Nintendo, Atlus USA, Inc., Bandai Namco US: Make a localization of the Magi: Aratanaru Sekai
Magi is a very popular series, the manga sold over 1,494,501 copies in japan in the first half of 2015. Here in the US the series has been getting more attention, and has also been getting popular from the Aniplex dub. The game itself sold around 50,000+ copies in japan. If it weren't for the region lock on the 3DS i'd have bought and imported the game already. And without a doubt the game would sell well if it was brought here. The series deserves more justice in the west, and just subbing the game wouldn't be too hard. So I ask to please consider this request, as many people would greatly appreciate it, and enjoy playing the game.

I mean come on guys it’s about time this series got more stuff in the west.
Just look at this, I think it looks pretty fun. And hell yeah for playing as a bunch of different characters, all playable characters can be viewed here.


Some images from S02 that reminded me of S01 of True detective:

Lone Star beer ~ a favourite of Rust Cohle

The Labyrinth club; a reminder of the labyrinth of Carcosa

Stars of Carcosa ~ here all over the wall of Kali club (a play on Cali(fornia) no doubt, but this spelling ‘Kali’ could be a small nod to the goddess Kali whom we can see behind Elliot Bezzerides at the Panticapaeum Institute.

Animal masks, five at Caspere’s Hollywood home, the number corresponding to those S1 Courier de Mardi Gras style five masked men (pics/video); also other references to masked men: the one who burns the car down, the men who stole blue diamonds in ‘92, Ray in ep. 1 etc.

And then, of course, S02E06 title ‘Church in ruins’ (the meaning of which in relation to the episode I am still pondering on)-all I could picture was the that old church from S01E02 ‘Seeing things’

This list is not definite and it may be that once S02 is finished we may be able to trace more of these common elements.

This is a compilation of meta and worldbuilding. All ideas included [not found in the movie] are my own. Please do not copy them [you can reblog this, just don’t copy and repost as yours]. I do not consider it flattery.
Everything from pieces of the kingdom to history to subjects can be found. Observe the headers as they help.

If ever I tag or reference something unfamiliar, it will likely be explained in this post.

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