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Which of your ot3: Diana x Bruce x Clark

Take from @for-your-ot3 ‘s post (x)

·         takes the spiders outside while the others are standing on the furniture to get away from it

Diana get the spiders, while Clark and Bruce are holding each other (say this is a 3meter kryptonite laced bat-spider) 

·         casually mentions something about the three of them dating at person B’s parents house, a split second before they remember that their parents don’t know

Bruce accidentally lets it slip at the Kent’s house during Christmas. They are not offended or surprised, instead the Kent’s tell them to open their presents early where they find 3 perfectly knitted matching sweaters. 

·         finds the other two cuddling, and instead of saying anything just flings themselves on top of the other two

Diana catches Bruce and Clark cuddling after a hard day of crime-fighting. She had helped with the mission too and is terribly tuckered out. Just lays on top of them, Bruce and Clark out-stretch their arms to pull her in closer.  

·         bakes the others cookies and sweets all the time and is so happy about it that the other two don’t have the heart to tell them that they kind of suck at baking

Clark bakes for everyone, he loves to impress Bruce and see if he can make anything better than Alfred. Diana comes in often the taste-tester, she doesn’t want to offend Clark because she sees how hard he works. She always gives it the okay, then Bruce tries it out and instead of making a terrible face, swallows it down just like Diana does.  

·         tries to get the others to actually eat at the dinner table instead of in front of the tv

Bruce tries to have everyone at the dinner table. This usually happens when they’re at the Wayne Manor, but if they are at Clark or Diana’s places, well, everyone is just glued to the news while Bruce is pouting about not eating at his place tonight. “Plus, there’s more room!”  

·         gives the others piggy back rides all the time

Clark/Superman loves to carry Bruce around like no tomorrow, it’s his favourite thing. And Diana loves it when Clark is all playful and wants to give her a piggy back ride, the two usually have to force Bruce into playing.   

·         has to carry the other two to bed after they crash on the sofa

Diana carries both Bruce and Clark back to bed if they pass out from the terrible, Darkseid-filled day. She carries them both over her shoulder, and brings them a glass of water before she passes out next to Bruce.  

·         forces the other two to watch the notebook with them

Clark tells everyone to watch the notebook “Guys, it’s a classic!!” 

·         violently protests watching the notebook but winds up sobbing anyway

Bruce is angry about watching the notebook, “Guys, we have better things to do. Guys, we’re superheroes, okay? Guy, wait. GUYS.” and violently holds back his tears. While Clark is just sitting with a puffy face, runny nose, and can’t stop the waterfalls

·         passes tissues to the others crying over the movie

Diana hands them both tissues “Boys, please.” 

·         tries to get the others to go jogging with them at 5 in the morning

Clark tries to wake up Diana and Bruce for a 5am job. 



·         hogs the shower

Bruce hogs the shower. Clark and Diana totally let him.  


Here are two of the premade designs we will be finishing once our queue runs out - Kahlua the pancan (red panda + toucan) and Lace the fruit bat. Glamour the lion is still having his design finalized. 

Kahlua has already been claimed, but keep an eye out for these suits to start coming to life in a few months! 

Finally, the second of our ice cream partials - Sundae the mutt - will be going up for sale within this next week.