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More domestic Labryinth Headcanons: Jareth has to have his own closet for all his glittery pirate shirts and tights, and Sarah just is content with a modest dresser for all her jeans and t's. She keeps a nice sized trunk or "build-yourself" clothes rack by it that has her more "elaborate" outfits in it. Also, since Sarah still kinda enjoys dressing up, she drags Jareth with her to the local cosplay/nerd convention. Of course, Jareth overdresses for the occasion because "quality time with Sarah!"

Bless. I’ve always had this picture of them where Sarah goes to fairs and conventions and dresses up with Jareth and they go all out with their costumes.

Fun fact about me, the blog owner: i went through a really weird period in 11th grade where i could only fall asleep at night by watching Labryinth. I played the DVD so much it even started skipping and then not playing at all.  I can also recite bits and pieces of the movie in Portuguese AND Spanish because I’d get bored and change the language settings.

writerofthought asked:

I just realized that whenever I describe Jareth in a fanfiction I mention nothing of his sexuality or his androgyny I'm literally like "blond poofy hair, funky eyes, glitter, that is all"

I know what you mean. I’m not exactly describing him as this macho dude bro in my fics, but I could better about being more descriptive about his androgyny.

saleminterror asked:

Do you think Jareth was meant to be a genderless or non-binary character?

Was he intended to be genderless? Probably not. The whole point of the Goblin King was supposed to be the embodiment of a young girl’s sexual fantasy. He was supposed to represent Sarah’s sexual awakening - hence the pants. However, there is the question of his androgyny. It could be interpreted that Sarah was bi/pan and Jareth lived up to those expectations by existing in a more free flowing form of gender. After all his existence was solely meant to cater to her inner fantasy. So, while Jareth may not have been originally meant to be nonbinary, it could be argued that he is. The best thing about Labyrinth is that we are given so much room to expound on ideas because of all the obscurity and symbolism in it, so Jareth’s gender is totally up to interpretation.

Thanks, anon!