Art, The Labor of Love…


@markiplier UNPOPULAR OPINION: I fully support you trying the labor pain simulator! And its not cus I want to see you in pain, I promise! Cus I dont want that at all! I just think that all guys should try it at some point in their lives and it would be an enlightening thing to see :) Also, I always support you in whatever you choose to pursue (as long as its not, like, murder or something) :) much love ♡♡♡♡


Valentines Day is on the way! Whether you find the holiday vile or vital, it’s a sure reminder to reflect on love. Gratitude and mutual inspiration are key to any lasting relationship, so to round out the heart-filled V-Day landscape here are some Labors of Love that make our hearts full. These projects blend creativity, passion, and a good dose of odd personality. 

First up: Chris Miller Guitars’ 7*-Day Wonder! This beautiful guitar went from sticks to action in just a few days as a joint project between friends. They aimed to finish in time for the Portland Old Time Music Gathering just days away… and pulled it off! It’s based on a 1937 l-00 Gibson and sounds solid as hell. 

Chris is a Portland, OR instrument builder, reproduction enthusiast and musician. You can see more of his work here and here.