lace cami tops

A (W)hole New World - Six

You looked ridiculous.

Completely, one hundred percent ridiculous.

Yet you felt….kinda empowered. You’d climbed off the bed and slipped the harness on, tightening the straps so that it was flush to your skin but still comfortable. Now you were knelt on your bed, in a black lace cami top, with a black harness around your waist and between your legs, with a large purple silicone dildo protruding from your crotch.

And when you moved, it jiggled.


You’d tried it on before, but now that you were actually about to attempt to use the thing, it seemed very surreal and you couldn’t help but giggle as you reached over the bed for the condom packets and lube.

The look on Spencer’s face was one of utter confusion and he seemed at a loss for words.

“What?” you asked him.

He just shook his head, his mouth opening and closing a few times.

“No, tell me. Communication is key here remember,” you coaxed him.

“It’s just…..I wasn’t expecting to still find you attractive seeing you in that and it’s…..messing with my brain.”


“Spencer, finding me sexy wearing a strap on doesn’t make you gay or anything like that. Neither does liking a finger up the bum.”

“I know that. It’s just…..weird, seeing you like that.”

“Yes, well.”

This whole situation was weird although you were now kinda excited to do it. Before you’d been more apprehensive but now, knowing the reaction you’d got with just your fingers, you were extremely curious to see what would happen.

You tore open the foil condom packet and slid it onto the silicone penis. Both Immie and the sex store assistant had recommended using a condom on the dildo, considering where it was going. It made the clean up a lot easier for you.


Spencer eyed the toy carefully. “This doesn’t seem fair, that looks larger.”

“Actually Spence, it’s an inch smaller. Think yourself lucky.”

“Wait….how do you kn…….ohhhhhh.”

His brain had obviously recalled the time you had drunkenly measured his penis, for no other reason than that you had found a tape measure under your bed when cleaning and had left it on your bedside cabinet.

“Yes, ohhhhh. Now, how are we doing this? Hands and knees or you on your back and legs up?”

“Hands and knees. It seems…..easier. Plus, I’m not sure I want to be looking you in the eyes when you do this.”

Fair enough, although. Huh, that could be kinda hot for you. Maybe next time. If there ever was a next time.

The lights in the bedroom were on the lowest setting they’d go without you being plunged into darkness, and Spencer rolled into his front and onto his knees. He looked… funny, and as you moved positions so that you were knelt behind him, the lube bottle in your hands, you wondered if you could this without laughing hysterically.

The view you had wasn’t too terrible although it was strange being in this position and having this vantage point for once. But… something was off.

“Spence, can you like raise your ass a bit more or something?”

He was silent for a second. “Erm… How exactly?”

Good question. You cast your mind back to your own experiences of being in the position and the few times that for whatever reason, he hadn’t been able to get leverage.

“Okay, so rather than resting on your arms can you lower your shoulders. So that your face is actually on the pillow or mattress?”

After a moment to think what you meant, Spencer readjusted again placing his face on the pillow, turning it to the side so he could breathe. His shoulders were now closer to the mattress which left his arms and hands free and pushed his butt out and up.

Much better.

Although now you also had a better view of his hole.

Woah, it looked odd. Having two fingers in it for even a short space of time had made it larger and more open to you. Had yours done the same? Most probably.

You inched closer, nudging his legs further apart until your were close enough to be able to…. well to be able to to push in.

“Y/N…. Lube. Lots more lube. Please?” His voice was strained, and you felt almost sorry for him knowing the uncomfortable feeling he was going to experience. Unlike with you though, once he adjusted he would hopefully enjoy it more than you had.

“Okay. Plenty of lube. And tell me if you want me to stop okay.”

“Uh huh.”

You squirted more lubricant onto your…. your shaft? using your hand to rub it up and down making sure it was well coated in the stuff. You squeezed some more out onto your fingers, using them to coat around the outside and the rim of his opening, trying not to shudder. Holding the dildo in your hand, you lined your hips up with his and used a mixture of touch and his vocal guidance to place the tip of the toy at his entrance.

“A tiny bit lower… Okay. That’s it. So… Ready when you are?”

You breathed in remembering that you wouldn’t be able to feel the tightness so you had to go slowly and gently, listening to Spencer for any sign that he wanted to stop. Still gripping the base of the toy with one hand, you placed your other on his back and very gently pushed your hips forward.

The tip of the toy disappeared and you heard a low hiss from Reid. You stopped still, not moving.

It took him a full minute to tell you to proceed, you just about able to make out his scrunched up eyes in the dim light. Moving your hips again, you had to push harder this time against the resistance you could feel, watching the toy slowly disappearing inside your boyfriends bottom inch by inch until you couldn’t push any more.

Spencer was breathing heavily as you had been and you stopped again, stroking his hip with your hand and finally releasing the base of the toy. It was inside now, you didn’t need to hold it. Right?

“Fucking… God, that’s a weird feeling.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes and no. It just…. Well I’m sure you know what it feels like.”

“Yup. Do you want me to pull out?”

Haha. Did he want YOU to pull out.

“No, it’s fine. Just… You can try to move maybe? Slowly.”



You pulled your hips back slightly, the harness pulling taunt against your skin as his bottom clenched around the toy making it harder to move.

“Spencer… I know it’s not easy to right now, but I need you to relax. You’re kinda holding it in I think.”

“Oh… Okay. Sorry.”

You moved your hand back to the small strip of silicone that was still visible, gripping it against and pulling as you moved your hands back. It budged an inch or two so you slowly pushed back forward hearing a low grunt.

“Do that again…Please,” came Spencer’s soft voice, breathier than it had been.

You moved your hips again feeling very strange, watching the purple dildo reappear and then disappear again as you slowly thrust. He made the same noise but for longer.


“You like it?”

“Yes, I do. As uncomfortable as it initially feels and I know it’ll hurt tomorrow, when you move and push back in, it hits that spot again and it feels really, really good.”

“Do you want me to try going faster?”

“If you can. Although as you push back in next time, another squeeze of lube wouldn’t hurt.”

Fair enough. You pulled out slightly further than you had that last two times, pumping some more of the clear liquid onto the toy, although you didn’t touch it or look too closely at it. Grasping Spencer’s hips, you pushed in again and then out, repeating the motion and trying to build a rhythm.

His groans were encouraging and although this was doing nothing to you sexually, knowing that he was getting off on this was making you feel extremely good.

You built into a steady pace, making sure you didn’t pull back too far or to risk popping out. Just a small amount of thrust seemed to work and you could see your partners mouth agape with pleasure, his eyes squeezed shut.

After a while though, your hips were starting to hurt and you were growing extremely hot and tired.

But you wanted him to continue to enjoy it the way he seemed to be, and his gasps were coming faster now. You tried to reach your arm around to his front to stroke him as well but it made it awkward for you to pull back and thrust. Feeling what you were trying and failing to do, Spencer moved his hand and took over, pumping himself as you pushed in and out of him.

Fucking hell, that was kinda hot.

You pulled out further and then thrust inside quickly hearing a whimper from Spencer’s lips.

“Harder…. ” you heard a small cry from him. You raised your eyebrow and felt a smirk spreading across your mouth as you heeded his instructions.

Was this what he felt like when you begged him to go harder or faster? Empowered? In charge? Sexy as hell?

You did it again and again, ignoring the pain that was building in your hips, the sweat that was gathering on your brow. Going as fast and hard as you dared, you thrust in and out until finally…

“Oh god… Oh fuck… Ah…ah… Oh shit…”

His hips juddered as you pushed inside hard and you stilled your motions, listening to the groans he made as he came.

You didn’t move, just holding onto his waist until his breathing slowed back down and he was able to speak.

“Erm…. ”

“You okay?” you asked him happily.

“I’m….. More than okay. But I feel like I need to lie down. Do you think you could…?”

Ahhh, the part you’d been dreading. Pulling out.

You did it slowly and carefully, avoiding eye contact with the toy as you inched to the side of the bed and reached for the baby wipes, pulling out a handful. You wrapped them around the condom, tugging it off and tossing it into the waste bin, before loosening the straps and pulling the hardness down and off, climbing back into your pajamas bottoms.

When you turned back to the bed, Spencer was laid flat out on his tummy, stark naked still.

“You realise your lying in your own come right?”

“Yep,” he wrinkled up his nose. “I realised two seconds too late. It’s not an altogether pleasant feeling.”

You laughed.

“What about…. What we did. Was that an altogether pleasant feeling?”

“Overall. Yes. Admittedly it takes a while to get the there but once it does… That was pretty… Mind blowing.”

You nodded, feeling smug and proud of yourself. You crawled back onto the bed and lay out next to him.

“It was totally surreal being in that position. Oh, and I have a new found respect for you. My hips and back fucking kill right now. And I thought my legs were gonna cramp up at one point.”

It was Spencer’s turn to laugh now, and you reached out to stroke his arm.

“How badly do you feel like you need to take a crap right now?”

“Sooo badly. I also need to wash my tummy….”

“Because you spunked aaaallll over it!”

“Pretty much.”

“Least you kept it to your side of the bed. Tell you what, you disappear into the bathroom for as long as it takes and I’ll change the bottom sheet and maybe grab us both a beer. Then we can cuddle and stuff. Sound good?”

“Sounds great.” Spencer hauled himself off the bed and tugged his boxers back on.

Leaning over to the floor, you picked up the items you’d discarded a few moments earlier.

“Hey Spence.”

He turned around and you tossed the dildo and harness at him, chuckling as he fumbled in the air to catch them, a glimmer shimmering lightly on his stomach from his own excitement. He pulled a face at you, holding the harness out in front of him.

“Wash that whilst you’re in there.”