labyrinth of the butterfly

Aries Moon: Can be a bit argumentative at times. You always know how they feel with their flaming tongue. Eyes that spark and sizzle.

Taurus Moon: Passionate and sensitive emotions hidden in a labyrinth and that Minotaur guarding it is named practically.

Gemini Moon: Butterflies in their head and heart but also vibrant songs. He/she is observant and their mind is like a racetrack.

Cancer Moon: Needs to be needed but abuse/use them and their wrath is like the sea. Mind is centered on self-preservation.

Leo Moon: Do you see that crown she/he wears? Mind is highly group-oriented yet subconsciously finds ways to stand out. Performer at heart. 

Virgo Moon: Always analyzing with a computer-like mind. Don’t mess with their routine. Their worry can easily be felt in a room.

Libra Moon: Receptors waiting to connect with others. Do you ever fully understand their decision making? Detached warmth of a swaying scale.

Scorpio Moon:Talk to them and you can feel their depth. you won’t see their claws or stinger until it’s too late. They are a coin of compassion and plotting hate. 

Sagittarius Moon: Mind is in tune to reevaluating their beliefs but their heart sticks to them. Eternally running through a field of freedom. 

Capricorn Moon: Insisting they have everything under control all while desiring a haven. Devoted, old soul, calculated mind, and antique heart.

Aquarius Moon: Such a friendly aura but an unusual mental wave. Learning to be human. Chaotic mind, distant feelings, and jigsaw heart.

Pisces Moon: Sitting on top of pastel clouds, mesmerizing to some and too otherworldly for others. Healer at heart. Receptive and adaptable soul. 

♥ MY OTPs ♥ *updated*

I wanted to do this again and show some of my new OTPs! 

(Not in order)

Reylo (star wars: the force awakens/the last jedi)

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Chise x Elias (mahoutsukai no yome/the ancient magus bride) 

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Wilde Hopps (zootopia)

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Harley Quinn x The Joker (batman: the animated series etc.) 

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FinnRose (star wars: the last jedi) 

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Stormpilot (star wars: the force awakens/the last jedi)

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Jancy (stranger things)

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Mileven (stranger things)

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Elisa x Asset (the shape of water)

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Rumbelle (once upon a time)

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Ladynoir/Adrienette/MariChat/Ladrien (miraculous ladybug)

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Sarah x Jareth the Goblin King (labyrinth 1986) 

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Hattice (alice in wonderland 2010&2016)

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Megamind x Roxanne Ritchi (megamind)

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Butterfly Bog (strange magic) 

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Fic Prompts: Strange Magic Monday

“Twenty-four hours, little king,” Jareth grinned. “You have twenty-four hours to find the princess before I take back my throne.”

“Eh,” Bog shrugged. “I give it two hours before Dawn and I get there and three hours before Marianne has systematically destroyed every stone in your labyrinth. And my throne stays right where it is unless Tough Girl and I say different.”

George Lucas & Reylo

I just realized something. George Lucas has already been part of two films that have the heroine/villain couples. 

1.) Labyrinth- Sarah Williams/Jareth the Goblin King

2.) Strange Magic- Marianne/Bog King

So the idea of a hero/villain couple isn’t bizarre news in a George Lucas Films or him being part of a film. Quite honestly it seems like a normal attribute. 

Labyrinth was produced by George Lucas, while the story for Strange Magic was by him. He had much to do with both Labyrinth and Strange Magic. I know the knew Star Wars: TFA isn’t directed by George Lucas, but it is still under his company. 


Within the story of Labyrinth we see young Sarah Williams embark on her adventure to save her baby brother from the Goblin King. But all the fans of this movie know the ship of Sarah/Jareth. The film establishes the fantasy lover Jareth is for Sarah. While also showcasing the interest Jareth has for Sarah. 

‘Just Fear me, Love me, do as I say. And I will be your slave.’ -Jareth

‘ Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you. I move the stars for no one. .’ -Jareth //That quote already establishes that the treatment Sarah was given wasn’t normal to other ‘runners of the Labyrinth’. //  

Everything! Everything that you wanted I have done. You asked that the child be taken. I took him. You cowered before me, I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations. Isn’t that generous? -Jareth

Even the Manga talks about the obsession Jareth has built around Sarah after she has beaten him. While also kidnapping her to start a new kingdom with her. While Sarah accepts the idea at first, she does put the safety of her friends before Jareth, but she also understands the emotions Jareth has for her. 

No the movie nor the manga imply that they do become a couple, because they don’t. But they imply the heavy element of Love between them. Sarah always looks intrigued by Jareth’s presence, while Jareth always seems smitten.  //Yes the age difference is a huge deal, but as the manga shows. Jareth ‘makes his move’ when she is far older, as does all the fanfics.// 

Strange Magic

 Throughout this film, the hero and villain is shown a lot, as is the whole idea of Love // main theme duh// In this film the ship is canon and the heroine/villain do get together. 

At the start they hate each other, it is shown. it is implied and established heavily. Marianne shows this far more than Bog does. He shows ‘love’ first of course. Both these characters fight, threaten and hate on each other at the start. Marianne punches Bog in the face their first meeting. And at the start of the film Bog King is known for his temper and characteristics of a villain // tho downplayed// 

Even at the start these two are aggressive towards eachother, the first meeting Bog threatens and taunts Marianne about kidnapping her sister. Their second meeting is Marianne and him fighting. They didn’t start out as sunshine and rainbows. And even after that, there is the lingering tension that Marianne would betray Bog King. And at the end they do get together, they express feelings of love for each other and kiss.

 So my main point for this long ( sorry) text was to establish that in Lucas Films, it isn’t a surprise if a Hero and a villain get together or at least have feelings for one another. So Reylo isn’t as far fetched as it seems. Yes I know, different film and different Universe, But so is Strange Magic and Labyrinth

//Just my thoughts on this ^^, //.