Another one of the purple labradorite pendants that will be available for my next Etsy update ~ I’m thinking Feb 19th😄 I’ll be organizing my studio today and working on some more pendants. Hope everyone has a beautiful day!💖🙏🏼💖

@sacraluna crystal world never fails to inspire me.

Labradorite 🔮 • Protects Auric Field • Crystal to Enhance Shamanic Abilities • Psychic Visions • Heightened Intuition • Brings Out the Spirit • Awakens the Soul • Telepathy • Helps to Access Akashic Records • Grounding • Prophecy • Coincidence Awareness • Communicate w/ Higher Spirits/Guides • Develops Sensitivity w/ Hands for Reiki & Healing Touch • Balances Our Negative Energies to Heal Depression, Anxiety, Shame & Guilt • Brings Out Your Best • Detoxifies Your Body • Calms the Mind • Activated Imagination • Strengthens Throat Chakra • Assists in Magick Work • Safe Trip to Higher Realms • Protects From Draining Your Energy

Pink Moonstone 🔮 • Promotes Inner Journeys • Soul Retrieval • Channel for Prophecy • Enhances Passion & Love Vibration • Connects Us To Earth • Gets US in Tune w/ Lunar Forces • Womb Magick • Protects You From Travel • Deep Connection to Feminine Energy • Promotes Mysticism, Mystery & Enhances Personal Magic & Magnetism • Brings Hope & Uplifting Energy • Heals Heart Chakra • Love Attractor • Calming • Activates Kundalini Energy • Power • Unites Polar Forces Together in Harmony • Eroticism • Worn During Lovemaking to Deepen Connection w/ the Moon & Your Lover • Fertility & Creativity • Writing & Expression • Third Eye Enhancer • Self Love • Excellent for attracting New Love & Reuniting w/ Old Love/ Anger Healer • Aids Dancers In Natural Rhythm & Freedom • Promotes Empathy & Psychic Sensitivity

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‘’Crystal Star’’

A dead jackdaw..

I know it’s a natural reaction of humans to be repulsive by death..but I’ve always had a fascination for this ever since I was a kid and I’m exploring this fascination…

I see beauty in certain things that are hard to explain, even for myself…but I know that beyond the sadness there is a certain beauty in death, that I’m trying to show in my works.

I know this means not everyone will like my work, but at least, I can somehow try to make at least someone look at this in a different way than they are used to…for me death is part of nature, part of life..eventually everything will die, but nothing will ever be wasted..

Even the end of life… has a sublime beauty…


The shop is now updated with 24 new items ^.^ crystal skulls, chalcedony and stilbite specimens, alter bundles, large labradorite displays and more 🙌🏼 Remeber Everyday at 7pm starting Monday and on to Friday I will be listing at least 20 new items to the shop. I will be shipping every order the day after to ensure that domestic packages arrive in time for Christmas. This means that if you make an order Monday and then Tuesday, your first order will already have been shipped and I won’t be able to combine the shipping. Again, this is to ensure that all domestic orders make it to you in time for Christmas!