Come visit the sleepy town of Blossoms, a lovely shade of pink during dusk! I have finally finished after all this time making my town something I could be very proud, and happy of! Please visit and tag me! I will be watching #SleepyBlossomsTown as well if anyone take a trip here! I would be honored to see some pictures! 

Blossoms Dream Address: 4C00-0010-7E0F ૮(•̀ꐧ•́)ა

Inspired by our favorite Hank Green song, and John Green’s “Find people you like, and make things with them.” my buddy Dan and I worked for along time and more revisions that I care to remember to try and capture the feel of “Strange Charm”, as well as most of the lyrics, into this design.

It’s finally done, and it makes me so happy!