okay but give me samsteve where steve isn’t “woke” because that’s a hell of a lot more realistic than fic where steve suddenly understands the entirety of black experience and is the best ally ever

give me samsteve where steve messes up on a race issue or doesn’t just get it or whitesplains something and it’s a problem because yes that happens in interracial relationships and its hurtful and can be worked through but is also  a real thing that happens

give me samsteve where sam’s race isn’t his whole experience but isn’t ignored

give me samsteve fic where steve has to do the work of getting educated about institutional racism and sam doesn’t have to do the labor

give me samsteve fic where sam almost bites steve’s head off because he’s being that liberal yt guy and it hurts and steve has to go do the work for himself before he can come back with that

give me samsteve kidfic where they have to talk to their kids about what it means to be black and black and white captain america’s kids

give me a samsteve fic where steve is always actively working on his allyship and yes he gets hardship and class and ability discrimination but he is also not necessarily cognizant or working towards getting cognizant about race and sam’s reality as a black man in america

give me some real ass samsteve fic that deals with these very real lived experience issues and doesn’t want to make me gag