labyrinth of the butterfly

the infinity of dark nutrition

thunderbolts of butterfly wings
throbbing in air-lifted labyrinths

i see them singing of eerie promises as
(your) temples of darkness nod in sleep

vaporous blood running amok
dreaming of turgid luxuries
bathing in cold asylums

of maniacal souls flowering into busy dreams

at the final yawn of the street crow
to the final hour of the hour-glass
where we both reek of flames;

(your) eyes of oracle bones hurl themselves
into a mist of frosty turbulence …
a cracking wind;
vulgar and

i hear a summons to a guillotine where collagen flesh gets
ripped; salt and water pour themselves back into the earth

crawl back …
revisions set in.

i read the scripture
of the underground man
my despair started early -
it exploded back into me - with your poetry

you are a lovely darkness
shivering in the cold
hanging …
sometimes on my ceiling

when i sleep you keep leaking out to nourish me
with blood darker than noir … darker than noir …
the infinity of it keeps me restless …. very restless …