The look of hard work can be dizzy but what about when it’s so loved the over exertion is overlooked by happiness. What happens when the exhaustion is replaced with love for the craft you have married. It doesn’t make it any less hard but that love makes the hard feel soft. #LaborOfLove #NowForRest #wands #thirtyThree #earth #leyLine #devotion #amethyst #necklace #fromTheDarkSideOfTheMoon #purple #EvilPawnJewelry #love #evilpawn #earth #jewelry #epj #Earthmedicine #adornYourselfInMetal #adornYourselfInQuartz


Art, The Labor of Love…

What a day 😎! We are either ‘working’, thinking about it or feeling the 'work guilt’ on any 'holiday’ weekend. We laughed all morning about how much we suck at letting ourselves enjoy a few days off … After Lowes, Home Depot, yard stuff, vacuuming, I treated us to one of my famous award-winning Bloody hell Mary’s with all the right fixins.. #work #laboroflove #bloodys #marys #holiday #guilt #4thofJuly #relax #rewards


@markiplier UNPOPULAR OPINION: I fully support you trying the labor pain simulator! And its not cus I want to see you in pain, I promise! Cus I dont want that at all! I just think that all guys should try it at some point in their lives and it would be an enlightening thing to see :) Also, I always support you in whatever you choose to pursue (as long as its not, like, murder or something) :) much love ♡♡♡♡


Valentines Day is on the way! Whether you find the holiday vile or vital, it’s a sure reminder to reflect on love. Gratitude and mutual inspiration are key to any lasting relationship, so to round out the heart-filled V-Day landscape here are some Labors of Love that make our hearts full. These projects blend creativity, passion, and a good dose of odd personality. 

First up: Chris Miller Guitars’ 7*-Day Wonder! This beautiful guitar went from sticks to action in just a few days as a joint project between friends. They aimed to finish in time for the Portland Old Time Music Gathering just days away… and pulled it off! It’s based on a 1937 l-00 Gibson and sounds solid as hell. 

Chris is a Portland, OR instrument builder, reproduction enthusiast and musician. You can see more of his work here and here.

I took a quick break from drawing to doodle. This guy embodies my feelings right now. Grumpy and a little scared. The project I’m working on is challenging, progress is eeking along at a snails pace, and a tiny little voiced keeps undermining my confidence. If it doesn’t stop, I’m going to sick the grumpy head on it. #feelings #workingthroughit #wip #alwaysscaryinthemiddle #ICanDoThis #creativeprocess #artiststudio #laboroflove

When stringing lacrosse heads has destroyed the outside of your pinky and index fingers. They used to be a little bit calloused, but now these deep cuts have formed and it’s become a daily chore to take care of them. How do y'all take care of such a problem? I am definitely open to suggestions, because, as of now, putting my hands in my pockets or reaching into my backpack are pretty painful tasks.
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