“Dark, but you will address me as Sir, understood?” He looked over their tail quietly, seeing the iridescent white scales meld into the black ones as he awaited a response.

“Yes… sir…” (y/n) felt their pride be crushed every second they remained in this room with him.

“Good pet.” He grinned in satisfaction, such an egotistical bastard.

“Now dear, I have a few… questions. You’ll answer them quickly for me, yes?” He placed his hands on his lap and stared them down as they hastily nodded.

“Good. Let’s start with some common courtesy, what’s your name?” He looked over their wings as (y/n) tried to sit straight, desperately attempting to display a pride that was no longer there.

“(y/n).” They mean for the response to be dry, but it was just barely above a whisper. They ran a hand over their scales, a nervous tick of sorts.

“Fitting for a rarity such as you, dear…” He sneered, basking in their insecurity. To think, they had once been fearsome. “…Now, do you have any family? Any… friends who might be looking for you perchance?”

(y/n) sighed. “No, I’ve been on my own for years now.”

“Lovely then. Well dear, to fill in some gaps, as of now you’ve been injected with a serum that should keep you in that partially human state of yours…” He stood from his chair and came near them, admiring their physique before stepping back again as not to have them shrink back too far. “…A fascinating one, at that. Now don’t be fooled, I’ve been merciful to you but I hold a high reputation. Believe me, I will only break you if you deserve to be broken. You’ve behaved so far, I’ll take you around the castle as a reward.”

(y/n) had a bit of liveliness return yet they shifted again, it was impossible to get comfortable in the restraints, Dark knew this, but he wasn’t going to make this easy, wasn’t he? “Umm… Sir? Could you, maybe, take this off?” They pointed at their neck.

“Already so demanding? I mean, I certainly could, I did bring this
He pulled from his pocket a collar, adorned with pleated brown lace and a center cream lace. A bow displayed on the center of it also held directly under it a tag.
“Property of the King…” He read out loud, trailing off and grinning at the look of confusion and slight anxiousness from them.

He became deadly serious as he continued. “It has a tracker engineered by my royal advisor, so don’t think you can go about trying to escape without being punished.”

(y/n) nodded quickly. He approached them with a key and unlocked the heavy restraint as they let out a sigh of relief. “Aww, seems you’ve bruised darling, let me fix that.” A cold shiver ran down their spine as Dark rested his hand on their neck, and then the discomfort from the restraints was gone, (y/n) assumed the bruising must’ve been gone as well. Dark placed the collar on them with an oddly gentle touch, locking it with the same key and putting said key in his pocket.

“Now darling, let’s go out, shall we?”

(y/n) nodded and avoided eye contact as they took his hand, wondering what could possibly await beyond the room.

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Man if I was to do a request, I wouldn't even do a smut or love or any of that shit. I would want a hug from Prompto. Like a giant bug from him. I think that happiness game by @chocobutt-trash made me wanna keep hugging him. Now I want more hugs from him. They're comforting and GODDAMNIT he needs more hugs. He's too adorable lol


His arms lace around your center like shoestrings and nestle there, firm but breathable. There was something about his warmth—a perfect blend of calm and sure and fiery that lulled you into a comfortable daze. You could easily picture yourself wrapped in a blanket of hot sand at the beach, his breathing matching the cresting and creeping of waves on the shore.

“Home sweet home—it’s right here, with the people I love. Ardyn can never change that.” Prompto shakes for a moment, like he’s bent by the wind. Noctis’s fingers are firm on his shoulder, holding him in place.

“Ya got that right,” he chimes in with a clap on Prompto’s back. He smiles and you feel weightless in the deepest reaches of your heart—his light shines bright amidst the darkness, a beacon in the murky sea of life that always guides you home. Regardless of his pain, of his trials and tribulations, he remains planted, a steady fixture in your life. 

“Prompto, you’re the best,” your words were there to reassure him: you’re real, you’re valued, you’re loved. For the first time in his life, he listens.

I Have A Better Plan

A/N: An anon request for a JJ x Reader smut where JJ catches the reader masturbating and decides to help her with her needs ;)

Warnings: Smut


On a rare day off, you needed to decompress. And what was the best way to do that while single? At least in your humble opinion? Masturbate. 

You woke up late. Pancakes were had. You were walking around in nothing but an oversized t-shirt and lace panties, feeling sexy as fuck, and you didn’t have to worry about working today. It was your day off.

The need for an orgasm was strong, and as a single woman, you had to take your pleasure into your own hands – literally. After grabbing a couple of scented candles (because why not really go all out and treat yourself) and changing the sheets on the bed so you could climb into clean, silky comfort, you took a deep breath and relaxed into the bed. 

Why was it that whether you were hanging out with her or not, JJ was always on your mind. The second your eyes closed, your beautiful, blonde bestie came to mind. Sure she was your best friend and had been for years, but she was also the woman you had the hots for. Why did life have to be so difficult? “Fuck it,” you muttered, closing your eyes again. Your hand skated down the planes of your stomach and underneath the lace, teasing your center with light touches. “Mmmm…”

You imagined it were JJ’s fingers instead of your own. Having those stunning, oceanic blue eyes staring at you from above while her fingers worked at your center was enough to get you gasping within a few minutes.



Today was Y/N’s day off and JJ finally had enough time to take some time herself, so why not surprise her best friend and maybe see a movie, go shopping, go out to eat – all that good, fun shit.

JJ headed down the block towards Y/N’s apartment, stopping at a coffee shop on the way to grab a muffin and a cup of coffee for each of them. It was 9:30 and she tended to get up early, so she’d probably already eaten, but she never turned down a muffin.

As she left the shop and continued to Y/N’s place, there was a pep in her step that hadn’t been there in quite some time. It was probably because JJ had finally decided to tell Y/N what had really been on her mind. For years they’d been friends, best friends, but JJ wanted more, and she finally decided to tell Y/N exactly that; she didn’t want to lose her as a friend, but JJ knew herself, and she’d regret it if she said nothing.

Climbing up the stairs, she placed the muffins in her bag and stacked the coffees on top of one another so she could grab her key to Y/N’s apartment.

When she entered the apartment, she noticed a faint smell of cinnamon wafting through the air. Before she could call out, she heard a soft sound. It sounded like a voice, but she couldn’t be sure, so she placed the coffee on the counter and left her bag next to them as she followed the soft sounds down the hallway. 

Each step brought her closer and closer to Y/N’s door, and then she heard it.


Y/N was masturbating – and she was thinking about JJ. A small gasp escaped her and when she clasped her hand to her mouth, she stepped backward, which caused the floor the creak so loudly she knew her cover was blown.


“Hello!” Popping up the bed, your hand still between your legs, you called out. There was definitely a creak in the apartment. “Hello? Who’s there?”

“It’s JJ!” She called back - it wasn’t her normal carefree vibe, it was choked out. She heard you. She heard you masturbating and calling out her name. Fuck. Dammit. 

Climbing off the bed, you allowed the t-shirt to fall past your bottom and opened the door. “What are you doing here?” You asked.

“I decided to take a day off and surprise you.”

Well, surprised you were. Her face was flushed. “How long have you been here?” Or in other words, had she truly heard you masturbating?

“A few minutes.” You opened your mouth to speak, but JJ stopped you. “Listen, I heard what you just said…in there.”


“But I need you to know that I’ve been thinking the same way about you for a while now and I decided to take off today because I was going to tell you…now, I know you feel the same way.” She blushed and glanced down at the floor.

Really? This was the way you found out about your feelings for each other? Well, you guessed it could’ve been worse. Without a word, you closed the gap between you and took her mouth in your, breathing heavily into her mouth as her tongue explored your mouth. “Not exactly the way I wanted you to find out,” you laughed.

JJ backed you into the wall before opening your door and walking you back into the bedroom. “Me either, but at least we know now.”

“True.” When you fell back into the bed, her mouth opened up against your skin. “I brought coffee.”

“Coffee can wait,” you laughed. There was something you wanted more.

This was what you’d thought about for months – at least months. It felt like forever. Just moments ago, you were picturing JJ’s eyes staring back at you, and now here you were. As she pressed heated kisses to your skin, you lifted her shirt up over her head and unlatched her bra, immediately clasping your hungry mouth against her nipple. “You are so beautiful, Jayge.” 

She spoke through movements instead of words, clasping your hands in her own and pinning them above your head, while her teeth nipped at your skin through your clothes. It wasn’t long before she couldn’t take it anymore and pulled your t-shirt over your head and discarded the rest of her own clothing.

When she returned to the bed, she straddled your sex with own and grabbed your hands, using them as leverage to grind against you. Feeling her arousal against yours was unlike how you’d imagined it. Sure, you imagined having great sex. It was JJ after all. What you didn’t imagine was feeling as connected as you were now. “Jayge, more…please.”

Leaning back, she picked up her pace, her sex grinding against your own with the force of a hurricane. “Oh my god, JJ.” Her breaths were a heady soundtrack for your lovemaking. It was exactly what you wanted to hear. “Kiss me.”

You grabbed JJ by the back of the neck and pulled her down to take her lips in a kiss while she continued to undulate against your sex. As she licked at your neck, you cried out, feeling your orgasm cresting. “Y/N,” JJ choked out. She started to shudder above you and if you weren’t close before, then seeing JJ’s face shine in ecstasy was more than enough to push you over the edge. 

While you both rode out your orgasms, she fell flush against you and devoured your mouth in desperate, needy, hungry kisses. “JJ, that was…”

“Yea.” Neither of you really knew what to say, but yea seemed to be the perfect response. You swallowed hard and attempted to catch your breath. “What did you have planned to do today before you came over?”

“Shopping, eating, maybe a movie,” she said.

That sounded nice and all, but…  “I think I have a better idea.”

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Obiyuki pillow talk

The fire is low, the hours reducing the flames to a mere glow and allowing the forest to take them into a gentle, dark embrace. Silence reigns between them, the song of crickets and the occasional pop of firewood making up for the break in conversation as his fingers lazily trace the curve of her arm. He had forgotten, lulled by the sway of the hammock and the warm weight pressed to his side, whose turn it was to speak.

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A Weekend in Paris

I’m so sorry it took so long for this chapter. I was having a hard time figuring it out. It finally came too me and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to my support system…you all know who you are.

A Weekend in Paris

Chapter (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8)

Chapter 9

Saturday, July 22, 2023, Old Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast, Paris, Texas

Lucas rolled over in bed and reached out next to him where Riley should be. Nothing, he felt nothing. She wasn’t there. He sat up in bed and looked around the room. She wasn’t in here. He ran his fingers through his hair and took in his surroundings. They were in the Magnolia room of the Old Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast in Paris, Texas. The B&B was an old Victorian that someone had lovingly restored. Riley squealed with excitement when they drove up to it yesterday when they first arrived. They were given a tour by the women that ran it and every square inch of the place was filled with something lacy and frilly and Riley was in awe. When they were showed to their room, Lucas couldn’t believe how beautiful the place was. There was a small sitting room with a couple of chairs and a TV, then there was the bedroom which held all kinds of antiques and knick knacks that he could see Riley or himself knocking over.  The walls were a soothing green color and the windows were covered with floral and lace curtains. In the center of the room was a huge bed with a wrought iron headboard and footboard. He got up and walked over to the far side of the room to where the bathroom door was. He knocked and there was no answer. When he opened the door, it was empty. He wondered where she could be.

He walked to the nightstand where he had put his phone the night before. It was only 9 a.m. maybe she was already downstairs. He noticed he had a few missed calls on his phone from his mom and Topanga. He sent them both a quick text message telling them he would call as soon as he got a chance. As he was laying out his clothes, he noticed a note on Riley’s pillow.

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Date Night

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Headcanon Request: Sam being so busy he forgets your date night…And it was supposed to be special night, you put on a dress, had theater tickets and so on. He comes home to find you asleep in a evening gown and…. - @cleverdame

Word Count: ~2,720

Warnings: angst, loneliness, anger, physical rage, crying, cursing, fluff, smut, squirting (holy shit, this ran away from me). Seriously, if smut isn’t your cup of tea, do not read this.

A/N: This got super angsty before it got good. Sorry about that! Also this is not a drabble. It got away from me so much.

Originally posted by samgirlsclub

Your hair was perfect, your makeup was perfect, your dress was perfect. You thought Sam was perfect. Pulling the tickets to your favorite show from the zipper in your purse, you sighed and tears filled your eyes. You called Sam twice before now, so you dialed his number a third time. Still no answer.

Slamming your phone onto the vanity, you ripped the bobby pins from your hair, letting the natural waves fall around your shoulders. You threw your purse at the closet door, not caring if anything inside it broke. You audibly sobbed as you crashed into the bed, face down on the pillow.

“Fuck this.” You cried, letting the sadness consume you.

This night was supposed to be special, one you and Sam always shared together. It was the anniversary of the day Sam saved your life, specifically the fifth anniversary this year. The anniversary of the day you met the love of your life, the day you met the man you wanted to marry.

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Game Day

So, here’s another stab at writing. It’s actually smut! Or an attempt at such! I enjoy writing Sami… I have to branch out.  I KNOW IT’S LATE! I’ve been struggling all night writing to finish this.

This goes out to @wrestlingfanatic for telling me if she could write smut and post it, so could I. @wwe-smutfics for being an inspiration and also telling me to give it a try (even though I’ve written smut before, just not in this fandom). Thanks friends! <3 

I got the idea after the @dirtywweimagines of Sami and his jersey and because, I’d wear his jersey. ;] Also the picture of him wearing said jersey. 

Title: Game Day

Pairing: Sami Zayn x OC

Rating: SMUT! :] 

Summary: OC is preparing for the Canadiens game and comes up with a smart idea to turn on Sami. 

Warnings: Smut, a little language. 

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Before I make the star quilt piece into something, I need to do some repairs.  Rather than rip off what’s worn or stained I prefer to cover the original work, which honors the maker.

Pic #1:  The two darkest blue patches were badly shattered, so I covered them with navy and white polka dot scraps.

Pic #2: Although I soaked and laundered the piece thoroughly, I wasn’t able to get out all of the brown age spots.  I covered the worst with lace patches like this one.

Pic #3:  I’m adding a lace flower to the center to cover more spots and create some dimension. 

Christmas in London

We decided to come up with one prompt and see what each of us could write about our mutual loves, Niall and Harry. Some of us wrote about Niall, while the rest wrote about Harry. We hope that you all enjoy this little bit of Christmas Cheer.

Merry Christmas! Love @squirrely83; @1dalwaysbenice, @niallandharrymakemestrong, @irish-nlessing, @lucyvanpelt78, @melissas173, and @emulateharry.

Niall or Harry caught in a compromising posiition in London with significant other (smut is optional).

“Goodbye! Merry Christmas! See you on New Year’s Eve!” I paused to give a friend a hug and a kiss on the cheek as I passed her on my way out. “Have a safe trip.”

“You too,” she replied. “Have fun in Ireland.”

“We will. I can’t wait for my girl to finally see my home,” Niall said as he came up behind me with my coat. I smiled over my shoulder at him as I slid my arms into the sleeves. He placed a large hand at the bottom of my spine and led me toward the door. The short journey was made long as we stopped and said goodbye to our friends and wished them happy holidays.

I was giddy and horny, restless after watching my sexy boyfriend having fun with his best mates, laughing and drinking. Happy was my favorite look on him. With alcohol coursing through my veins and the high of a good night out with friends lingering, I gave my boyfriend a silly grin as we stumbled out of the pub and onto the sidewalk. The cold London air chilled me instantly and I leaned into my warm Irishman, wrapping my arms around his waist under the black overcoat he wore. Nuzzling my face into the navy blue cashmere sweater he wore, I squeezed him and sighed.

He had ordered a car to drive us back to his house and it was waiting for us as soon we stepped outside. I followed Niall into the back seat, scooting across the leather to press my thigh against his. He traced my bare leg at the hem of my short red dress, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake.

“Aren’t ya freezing, love?” he asked, his large palm rubbing my sensitive skin briskly to create a warm friction.

“Freezing,” I moaned into his ear, his hand on me was driving me crazy despite his innocent intentions. “Warm me up.”

He chuckled as I latched into his neck, sucking gently on his adam’s apple, feeling the vibration of his laugh. Gripping the lapels of his coat, I looked up and met his eyes. The soft blue was alight with amusement but they darkened when they caught my hungry look. With a growl, he dug his hand into my hair and pulled my mouth to his. It was a sloppy and rushed kiss, his soft, pink lips moving harshly against mine. Our teeth clanged together and his tongue pushed into my mouth. The air in the car got thick and I panted as I tried everything I could to get closer to him, to feel more of him. My skin felt like it was on fire, my body aching for his touch.

He pulled back, his hands resting on my shoulders to hold me away. I fought him to get closer again, to put my mouth on him again but he stopped me.

“No, stop, love. If we don’t quit now I won’t be able to control myself and I don’t really want an audience for what I have planned.” I whined at his words but took comfort in the way he too was breathing heavily.

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