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kryptidi  asked:

hi hello how did you put those pink guts up there??? ;w;

tbh it was just a bunch of tweaking around, haha!
I opened up the code of a redux-edit with built-in lace banners in a different tab and started picking out what i needed and stuck them in my own theme.

Right under the <head>, there are probably Default Variables.
Around the Background or Sidebar meta name content thingies, stick <meta name=”image:Lace Banner” content=”” /> in.

Go a lil bit farther down to the text/css part, scroll past the blocks with the webkits and such, until you reach the body one. Right under that, put this in:

                    #banner {
    background: url(‘{image:Lace Banner}’) top fixed repeat-x;
    opacity: 1;

Pull up ctrl+f and punch in </head>. Right under that one is <body>, go just under that and put in <div id=”banner”></div>.

I thiiiink this should do it! If you need any more help or it didn’t work, please tell me! ‘v’


diary theme

I finally finished it! but I’m too lazy to make a gif this time sorry guys It’s a cute and compact theme (inspired by gyapo’s diary themes and cyworld skins) to be used like a diary/journal! It has a lot of options for you to personalize your blog~ C:

If you’re using this theme or are considering using this theme (or if you just really like it) please like or reblog this post! Thank you!

Temporary live previews: preview 1 // preview 2

Static previews: preview 1 // preview 2

*Also, I forgot to add this in the previews, but you can find more lace banners here*

Bump proposal (Jackson)

Thank you for the request my lovely Toru XD Hope you like it girlie <3

You had suspicions that there was a possibility that you were pregnant so you decided go to the doctors to be fully sure. To your luck your suspicions were 100% correct so all that was left for you to do before Jackson got home from hos schedule was to set up a little surprise for him. You made your way the the shop down the road and you picked up everything that you could use to decorate the house with to surprise him. You picked up a wild variety of pink and blue balloons, banners, streamers, confetti and lights. You made your way home and all you could think about was the little bundle of happiness growing inside you that you and Jackson had made. You were finally going to be a family. Almost numb from excitement you fumbled to find the right key before putting it in the door and walking into your house. You didn’t waste any time and instantly got started on decorating. 

You first of all started pinning up ‘congratulations’ banners all over the house. They were now on every wall in every room of the house. Next, the streamers. You spent a lot of time curling the streamers and pinning them together to stick to the corners of the banners. You laced each wall in the living room and the bedroom with the pink and blue lights which you had twisted together so you could still see the pink and blue but also giving out a nice purple tint in-between. Everything looked almost ready, just the balloons left. You gave a big sigh at the pile of packets of balloons you had bought as you slowly started to regret buying so many as you knew you had to blow them all up. After almost passing out multiple times you finally had every balloon blown up, some you decided to put helium in so they could float and stay on the celling and the rest you left coating the floor. You stood back and admired your 4 hours worth of work feeling pretty proud of your self. But there was something missing. “THE CONFETTI!!” You screamed to yourself as you ran around looking for the bag you had all the supplies in. Once you found the bag you took out the packets of confetti and poured all the pink into a glass and all the blue into another glass. Yes it was probably going to be hell to clean up but it was all going to be worth it since it was for the announcement of your soon to be son or daughter, plus you always knew Jackson was a sucker for surprises so this was sure to be amazing.

You sat at home patiently waiting for Jackson to come home. You started to nod off but you jolted awake when you heard the door open. “What the…?” Jackson started before being cut off by you throwing the two cups of confetti in his face. “SURPRISE!” You yelled beaming with excitement at his reaction. “What is all this what’s the surprise?” He asked as he picked all the confetti out of this mouth and shook it out of his hair. “Can’t you tell” You asked as you gestured to the banners and pointed out how everything was pink and blue. “Ummm, OH I know, you’re congratulating me on the new Flight log: Departure album. I get it now and the pink and blue is for the outfits we wear for the video and the album concept.” He started to get excited as he pulled you in for a hug. “Thank you Jagi, but I must say You’re cutting it a bit late since the album’s been out for a while now.” You freed yourself from his grasp and picked up a balloon and proceeded to beat him over the head with it as you giggled at his stupidity. “No dummy, I’m pregnant.” You finally announced. You could see his eyes light up even more as he just stared into your eyes. As you waited for a response you could see his eyes were filling up with tears. It wasn’t long until he snatched you up into his arms and hugged you tightly spinning you around and then quickly putting you down again, “Shit, the baby.” He’d say to himself as he felt he hugged you a little too hard. He dropped to his knees and kissed your stomach and lightly hugged your waist. “Sorry if daddy hurt you little one, he’s just so excited that you’re here.” He whispered as he buried his face into you as a few happy tears escaped his eyes and ran down his face. You could feel yourself welling up too as you were so happy to finally have a family with him and to see how excited he was for this too made you feel even happier. 

-Time skip-

Since you had announced your pregnancy to him two months ago he had been planning a little surprise of his own. He’d been planning on proposing to you a while before you even got pregnant but he didn’t know when to do it but now that there was this much happiness between you two he felt now was a better time than any. He’d gone to Mark for help with picking out an engagement ring which was surprisingly helpful, he never knew Mark had that side to him. After a successful shopping trip with Mark he managed to make reservations for the two of you at your favourite restaurant and after he explained his plans to the owner they made sure you got the best seats and something very special will be planned. 

“Jagia!” Jackson called as he walked through the front door of the house. You walked around the corner with your little baby bump barely visible but still there. “Get ready I’m taking you to your favourite place.” He said with a wide grin plastered on his face. “Oh my god is it the restaurant I like on the other side of town?” You asked bouncing on the spot in excitement. He nodded in response laughing at how excited you had suddenly become. Your eyes lit up and you ran to your room to pick an outfit. “Hey be careful, don’t hurt my baby.” Jackson called from the living room. “I thought I was your baby.” You replied slight offence present in your voice. He laughed again at your childish whit. “You’re my big baby now, I was on about my little baby.” He called back again, his response making you smile like an idiot.

You came out in a cute black dress that you was so happy you could still fit in for the time being. “Wow you look amazing.” Jackson said as he stared at you in awe. You gave him a little twirl as you giggled to yourself. He then went off to get dressed himself and soon enough you were both ready to go. You linked your arm with his as you walked out the door and into your cab. As you pulled up out side the restaurant Jackson started to feel nervous. What if you didn’t want to marry him? What if this was all too soon? All those thoughts would be running through his head as he stepped through the door. You were escorted to your seats and the table was laid with a white table cloth and perched on top was two red roses in a thin vase and the room was romantically lit by the candles on the chandelier.

You took your seat and ordered your meal. Everything was amazing but you couldn’t help but notice Jackson looking rather uncomfortable. “Hey, what’s wrong you look bothered?” you asked tilting your head slightly. He took a deep breath and thought it’s now or never. He took hold of your hands and rubbed little circles on the back of them. “Y/n, I love you so much you know that right, like I’d do anything for you.” You started to wonder where he was going with all this but your question was soon answered as he got up from his seat and knelt in front of you. You covered your mouth with your hands as he spoke again. “Y/n you have given me the best gift I will ever receive.” He began as he placed on hand on your stomach and the other tightly gripping your hand. “I’m sorry this gift I’m giving to you will never live up to what you have given me but I hope you’ll still like it.” He continued as he pulled out the small ring box from his pocket. “Will you …. please… marry me?” You couldn’t find the words to answer so you just nodded to him as he placed the ring on your finger. You both got up and he placed a passionate kiss on your lips as you continued to cry tears of joy and he held one hand behind your head deepening the kiss and the other resting on your stomach getting your little bundle in on the love too.


Mobile Masterlist

so i got bored and decided to make a masterpost of literally everything to do with themes, thememaking, blog customising and html in general. to make it easier for you to navigate, ive put a contents list - i promise i’m not desperate for page views or whatever, this post is genuinely huge.

to find each section listed in these contents or whatever specific thing youre looking for just do a page search (if you dont know how to do a page search click your current browser for a tutorial: chrome, explorer, safari, firefox, ios and android)

  • finding themes - blogs, networks, thememakers, huge list of page themes (about 20 links per type)
  • thememaking - base codes, general help, how to make a theme tutorials
  • customising (everyone) - blogs, popular tutorials, blog additions, updates tabs
  • customising (experienced coders/thememakers) -websites, layout, features
  • aesthetics - popular, text decoration/add ons, cursors/effects
  • resources - sidebars, transparent images, updates tab dividers, backgrounds, back to top buttons, transparent blogs, pixels

so yep youre welcome enjoy and let me know if any links are broken xx
also heres my massive themes rec & my themes (+resources) blog

(special thanks to natalie for making this fab banner, shes amazing)

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starry theme by @windue!
hello everyone! this is my first theme ever actually ;u; I hope it’s alright haha. If anyone has any troubles or problems with the html, please message me and I’ll fix it/help you!
preview code

           – faded photos
         – pages

         – four extra links
         – small cursor (and hover)
         – top lace banner
         – corner image
       – variety of different fonts
          – one column

please do not:
         – remove the credit
         – use as a base code
          – claim its yours
          – copy parts of it in your theme
(although I am willing to help and explain it to you so you can alter it in your theme)

theme is not working very well! trying to fix it ;u;

fic: Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Eren finds Levi’s tumblr and is more than a little confused by contrast between the man he knows in real life and his online persona.

Based off of this tumblr post

me irl: speaks in a fairly monotone voice, doesnt smile a lot, literally gets told i seem dead inside

me online: uses double exclamations points!!  says things like omg and aah and oooooooooooooh a lot.  screams at cute pictures of cats

[also on AO3] words: 3.5Kish rating:T+

Eren may or may not have a huge crush on his maths tutor.

Yep, that’s right, the twenty-two year old, five-foot-three, perpetually impassive man who somehow made trigonometric calculus sexy. The teenager spent most of his time wondering why on earth each tutoring session couldn’t turn out at least a little bit more like a porno. Instead he simply had to sit there and attempt to pay attention to the explanations the guy was giving rather than the entrancing way his mouth moved.

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