labyrinth of memory

Featured in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, the rhythm game DoReMiFa Beat’s tracklist is inspired by Heisei Kamen Rider series. Take a look:

  1. Pipopapo of Love (Ex-Aid)
  2. Ghost Dancers (Ghost)
  3. Driving Heart (Drive)
  4. Extreme Shogun (Gaim)
  5. Magic Prince (Wizard)
  6. My Man’s an Astronaut ♡ (Fourze)
  7. PAN-2'000 (OOO)
  8. Wind, Mystery, and Half-Boiled Eggs (W)
  9. ??? the world (Decade, partially hidden behind sign)
  10. Vampire Melody (Kiva)
  11. Climax High (Den-O)
  12. Tofu Dance Song ~Tastes like Grandma’s~ (Kabuto)
  13. Righteous, Heart, Dark, Oni (Hibiki)
  14. Ace of Spades (Blade)
  15. GO! GO! GO! (555)
  16. Mirror Labyrinth (Ryuki)
  17. Lost Memory (Agito)
  18. Alien ??? (Kuuga, partially hidden behind sign)

Sarah Williams Aesthetic

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great. You have no power over me.

Gaaaaah I am just exploding with Puzzleshipping feels tonight! I just- I think I finally found the words to say why it’s my OTP. Why I can go ‘Yeah, peachshipping is cute and wishshipping has some awesome feels behind it and liberashipping is such an intriguing dynamic with great growth potential but PUZZLESHIPPING’

It’s because of who Yuugi becomes in that dynamic.

I shipped it since the Otogi/Dice/Fire arc.

It breaks my heart how much Atem clearly cares and how HE acts with Yuugi.

But Yuugi-

He becomes so flipping STRONG and VIBRANT and AMAZING because of Atem!

Not in imitation, not in measuring up to him, not in contrast- Just BECAUSE OF HIM.

Just, the whole Millennium World arc- Yuugi’s inner monologues and demeanor as he wanders through the Puzzle labyrinth and the memory city and dueling Bakura- He is just so ALIVE in a way I don’t recall anywhere else in the series, all because he wants to find Atem. Help Atem. Get back to Atem.

That’s not just some simple need to get back a protector or prove himself to his other self- That’s just what Atem as a pure motivation DOES for him!

And that’s why I will die with this ship. Because their dynamic is amazing, and the story is heart wrenching, and Atem becomes as warm as a fresh brownie from the oven- But what it does for YUUGI.

Yuugi is amazing with Atem.

Regime Change //Hellsmother


Flecks of stone drifted to the ground, trailed by harmless amber sparks. They were caused by the point of a finely sharpened silver knife being dragged along the wall. Metallic scraping reverberated through the cells off to the side, and the witch could hear various prisoners shifting uncomfortably. Light was scarce below ground, but she stalked confidently, the labyrinth vivid in her memory. Steel doors concealed her captives, and she opened the one at the end of the hall.

“Your arrival is quite untimely.” Eris hummed, feigning distraction as she cleaned her knife on her skirt. Conscious of the shadows, the witch kept to them in order to conceal her identity. Flaming hair tended to be a giveaway in a community as small as theirs. “A major operation is impending, and you have interrupted our plans.” Irritation lingered in her tone, both at the interruption and due to learning that the prisoner had been there for 10 days already, and subject to the harmful whims of her underlings. “Of course, it is only fair that the witch who leads the most wanted list is granted special audience with the coven leader. It is a pleasure to finally meet the notorious Rowena.”


“I… outside… stars…”

The Minotaur raised its head, eyes glazing under the dim starlight of that night. Cold air swept across his form - causing him to curl into himself for warmth… as well as security. The vast expanse of the open space that loomed around him unsettled him somewhat and the best he could do is to squeeze himself into the largest crook of roots that could accommodate him.

His mind vaguely rejected the idea that he missed the walls that had been his home for years…but he did. The Labyrinth, despite being the prison that held him and spelled doom for a lot of unfortunate souls, was the closest thing to safety that he could recognize.

 He had no memories besides his life underground. No memory of his mother, Pasiphae, no memory of King Minos - the man who ordered the construction of the Labyrinth itself, nor memories of the countless faceless beings who met their doom in that domain.


A single name evoked such a strong recollection of events… 

One in particular being his own death.

He scratched his head in mild bewilderment. He mind retained enough clarity to recognize that the very fact of getting murdered should elicit resentment against the perpetrator. However, nothing but calm acceptance for his fate back then lingered in his mind. Perhaps he welcomed the freedom death offered? He held himself tighter against the cold and the blank space the crept onto him from every direction… but at the same time held his gaze aloft, enchanted by the lights that flickered in the sky.

Yes… this was freedom.