Finished up this gorgeous 14mm (9/16") Moctezuma Agate labret with geode on the face last night 💪🏽👊🏽💥💥💥

This material is ideal for jamming a huge amount of detail into small sizes and has a high yield rate of geodes ✨

Available for all styles of jewelry up to 22mm (7/8")

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Those eyes though! My QT partner all dressed up to go to a show with their super cute alien space buns. I always love their makeup and I hope I can be as good as them at it someday. aliEn spAce bAbe 👽🌙🚀🌠✨ I love you to the moons!!! 💕❤🌈 @gutterbabydoll

Bold Botswana agate in stock for plugs and labret pieces up to 26mm ✨

I’ve had a veritable horde of this material sitting around for the past 3 years and to my surprise it’s definitely been the slowest material that I’ve ever had in stock, I figure since there is a lot of buzz in the lapidary world right now surrounding some newly unearthed Botswana agate from a private collection, I’d share the beautiful pieces I’ve got in stock for custom jewelry 🤓

This material varies between dark purple, black and brown, with white banding, thin layers of Quartz sandwiched between the detailed banding, ocasional pink tones and lots of variety between pieces, this Botswana agate is a material to be treasured

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