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shitty fuck the ask was about u this is why i fucking hate cis ppl. the baby stealing is bc ur a sexual predator not some shitty fuckin 80s film u sick fuck what the fuck is wrong with ur cis brain??? jfc

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Oh okay wow… I can’t help but notice that you and the “other” anon have different writing styles. So if you are a different anon, how would you know what the other anon’s intentions were? If you are the same anon, why are you changing your writing style? Is it to try and hide who you are? Since I dunno maybe I have spoken to you, and you don’t want me to figure out just who you are?

Is that what is going on here?

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Also if you are the same anon, how is the burn doing? Did you also get my thank you note?

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Since well there was a lot of mention of the Goblin King, and the fact I liked him and that film was some how linked to me being I think you were trying to say “sick” and “gross” you seemed to think he stole that baby. When well honestly I think I shot you down pretty hard with my [previous post]. As you can see, many others also agreed with the points I have made. You have already lost this one anon. 

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I can also fully assure you that I have never stolen a child, nor am I any kind of sexual predator. I do believe it is only common courtesy to provide proof when accusing something of something so serious. Or has some people on Tumblr have just decided that the Labyrinth is P͎̻͕͚̗̻͈R̛̬̗O̷̤B̗̠͇͙̩L̠̥̹̟̳̯E̴̤͚̯̙M͙̼A̧̳͕T̬̣͢I̴͉̺͈̩͈C̨̫̲̞ ̼͈̳̘̝͎͟ ? Since that wouldn’t actually surprise me?

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Well GOOD NEWS Labyrinth fans, stay tuned!! My Tumblr queue is full of the stuff. I have tried to space it out with other stuff. But oh so much more is on it’s way! So dance magic, dance!

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Day 2: The Toad’s Den
You’re getting older, and you’ll see that life isn’t like your fairy tales. The world is a cruel place. And you’ll learn that, even if it hurts.

This movie’s central theme is passages. From passing to the other world to passing through unnoticed to passing on. I spent a little more time on this one to capture the delicate light within Ofelia’s silhouette right.


trying to watch Labyrinth but…

I recently had the pleasure of FINALLY visiting Disneyland Paris, I absolutely loved it!  It’s small and quaint but still very Disney!   While Walt Disney World in Orlando will always be my number one, Disneyland Paris has many features and attractions worth remembering. 

Inspired by Alice’s Curious Labyrinth at Disneyland Paris - Shopping info!

help am dying

im only seeing my posts on my dash
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i was tagged by floral-lou for the 9 favorite movies thing!!!! the movies in order are:

  1. the labyrinth
  2. interview with a vampire
  3. trainspotting
  4. rent
  5. peter pan
  6. pirates of the caribbean 
  7. weird science
  8. the breakfast club
  9. velvet goldmine

i guess i’ll tag whoever bc i’m lazy rn and don’t wanna leave people out.