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Sinbad's reacting when he comes out of the artemyra and his fem!S/o is being treated like royalty, surrounded by women.

Sinbad’s Reaction:

  • As Sinbad stood in  front of the large doors that belonged to the room that his s/o was currently residing in,  he began to feel a tiny bit nervous at imagining what the citizens of Artemyra may have done to his s/o while he survived in the Valley Of Dead.  
  • Hence Sinbad was glad that the Queen’s attendant that stood next to him open the doors instead of him. 
  • A sense of relief flooded through Sinbad’s mind as he saw his s/o whose exchange eye contact with him in a perfect condition sitting on the middle of a massive sofa placed in the centre of the room. 
  • His relief was short lived though as Sinbad noticed that his s/o eyes seem to pleading for his help. 
  • At that moment Sinbad finally took notice of the blonde strands of hair and pink eyes that belong to the women of Artemyra happily chatting to each other  that stood behind the sofa’s of his s/o and that sat next to her as well. 
  •  Sinbad blinked a couple of times just in case that he wasn’t imagining the army of women in front of him. 
  • Unfortunately for Sinbad the sight in front of him didn’t change and what made it seem worse that he could heard fights among the citizens for his s/o attention while others tried to give his s/o presents which she politely refuse. 
  • As Sinbad watch his s/o he realised that she was clad in the same type of attire of the royal family of Artemyra. The attire made Sinbad realised that his s/o have been taken as a hostage by the citizens. 
  • At first Sinbad couldn’t help but to laugh at the situation in front of him while he mouth to her that 
  •  “I’m glad that you could make time for someone like me, your highness.”
  • “Shut up, Sinbad get me out of here or I’ll make them attack you.” 
  • “Alright but you know it’s wrong to make your citizens upset.”
  • Sinbad stopped joking around with her as his s/o shot him a deadly glare. 
  • “Alright excuse me ladies, but this person is with me and we need to get going now.” Sinbad told them as he grabbed his s/o hand and pulled her up from the sofa. 
  • Sinbad let out a chuckle as he heard the angry protests of the citizens while he ran out of the room with his s/o in his tow. 

Today is such a good day, finally went through twitter and saw so much AlaKou fan-art. Ohh how I wish I could post some of them here but only if I get permission. Every time I go and look there is always some new fan-art (how can I be such a fanboy XD).

So if you want to go look at them here is the tag(link) アラ紅 also big thanks to @0megabigbang for telling me the twitter tag you are the best   (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ