Is it bad that this made me cry cause a new book is coming out this year!!!! Well a new series! The Trials of Apollo

I’ve read Magi 292, and a couple of things caught my attention:

Number 1 was this:

I think Kougyoku knows where they are, but she’s keeping the information from Alibaba. Maybe to make sure that they stay safe? I’m not sure at this point.

The second thing was this:

I honestly love how quickly they all jump in to help Alibaba help the Kou Empire. That made me so happy! :D Even Ka Kobun jumped in head first to give his aid.

Damn, these people are awesome.

And then there was Empress Kougyoku’s speech.

I loved so much that I made a collage of it. This young woman has grown and matured since we first met her, and now she’s the ruler of an Empire.

I’m pretty damn sure that her brothers are very proud.


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