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Here comes the bride...

Sometimes there’s a single image that sparks a whole story, you know? I was going about my day when @tabi87 reblogged this from @topforpresident, and I cannot even tell you how quick that fire burned.

Special thanks to @smutfictionaddicted for her “Good girl” encouragement, and @chanyeolandthebananas for her enthusiasm.

Word Count: 1359

Genre: Smut

Warnings: It’s sorta romantic, but don’t be that kid - don’t read this if you’re underage, please.

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Peep Show

Jacob Frye/Reader

*Bits of Smut and Fluff*

You and your friend Jane were out shopping on a lovely fall afternoon. After stopping for a quick cup of coffee, the both of you decided to hit up the new lingerie store down the block. Throughout the excursion, you and her had been regaling each other with stories of your new love interests, hers being a fellow writer at a rival publication and yours being a certain English Gentleman with a flair for the dramatic and for things that were sharp.

Sorting through the racks, you found yourself thinking of him. Thinking of that devil may care attitude. Thinking of that charming smile that never failed to brighten your day anytime you saw it. Thinking of all the ways he took you to the edge and back when it was just the two of you alone. Sometimes all it took was just hearing his voice to do the trick, he knew what his voice did to you and he shamelessly exploited it at every opportunity. He teased you in so many ways and you couldn’t get enough of it.

Jane seemed to notice you were distracted.

“Thinking of him again aren’t you? I don’t blame you. A guy that handsome would drive anyone to distraction.” Jane smirked

“That he does. The man is walking sex and he knows it. It seems like every time I turn around he finds a new way to tease me sexually.”

Jane quirked an eyebrow. “What’s say we return the favor for your Englishman?”

“How so?”

“Pick a few pieces you like and a few you haven’t been brave enough to wear before and follow me. I’ve got a great idea.”

As you followed Jane around, you picked a piece here and there. There were a few bras, some matching panties in different styles. As you walked closer to the back to the back of the store, you noticed some vintage looking designs with garter belts and silk stockings, the latest in a line produced by a famous burlesque performer. Grabbing a full set and a pair of black pumps, you followed Jane back into the dressing room area.

The area seemed to be made of red velvet, the kind of red velvet you would only see in old movie theaters, with a large black ottoman in the middle. Surrounding it were several changing rooms with black curtains. As you went towards one of the booths, Jane asked for your phone. Handing it to her, Jane scrolled through your contacts until she found the name she was looking for: Jacob Frye. She activated the FaceTime function as you walked into the boot in front of her and changed into the first set. It was only a few seconds before he answered.

“Hello Jacob, I’m Jane, I’m a friend of your lovely lady. Do you have a few minutes?

Jacob was mildly alarmed “Yes I do. Is she alright?”

“She’s just fine, she just has a few things she needs to show you. I’ll turn you around you around so you can see”

Jane did so and grinned. Jacob had no idea what was in store for him.

“First look please”

You stepped out from behind the curtain. Wanting to build Jacob up slowly, you started off with a simple blue lace balconette bra with a pair of lace trimmed thong panties. You twirled a few times for effect, making sure he would see your fantastic backside.

“Oh lass, you naughty girl. “He purred in that voice of his. “I do hope you have more to show me.”

“Maybe I do, if you ask me nicely” you teased.

“Please lass, pretty please?” he pleaded.

“Very well” you replied and you made your way back into the booth. Jane did everything she could to keep her composure. If she knew you as well she felt she did, she knew Jacob hadn’t seen anything yet. After a few minutes, you called out “Ready?”

“Ready” both and Jane and Jacob replied

Out you stepped, clad in a black vinyl two piece set with an attached collar. Swinging in your left hand was a black riding crop and encasing your legs was a pair of thigh high black vinyl boots. Jacob’s jaw audibly dropped.

“Well lass” he stammered slightly “I must say it suits you well. And I’m not the only one who thinks so”  

“Is that so? Well, let’s see what the two of you think of the next one” you replied as you sauntered back into the changing room, enjoying the sound of Jacob moaning as he saw your backside again.

Inside the booth you took a moment to catch your breath. A part of you wanted to go on all day teasing him like this, but you weren’t sure that he wouldn’t release himself in his trousers while he was supposed to be working. Then again if he did, it would mean he would have to go home to change. You could be waiting there for him as a surprise. But it was time for the finale, and that meant something special. You quickly changed, took a breath and threw back the curtain.

Both Jane and Jacob were taken by surprise. You walked out dressed in a leopard print caged bra and garter set, complete with silk stockings and black leather gloves. A pair of black vintage style pumps brought it all together. But one small part was missing and it was that one part that Jacob noticed immediately. Not that he could draw attention to it.

“Hmm Jacob Frye speechless? Now that is an accomplishment” you coyly stated. It took a moment or two for Jacob to compose himself. Jane handed the phone to you.

“You are in such trouble lass, teasing me like this while I am at work”

“This from the man who sends me pornographic voicemails several times a week while I’m at work and nude pictures while I’m in meetings?” you retorted.

“Fair enough lass, but your still in trouble”

“You will just have to deal with me later then”

“Oh I will lass, I very much will” he smirked. “But I must go for now.” Jacob blew a kiss and ended the call.

Jane remained on the ottoman, smiling evilly at the whole scene.

“Feels good to turn the tables doesn’t it?” she asked.

“It does. Now that I know I can render him speechless like that, I should do it more often. For all the times he’s done it to me, will have to catch up” you replied.

“So which outfit is the lucky winner?” Jane inquired.

“Think I’m going to take all three. They were all proven to be winners, plus what’s the point of working ones tail off if you can’t enjoy it once in a while.”

“Spoken like a true friend of mine. Let’s check out.” Jane said.

After making your purchases, the both of you headed towards the front door, wondering what places you would hit up next. You didn’t get very far as there was someone waiting outside. It was Jacob. Jane deducted that your plans to continue shopping were now on hold.

“How about I catch up with you later? I think you have business to attend to” she smirked and walked off. “Give me a call later”

As Jane left, you stood there stunned. “How in the world did you find me so fast?”

“I have my ways love, plus I recognized the inside of the shop.”

“And how would you know what the inside of the shop looks like if it just opened?”

“Like I said lass, I have my ways. But enough of that now. We have something to discuss.”

“Oh?” you wondered “And what might that be?”

Jacob opened his coat and revealed the large bulge in his trousers”

“Oh. That” you smirked. “Yeah that was kind of my fault. What shall we do about it?”

“I’ve a few ideas. But one question: Did you buy chance by that crop too?”

“I did” you replied coyly.

“Good. Because I think I will start off with breaking that in using your gorgeous ass.”

There was only one thing left to say

“Your place or mine?”

anonymous asked:

How would Midorima, Akashi, and Nebuya react if during a break in practice they received a text from their girlfriend and it's not only a suggestive photo of them in extremely revealing lingerie, but also a sext? ;)

Hey guys. I just wanted to apologize once again for not being active. I have been going through an emotionally rough period and I am slowly moving forward so in the interim, I will write to kind of relieve some pent up energy. Hope you guys like this :)


Akashi does not usually take breaks from practice because he wants to keep an eye on his teammates, stay focused, and set a good example. Feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket, he adverted his attention to it, only to find a picture of you laying on his desk, biting your lip in a new lace balconette bra that cupped and shaped you perfectly.

“This is the only thing I have on right now.”

Lowering his eyes and smirking at your text message, he placed his thumbs on his phone, typing easily and quickly and eventually sliding the phone back into his pocket.

“You know the rules baby. No clothes unless you ask… And you didn’t ask. Get the silk ties and bend over my desk until I come home.”


Midorima was sitting in study hall when he heard his phone ping with the notification of a new message. He thought he had put it on silent but pulled it out anyway to do so. When opening your message he quickly blushed and slammed his phone face down on his desk. You had sent him a picture of you laying on his bed in black lingerie that barely covered your ass with a message underneath.

“Do you like my new outfit?”

Breathing heavily, he closed his eyes and tried to calmly pick up his phone and somehow scold you for your devious actions.

“Where did you get something like that? This is inappropriate for class!”

Midorima huffed as he looked around to make sure that nobody had seen your ridiculous picture. Completely forgetting to turn his phone down, he jumped at the sound of the ping coming from your newest message.

“My fortune today was something sexy for a lover… you should check yours too, Mido-kun.”

Frowning and looking through his phone to see what his item for the day was, he realized he had made a mistake and chosen his luck item for the next day, today. Cursing himself, he read the horoscope only to find it instructed to be with a loved one for the day. Standing up and scooting his chair back, Midorima gathered his things and quickly walked out of the study hall in the direction of his house.

“I’m on my way.”

Nebuya was out after practice eating with the team when he decided to look at his phone and check the time. Seeing he had a new message, he pressed the folder on his phone for messages he opened his newest one form you.

“Wouldn’t you rather be eating me?” was the text under a picture of your legs open with your hand covering your center.

Mouth dropping open, he swallowed his last bit of food, and calmly sighed placing his fork down. He had to go home right now. Nothing tasted better than you—not even his favorite Karubi would make him stay at that table. Standing up and bowing repeatedly, he excused himself with a bit of a suspicious side eye from Akashi. As he exited the establishment and began walking, a new picture came in.

“Hurry up, I’m about to start dinner without you.” You said, with two fingers inside you. 

Sprinting down the street, he forgot to respond.

Sunday Smut Spotlight Double Issue: Sun & Moon - OAKLEY

Welcome to the Oakley Issue of Sunday Smut Spotlight: Sun & Moon

I am sure those of you who are already taken by that sexy spoiled brat Oakley will enjoy these… and those of you not familiar with the character, you might fall in love/hate - he’s just so delicious!

images by smittentomkitten, [unknown], astrolungs

[Adam issue here]


Tag by oeffsee

Summary: Oakley plays a game of tag with a Uni classmate.

I lifted my hand and pressed it to his chest, where I could feel his heart pounding underneath his warm flesh. I was glad to know it wasn’t just me whose heart was beating so wildly. I leaned into his chest, tilted my chin up to face him, pursed my lips as though I were going to whisper…
“YOU"RE IT!” I took off, shrieking as I ran across the lawn towards the dining hall. I could hear Oakley cursing as he ran after me.

So Right - by britishmenaredestroyingmylife

Summary: Oakley and his friend and roommate (OFC Sheila Sullivan) take at big step in their relationship

“What do you think our kids would be like?”

I raise an eyebrow. “Do I need to cut you off, Oakley?”

“No, I mean, hear me out.” He pours another shot and downs it quickly; I roll my eyes. “Like, let’s say we’re in an alternate universe where we’re lovers, and we got married or whatever, and we had kids. Can you imagine how fucking awesome they’d be?”

Tease - by ophelia-tagloff

Summary:  Oakley receives a teasing proposition from his best mate’s recent girlfriend.  Will he go for it?

Oakley still remembers the first time he saw her. At the pub. She had been sitting on Jeff’s lap. Jeff, his flat mate and sometimes friend, was laughing loudly along with the rest of the group, unaware that the brunette on his knee had locked eyes with Oakley and taken her sweet time as she looked him up and down before finally meeting his gaze again and chewing on her pink lip.

Oh so she’s that kind of girl. Pretty, petite, curvy, sexy. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Happy Birthday - by clojury

Summary: Today was Oakley’s birthday and you had finally decided to give in to your flatmate’s tireless flirtations and insinuations.

You sat crouched inside the large cardboard box, the outside decorated with a giant red bow.  You were dressed in only a black lace balconette push-up bra, g-string and black thigh high stockings with high heel.

Summer Sessions - by dreamsngr

Summary: Oakley is staying at a professor’s house for the summer when she comes home early from sabbatical. One morning he decides to take advantage of catching her in a compromising position and she uses it as a teaching moment.

Oakley could hear the music, that wonderful, pulsating, sensual music that had been torturing him for two weeks, playing right above his room. It was her music, the soundtrack that ran through the house incessantly ever since she had moved in. His summer on American soil had gone from three months of free love to instant cock block because of the woman upstairs and she didn't even know it. He took a long drag on his cigarette and puffed out a ring. He needed some release.

A Delicious Sound - by so-easy-to-love-me

Summary: “While on holiday in Tuscany, Oakley receives a phone call from his new playmate, who asks him to do something that is far from ordinary…”

The days went by way too slowly for my taste and all things that were important or seemed to be, had taken a back seat. It strained and bored me to do my chores, because my mind was elsewhere.

I found myself terribly intrigued by what had happened last week, between that smug little fucker Oakley and me.

Summer Son - by neither-blue-nor-green

Summary: Geraldine, a mature single woman, meets an intoxicating young neighbor at her new Summer place.

Finally a sunny day. Geraldine had rented the little cottage in hopes of spending the summer writing outside under a blue sky, but until today it had rained and rained and rained.

With her first cup of tea she started planning her day, as she did every morning. She would have to do laundry first. The small bedroom was full of dirty clothes. Some grocery shopping, hanging the laundry up to dry. Writing. Talking that walk she promised herself. Writing some more. It wasn’t a long list, but she needed it to give her day some structure.

Quiet in the Theater - by laterovaries

Summary: Gina, a life-long friend of Oakley, initiates some hot action with him while at the cinema.

Oakley scooted further down in the movie theater seat, casting furtive glances to his left. Gina was absent-mindedly running her fingertip back and forth across her bottom lip, her eyes locked on the screen of the almost empty theater. He let his eyes trail down from her mouth to the soft vintage t-shirt she was wearing. He loved that shirt. It was most definitely his favorite, because of the way it hugged her breasts and tapered down her narrow waist. His gaze continued to move over her body, and he had to hold back a frustrated sigh at the way her short skirt had scooted up her thighs when she had propped her feet up on the seat in front of her. She always seemed so unaware of how truly sexy she was, which he supposed was part of her appeal. She was drop-dead gorgeous, and didn’t seem to know it. Not only that, but she wasn’t self-conscious at all around him, probably as a result of having grown up with him.

The Wager - by a-beautifully-hiddled-disaster

Summary: Serena, a slightly older woman he meets at a bar, tells him he’s ‘just a baby’, and Oakley shows her how wrong she was to think so.

She primped herself in a small mirror she had pulled from her clutch, her fingers deftly running through the tangles of her hair, eyes bright as they observed her own reflection and considered what she saw there.

Oakley leaned against the wall, his right leg crooked, his foot propped up, lean and languid, a cigarette between his lips held there purely by balance. He watched her, this woman, fascinated by her. She was older than he, if only by a few years, yet he was drawn to her, the proverbial moth to her flame. She was a study in contrast to him. Where he was light, his head full of loose blond curls, she was dark, raven hair straight as a bone that hung down halfway on her back. Where he was all angles, cheekbones, jawline, chiseled nose, she was all softness and curves. He bet, should she stand to face him, she would barely reach his shoulders. Yet, she was gorgeous, something she seemed unaware of at this juncture.

The Concert - by damageditem

Summary:  Liz goes on a date with a man she doesn’t really like in an effort to get over her infatuation with Oakley.  Oakley has no intention of letting her get away with that.

You’re still wondering why on earth you agreed to have a date with Jay. The most boring, pompous asshole in town. Well, the answer was pretty obvious to you: to try and forget another asshole.



The Makeup - by angelica-aswald

Summary: Oakley tries to make up with a childhood friend.

Maya stood against the wall and took a sip of her beer. Why did she even come to this party?

“Aren’t you glad you came out with us?” her friend Sara yelled over the sound of the horrible music that was blasting.   Maya shook another ship of her beer and side eyed the red head that had a stupid yet excited look on her face.


I Can Help You with That by sherekahnsgirl

ed’s note: Check her fic page for updates to this story.  I’ve included chapter 1 here… no smut so far but I guarantee you there will be.

Summary:  Oakley finds ways to help his older, widowed friend.

“I can help you with that, you know.”

I cocked my head to one side, looking at the young man standing before me.  He was terribly tall - having shot up years ago when he began luxuriating in calling me “Shorty” - having borrowed the nickname and the habit of using it at every possible chance to annoy me from my husband - with a riotous crown of gold ringlets that gave him an angelic air that the rest of him did everything in its power to make up for.  He was impossibly long limbed and deceptively lean, with the strength of untested youth and the personality of the labradoodle he so closely resembled - with a generous sprinkling of stubborn English bulldog and a soupcon of pit bull if and when he deemed it necessary.


The First Timeby laterovaries

Summary:  18 year old Oakley wants a special birthday present from his neighbor.

You open the door to find the neighbor’s son, clad in a loose muscle shirt, board shorts, and flip flops. Damn, but he got tall. He’s got to be over six feet now, and filling out a little bit, too.

“Well, hello Oakley,” you say, forcing your eyes off of his biceps and onto his face. “Long time no see!”


Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for next week’s edition of Sunday Smut Spotlight!