But without you knowing, I know how hard it is for you to have a rough start in life. I’m sorry they had to ignore your existence, your achievements, and simply everything about you. I’m sorry you have to suffer so much because you’re the eldest in your siblings and you had to take care of them but when they grew up, they didn’t even thank you for it. I’m sorry this had to happen to you.


Not because they ignore you does mean you have to ignore me too. Not because you suffer does mean I have to suffer too. I hope you do want us to build a stronger relationship because I’m trying.

—  Micah Laborte
If a girl cuts her hair, it’s because she wants to. If a girl keeps on buying black and white clothes, it’s because she find it nice. If a girl keeps on blasting a break up song, it’s because she appreciate the music. If a girl write poems, it’s because she just feel like it. Stop assuming that what she do is always about a guy because it’s not.
—  Micah Laborte // Double Standards