It’s a veritable Grilled Nectarine Panzanella Salad rager here on the new deck, and you’re invited! Featuring @LaBreaBakery’s Take & Bake Ciabatta Roll, which toasts up to pillowy perfection on the grill. Link in profile for my favorite tangy, herbaceous, savory and sweet salad of the summer, plus new deck reveal pics!

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LaBrea 3d Model, Early Progress

Working up a 3d model of LaBrea for 3d printing and possible animation purposes. I’ve been making some design tweaks as I go, particularly in the upscaling of the hands and feet, and more animal-like hands. 

I’m still working on the face shape. I don’t have much experience with this particular mid-point on the anthropomorphism scale (I’m normally more of a “slap animal head on there, make slightly cartoony’ TMNTish school), so its trickier than other elements.

You can’t see from that angle, but she has a stubby little smilodon tail. The tar effects will be the last thing done, especially since I have no idea how I’m going to execute them.

The Sanford and Son sidewalk of fame has somehow survived all these years in front of the old Redd Foxx building on LaBrea Avenue in Hollywood. They’ve been building condos non stop in every direction, all around this point, for six straight years. It is unbelievable this patch of fifteen cement autographs has escaped unscathed.