I first met Maddy when my husband and I went to the Sterling Animal Shelter “just to look.” I grew up with dogs, so I knew for sure that I wanted a dog soon, but my husband did not grow up with dogs, so he needed some convincing.

The minute we opened the pen for Maddy, we knew she was the one for us. She happily came over and cuddled on our laps. She didn’t jump or go crazy like many of the other puppies did, and she didn’t hide in the corner. She curled right up and was instantly happy. We were informed by the staff that she had been kept a little longer at the shelter because she had suffered an infection. She normally would have already found a home, but she was only ready now. I truly believe that we were her match and that she was waiting for us.

Terminology - Inuit/Inuk

Inuit - means people, it is already a plural noun. It is always capitalised.

           You do not spell Inuit with an s. Do not write Inuits, do not say Inuits. Inuit is already plural. You do not need the s. For example: “Inuit do not only live in the Arctic and sub-Arctic, but in many places and regions around the world.”

Inuk - means person. This is a singular noun and is also always capitalised.

            You would not write “Elisapie Isaac is Inuit” you would write “Elisapie Isaac is Inuk.”

Even the government has a page about it apparently. They don’t get gold stars for this, but it is nice to see

Eskimo - use of the word Eskimo is highly dependent on where you are from. However, generally it is not accepted. It is best to pay attention to where you are and if the person or group is comfortable. In Canada, the word Eskimo is considered a slur by many, or just not the most appropriate word. It has been used in very derogatory ways against many Nunatsiavummiut - and I’m sure from other regions as well. I’ve been in a cab where the driver said “at least you’re not like those little Eski’s up in Labrador”. It was not a very comfortable ride to the airport. My advice is that you do not use this word. Even if it is in older ethnographies or because it was ‘how you were taught’ that does not mean it is appropriate now. Use the language people prefer.