labyrinth fanmix

Day 9 - A Movie [listen]

01. once upon a dream // lana del rey
02. strangness + charm // flourence + the machine
03. counting stars/ monster // boyce avenue ft. carly rose sonenclar
04. sarah smiles // panic! at the disco
05. toxic // mlanie martinez   
06. just one yesterday // fall out boy
07. yellow flicker beat // lorde
08. dark paradise // lana del rey

Sinbad no Bouken/Magi fanmix up on my 8tracks! Feel the adventure.

the boy who changed the world. [listen]

 1. Should I Know You? - John Powell
2. Realm of Power - Thomas Bergersen
3. Merlin’s Arrival at Camelot - James Gosling
4. Sun - Thomas Bergersen
5. AC Revelations theme - Jesper Kyd
6. Scarborough Fair - Kavita Baliga
7. Journey Through The Desert - Harry Gregson-Williams
8. The Day After Tomorrow - Harald Kloser
9. Enfin Apparu - Shiro Sagisu
10. To The Spaceport - James Newton Howard
11. Long Way Home - Plastic
12. Spirit of Damascus - Jesper Kyd
13. Destiny - Harry Gregson-Williams

ONDINE  |  ( listen )

When she had breathed her song, she begged me – begged me – to put her ring on my finger; to be her husband and sink with her down – down to her drowned palace and be king of all the lakes. I told her I loved a mortal woman. Abashed and vexed, she dissolved into tears and laughter; vanished in a scatter of rain – white streams across the dark night of my window. - Ondine by Aloysius Bertrand

i. child i will hurt you crystal castles ii. saltwater queen the battle of the land and the sea iii. amenamy purity ring iv. elijah’s chants anna aaron v. buried in water dead man’s bones vi. switzerland daughter vii. urchin labyrinth ear viii. lighthouse patrick watson ix. smokey taboo cocorosie x. justice delivers its death sufjan stevens xi. truth balmorhea 

goblin queen, goblin queen ♚ and within a moment, you hold a foolish king’s heart in your hands. but why take the king when it’s his throne that you crave? [listen]

black sheep gin wigmore breathe today flyleaf seven devils florence + the machine let the flames begin paramore misery loves company emilie autumn past praying for versaemerge zombie the pretty reckless dark mal (instrumental) hans zimmer sweet dreams (are made of this) emily browning

it’s only forever listen

o1. Fairies Plum o2. La Petite Fille De La Mer (Dj Jazz Instrumental) Vangelis o3. Nap in the Labyrinth Fabio Grandonico o4. Hallucinogen Gamma Goblins o5. Hallucination A Cadaver’s Dream o6. As The World Falls Down remake David Bowie o7. Waltz of the Shadow Fae Crimson Eden o8. Cracked Hands (GTFM edition) Dance in the Dark o9. As The World Falls Down (music box ver) David Bowie bonus: 1o. Underground (Long Remix) David Bowie

CHORUS | a mix for the cast of labyrinth of lies

we chose to put on a greek tragedy

tracks.  [listen]


misjudged and misquoted, fell into the abyss
i must have wanted this, another myth exploded


don’t wait for the sun, your story’s been spun
these boys, they just wanna have fun

WALK - kyla la grange

oh, innocence won’t always make you less cruel
it is a refuge for bullies and fools


it’s clear that someone’s gotta go
we mean it, but i promise we’re not mean


i’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
i’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife


and if i’m feeling like i’m evil, we’ve got nothing to gain
what if i never even see you ‘cause we’re both on a stage

HEY I DON’T KNOW - kongos

the crown weighs heavy, heavy as i sit back in my throne
i say hey, it wasn’t me, i’m just a pawn

RIBCAGE - elbow

we did a real thing, didn’t we? 
gave ourselves a name, and peeled away the shame
i wanted to explode