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A Scenario of Judal with a so that literally just adores him up and down and doesn't care if he's a little shit because that's why they love him so much!

Guess who came back from the dead!! That’s right, it’s your bitch, Prince Luca!! I won’t be here 24/7, though. I was thinking about making an About Us page because it seems fun. Anyways, here you go.


“What the hell are you doing, Y/n? Get off of me!” Judar shook his arm away from you. The two of you were walking around a local market because the magi was bored. He stole a peach from a man while he wasn’t looking, causing his s/o to slap his arm.

“Judar, don’t do that!” His lover looked at him with scolding eyes. He scowled, turning away and muttering about their annoying pestering. His s/o rolled their= eyes.

This little shit, wh do I always put up with him? Probably because I love him.