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Brian Froud Art Book Collection

One thing that I tend not to go into depth about on Tumblr is my huge love of the works of Jim Henson and in particular his collaborations with the insanely talented Brian Froud.

I have a small but respectable collection of Froud`s work and have poured through the pages on numerous occasions. Studying every image and always managing to find something I had never noticed before. 

It`s a shame that Jim Henson died so young and never again had the opportunity to collaborate again with Brian Froud. The two times they did work together the results were magical. 


Beautiful misty weather this morning; featuring an amazing vintage Kambriel blouse (Etsy), cabaret stockings (TJ Maxx), vintage velvet witchy boots (Etsy), Labyrinth door knocker hair clips (Etsy) and one of my favorite vests.

I just thought I’d show a little love to some of the people that make my day better with their posts and reblogs. Happy holidays everyone, and thanks for being so awesome!




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