Hey look, it’s another OC! I spent about 4 hours drawing this so… yeah…

Bio Time!

K-1-18-1: Transformation Magic

As a part of an experiment, K-1’s DNA was mixed with Wolf DNA, giving her Sharper hearing, and a more powerful nose, sharp teeth, claw like fingers, and Her furry ears and a tail. Because of the mix of DNA, she can transform from human to wolf, but it takes a toll on her health, nd takes alot of energy, so she only uses her transformation magic when she has too. She has a weaker Imune system, and a weaker bone system than the others, so she has to be extra carefull during training. 

K-1 is like Nikki in alot of ways, one being her personality. K-1 is very energetic and cheerful, and ver playful, as she is very young. She is a huge cuddlebug, thats for sure. She has a big imagination, and she has many skills. She always thinks the best of situations, like David. She’s a nerd, I’m pretty sure we should get that across.She is very curious also. If you do manage to hurt her personality, even if it’s just a little bit, she just stops caring, and trying. She just sleeps, and eats. All her energy dissaperes, and she losses the will to talk, something that she loves to do. It’s happened once before, and it hasn’t happened since.

She has managed to convince a few others to get her stuff from the outside world, of that, being a Blue Cello (Yes their is such thing as a blue cello, because I have one)

She likes to sing, and if she was out in the real world, she would be a theater brat, like preston.

K-1 was able to figure out what her actual name was, Kara, so know she likes to go by that.

And thats all I can think of as of now lol