labyrinth in the reminiscent mirror


Elizabeth coord with my lovely new blouse!

I also just received the IW book bag which I had been looking for for quite some time now, so I had to throw it in as well.


jsk, blouse, necklace: Alice and the Pirates (Elizabeth, the Bride of Death, Labyrinth in the reminiscent mirror Charlotte blouse, and Eden’s Gate Key Necklace)

shoes: Melissa Incense Wing shoes

bag: Innocent World Antique Book Bag

Hairbow with cameo: Metamorphose Lucky Bag 2014

Flowers: offbrand

I tried to take a worn photo to show how awesome the sleeves are, but everything came out blurry, so mannequin photos it is.


My birthday coordinate for high tea with my bf tomorrow! I’m so excited, this is definitely the best coordinate I’ve done so far~^^ I purchased this dress at the Baby store when I was in Japan and it’s so beautiful <3 *tears*

Outfit rundown:

Jumperskirt: Baby the stars shine bright
Blouse: Dear Celine
Choker: Ruby Rose
Parasol: Angelic Pretty
Wrist cuffs, Shoes, tights and hairband: taobao


It rained like I had dreaded it would yesterday.. But I was still happy to visit Van Dusen Gardens (to attend my local Lolita fashion show, pics to come soon!) in my Labryinth dress. It fit in so well with the botanical gardens! \(^▽^@)ノ I also bought a lovely Kimono (in the bag I’m holding in second picture) which I can’t wait to wear in the summer!