Based on Clockie’s recent post

Two points I want to make. 

1. On his blog, Ronaldo spits out theories about how the ocean could’ve disappeared and two of the things he list are “mermaid alien” and “water pirates”. Those are both great and funny ways to describe Lapis and totally could’ve tipped Labradorite off that Lapis was involved besides the obvious that only Lapis is capable of taking the whole ocean. 

2. Clockie brings up the possibility, as mentioned above, that Labradorite goes on Ronaldo’s computer and I find the possibilities hilarious. I like to believe that Labradorite is pretty adamant that everything in that lighthouse is hers. I mean I can’t blame her since the lighthouse is her body. It’s possible she could’ve tried to ask for Ronaldo’s permission at one time (that’s also a hilarious possibility; polite alien stuck in lighthouse) but Ronaldo probably wouldn’t have understood and so Labradorite just did what she wanted anyway. Hey, it’s pretty boring just being in a lighthouse. She probably learned to play Solitaire and Minesweeper. She is fantastic at both of games by now lol. 

This lovely ✨SPARKLIE ✨ is called BRIGHT SELENE. It features a Pink Labradorite under a gold-leafed crescent moon. 🌙 #selenite #crystal #wand #labradorite #pagan #altar #art #assemblage #sculpture #SusanTooker #SpinningCastle #magickart #magic #reiki #occult #handmade #ooak #witch #magician

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