5/8" (16mm) Montana Moss Agate Oval Labret

I love inclusions like this, like a little mossy island!!!

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½" (13mm) oval delrin labret plug with internal 14g (1.6mm) thread made by Lucas at Pirate Piercing adorned with a Toltec screw-on from BVLA in yellow gold with a pearl and champagne swarovski gems (which can also be ordered through Pirate Piercing). A piece like this gives you the oportunity to change the look of your labret plug by simply screwing on different standard size screw-ons! Gold, titanium discs, stone cabochons , the possibilities are endless!

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Tiny galaxies in this 5/8" Montana Agate Labret


0g (8mm) Namibian Sodalite Labret

My last little morsel of this sweet material. I have a plethora of exciting & detailed materials available for labret & philtrum plugs, email to discuss your order today

My wonderful, beautiful, marvelous, best friend jevee had me model today to start her series on modification(focusing on facial mods). Visit her site at to see her lovely photos; if you are in the new york city area with lots of facial modification and want to help her project leave something in my questions!


17mm Botswana Agate Oval labret part of a larger set for my buddy butchrr. This Labret was cut from a spectacular specimen of Botswana Agate that I had been saving for a VERY special rainy day. I am so thrilled to have made this awesome piece and awesome set for someone I am so honored to call a friend!

My usual philtrum adornment. It’s the same 4mm stud from but with a clear acrylic 4mm ball on it and an o-ring behind it to keep it in place. To make it less noticeable for work I just put a clear o-ring on it.

Kind of looks like a Pyrex glass plug, no?

Well, not really, but it is certainly more secure.

Ride ‘em cowboy!