labyrinth in the reminiscent mirror

anonymous asked:

I was wondering how difficult you think it would be to make baby's labyrinth in the reminiscent mirror jsk in lavender work for classic? I was thinking of wearing it with a long sleeved, cream chiffon blouse with a pretty lace collar. Then, I would wear some floral lace tights, also cream, and some high heeled brogues to bring in a little bit of a vintage feel. Then I would pick up on some of the jewel tones in the dress with accessories, and add a hat maybe. Thoughts?

I think that’s great! I definitely agree with picking up the jewel tones, but don’t ignore the lavender either. Even if you just did something small like one of these little lavender bows it would keep it from looking like you’re ignoring the color. If you were to be wearing it in the Spring and Summer another cute addition could be a hat like this which has some lavender in it and fits the the scene of the print very well I think. Everything else you have sounds like it works very nicely.