labyrinth of salt

Sinbad vs. The Fog Troupe

Remember the time Sinbad defeated a horde of bandits wielding dark metal vessels with his bare hands? No? Fair enough. It’s not as impressive as the time he used his bare hands to replicate Solomon’s Wisdom despite having no idea what rukh or depravity was at the age of 14. 

Besides, Alibaba’s way more amazing than Aladdin & Sinbad put together. *eyeroll*

Clair de Lune


genre: angst / fluff

characters: Kim Namjoon

word count: 1027

a/n: partially inspired by the 8th prompt from this list, I really needed to write some angst today so this was the result of me being a lil too emo :”) I’ve been listening to Clair de Lune on repeat these days, and I was listening to it still as I wrote this ^^ 

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Clean melodies and smooth, thick, erratic rhythms – lingering sighs of wonder, ghosts of fingers and chuckles of happiness that were greeted with a silence more than two months old. The feeling of her was still felt underneath his touch, his arms still encasing her invisible form and holding her so, so close, his heart beating in harmony with piano music flowing from within her favorite wooden stereo. 

He missed her.

He missed her so fucking much.

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So, for amusements’ sake and to confirm it really is that broken, I turned safe mode on. 

Main blog - not too bad, LGBT posts not being censored (did they fix it already). I keep my dash well curated, so there is seldom porn on it (I have very high standards about porn and toss anyone who posts bad porn, which is 99.9999999% of porn, ya know).


A post containing pictures of salt labyrinths

Some kind of weird Spongebob Squarepants meme about running out of phone battery.

Chromolithographs about not going into debt from 1895.

A post discussing rape being used as punishment (Which I would agree is sensitive).

A post showing flower-covered underwear on a female model (Far less racy than a Victoria’s Secret catalogue).

So out of five hits, four of them false positives.

On my heathen/religious blog, which follows a ton of weird stuff I haven’t ever bothered curating out.

Again not too bad, but…


A post selling Fashion 3D hoodies.

A comic about…uh, demons being people too? Not sure, but I don’t think it’s sensitive.

The stop clickbait meme.

A cute mini-comic about two boys being friends, one of them with a raven head, referring to some fandom I’m not in.

A post about the structure of spoken Gallifreyan.

Five hits, five false positives.

My conclusion:

The system is using an algorithm that was NOT properly tested before being put live by staff. It’s stupid. Literally.

Given how safe mode works for over 18s, I’m going to leave it on on my main blog and do my best to help by untagging as many false positives as I can. But really - this thing is just SO untested…