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Avengers & Teen!Reader


Requester: Myself? 

Prompt: Read and find out 

Warning: A bit of blood and hint of child abuse

Note: Enjoy! :)! 

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 I could remember it like it only happened yesterday. When Hydra came and took away everything from me.

I was in the car with my mother and father just right after school. I was swinging my legs; I was wearing my favorite dress that was pink and went down to my knees with a white collar and bow. The sleeves were a bit big and baggy but that’s what I loved about it. I could tuck my hands in easily and play cute.

I did that out of amusement giggling and laughing as I showed my mom and dad that I was being cute. Mom who was in the passenger seat had turned around and was laughing with me. Dad was busy driving but he was looking through the rear view mirror. I was thankfully right behind mom which was probably the only reason why I’m still alive.

I remember I turned my head hearing a loud engine roar and the screech of rubber tires against asphalt. It was a giant black and heavily built SUV was coming straight towards us. It was heading on dad’s side and it clearly wasn’t planning on stopping.

Next thing I knew was that the car was spinning out of control. The tires were screeching against the asphalt until we hit a guard rail and flipped. We were flipping and skidding and tumbling; glass was shattering, metal was being dented and my seat belt was literally cutting into my skin but doing its job of holding me down.

When everything stopped spinning I was upside down. I could hear something dripping. Was it gasoline? or was it blood? I could smell the latter in the air though. I could feel the bodily fluid travel across my eye that was swollen shut. I was so dazed I didn’t understand what was going on; I didn’t want to know what was going on.

I called for my parents but got no response. I heard footsteps and suddenly the car door beside me was ripped off. It didn’t take much effort due to the harsh impacts it faced well tumbling down the hill. A hand suddenly grabbed the collar of my dress and yanked me from my car seat. I didn’t even struggle watching as the men holding me talked amongst themselves their voices like echoes.

“Mommy? Daddy?” I remember I asked.

“Shut it brat! Your parents are dead!” The one holding me said shaking me so hard my head bobbed.

“No they aren’t!” I weakly shouted.

I was suddenly thrown on the ground and I choked feeling the air rushing out of my lungs. I picked my head up and gasped when I saw my mother’s body. She was limp with a large shard of glass in her chest where her heart was, her eyes were wide open staring back at me with her hand out as if she was reaching for me.

“Mommy …”

I looked past her and saw my father was dead as well, his head was at an awkward, impossible angle.

“Daddy …”

I choked as I felt something inside me seem to snap. Like a tiny string that was strung so tight that only one simple tug was enough to break it. I dug my fingers into the ground feeling intense pain and anger.

The rest was pretty much a blur—guns firing, a knife, bullets, and blood. Lots of blood. When I came back to I was kneeling on the ground next to the dead body of one of the men. I was holding a knife buried to the hilt deep in his chest. I was soaked in blood and I could even taste it in my mouth.

When I realized what I’d done, I couldn’t let out a sound and stood up looking at both men. They were dead, because of me. I went to run but when I turned around a police officer was there staring at me like I was a monster. His hand was shaking with his pistol pointed at me and a shaky finger on the trigger.

“D-Don’t move or I’ll shoot!” He warned his voice cracking.

I was so stunned I didn’t understand what was going on. Eventually he lowered the weapon and hesitantly took my arm taking me back to the road. Not to shortly after an ambulance and back up arrived. They injected me with a sedative and when I woke up I was in a special hospital made for inhumans.

They thought I was crazy.

They thought I was the monster.

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I am nervous about going to Pride this Saturday. But am I not supposed to go because I’m a little scared? That’s silly. I’m nervous about even going to the movies, to be honest. I remember a few weeks after the shooting, I went to see a matinee of Finding Dory with my mom. A man walked in a few minutes late and immediately my brain went to: Where are the nearest exits? What can I make into a weapon? How fast can I crawl?  

I am nervous because when I moved to California and went to a doctor to get my medical marijuana card, he saw that I’d written PTSD on my application and asked, “Are you a veteran?” I told him I just moved here from Orlando, where 49 queer Latinx people were killed at my home nightclub. He shrugged. Not a veteran. I told him I also had carpel tunnel from writing, fully a lie. He nodded in approval. 

I am nervous because when I told someone else I felt like I had PTSD, she asked, “Were you even there?” She backpedaled after that, said something like, “Not that it matters.” But like, it was too late. She said it. 

I am nervous because when another woman asked about the heartbeat tattoo on my wrist and I answered honestly, she turned and theatrically whispered, “Yikes. You never know what people are going to say.” That’s when I knew to start lying and telling people that it’s just a check-mark. I got it in college when I was drunk. Haha. 

A weird thing I wrote about my tattoo that I don’t plan on using for anything:

Back in the sleepy town of Riverside, California, weeks go by between mentions of Pulse. Discussions of news fatigue crowd already packed Facebook feeds. How can we balance remembering Pulse and still find time to follow seemingly never-ending stories of government corruption, civil rights violations against indigenous people in Dakota, Russian intervention in the presidential election, African American men, women, and children murdered by an increasingly militarized police force, the defunding of Planned Parenthood, novel voter suppression tactics, violence against transgender men and women who dare to use public restrooms, and so on? How can we remember the past, when every day the future feels more obscure and volatile than ever?

I have not seen a single Pulse t-shirt in Riverside. There are no murals with rainbows or doves representing the 49 victims, no #OrlandoStrong bumper stickers. When I moved across the country, I imagined it would be a relief to not be constantly reminded of the shooting, but I did not imagine that talk of it would completely die.

At a Middle Eastern restaurant, a waitress recently pointed out the heartbeat tattoo on my wrist. “Does it mean anything?” she asked, making pleasant small-talk. She had a tattoo of a square on her index finger and she was interested in knowing if mine hurt.

I thought about telling her. It’s a heartbeat. A pulse. I got it in the days after the shooting so that I wouldn’t go a day without remembering.

She looked like she may have been in her 20s, tired but strong enough to do this for a few more hours. The restaurant was congested. A belly dancer was shaking her hips between the tables, and a father at a nearby table egged his toddler daughter to go dance with her.

The waitress waited for my answer, her pen on her pad like a therapist. I could have, like so many other times when I decided to be honest about the tattoo, ruined her night, or at least made her momentarily uncomfortable. But there is a fine line between remembering tragedy on your own terms and springing it on an unsuspecting stranger.

“It’s just a squiggly line,” I told her, shrugging my shoulders.

Riverside may not remember Pulse, but it has plenty of scars of its own to confront.

My first week in the city, scoping out my new school, I found myself passing through a tunnel that leads to campus. Painted on its walls is a mural. There are black scientists, brown bodies frozen in yoga poses, indigenous and white children playing with baskets. I stared blankly at a life-size depiction of an Asian man in a laboratory coat holding a glass vial, wondering who he was and what he did to warrant being remembered. The mural had long ago been neglected. When I stepped closer, I could see cracks in the paint near his face like wrinkles. 

In Orlando: The 49 doves painted on the wall of an Einstein Bagels, the hands spelling out the word love in sign language on a pizza shop downtown, the rainbow section at the Orlando City Soccer stadium. Long after we remember Pulse, is that all that will be left of us, too? Those who lived will remember the dead, and when we die and there is no one to look after our murals, then, at last, will we be done with this mess of remembering and finally free?

“What about your square?” I asked.

The waitress finished jotting something down on her pad, then looked up at me and smiled.

“Oh, it’s just a square,” she said. “It doesn’t mean anything either.”

The belly dancer spun the little girl in circles. Mimicking the older woman, she pressed her small hands on her hips and shook them from side to side while her father gave her a thumbs up. The song ended and they both took a bow. For a moment, the restaurant erupted into applause, the belly dancer blushing in the limelight. She walked the little girl to her family and deposited her into her father’s arms. I looked back down at my tattoo, the ink already fading in places where my friend didn’t stick the needle deep enough. One-by-one, the clapping dropped away and we all turned our attention back to our tables.

I am nervous because I have probably one of the strangest essays I’ve ever written coming out on the anniversary. An essay I worked on at the graduate school that I get to go to because I didn’t end up going to the bar that night. An essay that marks the first piece of writing I’m getting a real check from (not $13 for an interview, not $20 for a book review). I’m nervous because I feel guilty succeeding but also have an immense pressure to. Even as a queer, brown, Latinx person from Orlando, I sometimes ask myself, “Who are you to tell this story?” 

I’m nervous because I don’t want to have to keep talking about it, but who else is going to keep that place alive? 

I don’t have a lot of pictures from Pulse, but these two are my favorite:

When I was 18. This was probably my first or second time there. I had to sneak out of my bedroom window to get into my friend Jose’s car because, duh, my mom wouldn’t have let me go. Jose was a drag queen–and in retrospect, kind of a bad one. He had one dress and used his real eyebrows. But he got me in for free. I was obsessed with Myspace fame at the time, and because I wanted to look like the kind of person who went to bars, I had him stop in the middle of the dance floor and take pictures of me looking cool and distant, too busy to look into the lens or reflect on my own eyebrow journey. 

A few years later, I finally found the lens. But by then I had already lost my dang mind. 

How you dare coming back? Part 4

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Featuring: the Avengers team

Words: 2395

Warning: I kind of cried while writing it… So fluff and a lot of cheesy moments

Tags: @ethereal-quiescent-meek

Request: requested by @ethereal-quiescent-meek:

“Hi could I get #16 with Tony please :)”

Note: (Y/F/N) stands for Your Full Name. And this is the last part so I hope you like it! I may have teared up a little while writing it so sorry if it’s too chesy haha

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PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3

“I can’t believe you agreed! This is so great!” Natasha said excited.

She was helping you to get ready for your date with Tony and you swore you had never seen her so excited about anything. Meanwhile, you were just trying to control your nerves. You didn’t know what to expect from that date, you didn’t know how exactly you felt or what you wanted and, of course, you had no idea what was going on inside of Tony’s head.

“He just…he’s trying to make it up for the time we lost, I guess” you sighed and looked at her. “As friends”, you added as soon as you saw her smirk.

“Is that what you keep on telling yourself to stay calm?” She said.

“You’re a bitch” you snapped making her laugh.

“C’mon! Everyone can see that you are still head over heels for each other” she said getting up to zip your dress up. “Even Lizzie can see it and she’s just three”, she added.

“What?” You didn’t know what she meant by that. Lizzie had never said anything about you and Tony.

“She gave this to me yesterday”, Natasha said taking a folded piece of paper from her back pocket.

You looked at her for a moment before taking the paper and opened it. It was a drawing made for Lizzie, which was obvious. There was Steve, Bucky with his metal arm, Bruce with his laboratory coat, Natasha, Thor with his hammer and, at the end, there were you and Tony. You realised she had drawn you holding hands and with a big heart above your heads.

“Your daughter is not an idiot, (Y/N)”, Natasha stated taking the paper from your hands. “You look great, he’s going to be drooling all over the place as soon as he sees you”, she winked at you before leaving the room.

You looked at you reflection in the mirror once again. You were wearing Tony’s favourite dress. It was a red and white dress, mid-length that fitted your body perfectly. The last time you used it was three years ago so it surprised you that it still fit you. Looking at the clock you saw that you were almost late and you still had to tuck Lizzie in before you left. So you applied quickly some subtle make up before taking your purse and walking out of the room towards Lizzie’s.

When you were about to walk in, the door opened and Tony came out of it. He was wearing a black suit with a red tie. Biting your lip, you looked down when your eyes met.

“I…I came to tuck Lizzie in” you mumbled.

“Me too. She… is almost asleep so…” he took a step back so you could walk in. “I’ll be downstairs”, he told you when you opened the door. “You look beautiful, by the way”

You turned to look at him when he said that but he was already walking down the aisle to the elevator. A stupid smile appeared in your lips and a blush covered your cheeks as you walked in your daughter’s room.

“Mummy?” Lizzie’s voice was sleepy when you sat on her bed.

“Shhh…sleep, sweetheart”, you said stroking her hair slowly. “Mummy is going out tonight, ok? But Aunt Natasha and Uncle Stevie will be here if you need anything”, you told her.

“Are you going with dad?” She asked.

“Yes” you chuckled. “Now sleep. It’s already late. I love you”, you said kissing her temple softly.

“I love you too”, she mumbled but she was almost sleep already.

Silently, you walked out of the room and closed the door before heading to the living room where Tony would be waiting for you. As soon as you stepped out of the elevator, you stopped on your tracks when you looked around. The lights were down, candles were all around, making a path towards Tony who was waiting for you with a bucked of roses in front of the elevator. When you recognised the song playing on the background you teared up a little. “Vivo per Lei” de Andrea Bocelli. It wasn’t just your favourite song of all time, it was also your song. He remembered. Slowly, you walked towards him, feeling more nervous than ever before in front of him.

“These are for you”, he said handing you the flowers.

“Are beautiful”, you smiled at him as you took him and smelled them. “Thank you”, you said and looked around. “What’s this?” You smiled even more.

“I’m trying to make it right for once and I thought this would be a good start”, he said.

“It’s a great start”, you told him before kissing his cheek softly. “I’m going to put these in water and we can go”, you added.

“Don’t need to”, Bruce said suddenly coming out of the kitchen. He took the flowers from your hand and disappeared again in the kitchen.

“I needed some help” Tony chuckled. “Shall we?” He said when the elevator’s door opened.

“Sure” you said.

You had no idea what he had prepared and you were really curious but you didn’t want to spoil yourself so you just let him surprise you. And he did. First of all, he took you to have dinner in Central Park, on the bridge when you two first met. And it was the best dinner ever. It wasn’t fancy. You just had a sandwich while you were leaned against the bridge, like you did all those years ago.

“This is where we met” you told him with a smile.

“I know” he smiled at you. “And these are the same sandwiches we had that day” he added pointing at your sandwich.

“You appeared here out of nowhere with your iron suit. I didn’t know what was going on” you laughed shaking your head.

“And you tried to throw me off the bridge because you thought I was a terrorist”, he added making you both laugh. “I was just testing the suit for the first time and it still was a bit tricky”, he said with a sigh.

“So I bought you that sandwich to say sorry” you smiled. “We ate it here as people looked at you like you were some kind of freak”, you remembered looking down at the water.

With a sigh you looked at him. It was crazy how much things had changed ever since. You had grown up and you even had the most beautiful daughter ever. You looked down at the lake again, feeling so confused at the moment. Now that you were alone it was most obvious than ever that you still loved him, and that he still loved you, but how could you just go back to how it used to be?

“Remember our first date?” He asked out of the blue.

“Of course”, you laughed. “Rockefeller Center. Broken wrist for you” you said shaking your head as you looked at him.

He took two pieces of paper from his pocket and showed them to you. Tickets to skate at the Rockefeller Center that same night. Biting your lip, you looked at him as you smiled even more.

“No broken bones this time”, he said.

“Deal”, you agreed.

“Are you sure is not broken?” You asked him holding your laugh.

You two had been skating for an hour without any incident. It had been great. He had been holding your hand the whole time and just fooling around as you two took photos. But just when you were about to leave the rink, he fell down making you laugh your ass out.

“Very funny” he said sarcastic as he rubbed his damaged bum.

“It was funny, indeed”, you said sticking your tongue out.

“Are you mocking me?” He asked narrowing his eyes.

“Maybe” you smirked at him.

The nervousness had completely erased and you two were completely comfortable around each other, making jokes and laughing like you used to do when everything started. With a sigh you looked down as you remembered everything that you had gone through. You two had some fights but you had so many good memories and this date was just making them coming back to you.

“You know what else happened this day?” He asked you when you gave the skates back. “At the hospital room”, he added. You smiled and nodded.

“You kissed me”, you said.

“Exactly”, he nodded.

Without any warning, he took a step towards you, placing a hand on your cheek as he looked deeply into your eyes, making you nervous all over again. Secretly, you had been waiting for this since the moment he showed up at your apartment a month ago. He looked at you for a moment but you decided to close the space between your mouths and kissed him slowly at first, but as soon as he pulled you closer by your hips, the kiss heated up.

“We still have one more stop” he whispered against your lips.

“Really?” You said looking at him. He nodded with a small smile and took your hand. “Well, if you’re trying to recreate our history, you took me to Paris on our second date”, you smirked.

“We don’t have time for that but I’ll keep it in mind”, he winked at you. “We are going to our fourth date”, was the only thing he told you.

The fourth? If you remembered correctly, that was the Empire State building. He was shocked when you told him that you had never been to the top after living in New York for ten years so he took you there on a date and actually that was the day you two started going out as a couple. The thought made your stomach twist.

It didn’t surprise you when the security guy allowed Tony to go in and up even when it had been closed to the public for hours now. It was Tony Stark after all. While you were in the elevator he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and kissed your head but none of you said a thing. Probably you weren’t the only one nervous at that moment.

“It’s chilly here” you said wrapping your arms around yourself.

“Here”, he said taking off his jacket and putting it around your shoulders.

“Thanks” you smiled at him before you looked around.

The view would always take your breath away. New York was a wonderful city, full of magic and light and you could really feel the vibe from up there. It was like being on the top of the world. With a sigh you turned to look at Tony expecting to see him looking at the city but, instead, he was looking at you.

“You know when I first met you I thought you were crazy”, he said making you chuckle. You deserved that. “But as we got to know each other I kind of started thinking that you could be the one, the mother of my daughter”, you bite your lip and looked down but when he kept on talking you looked up. “That’s why I asked you to be girlfriend here, on the top of the world. Somehow I wanted you to have the world since you had become my world”, he shrugged. “You gave me the best years of my life, I swear I had never been happier than when I was with you. Waking up next to you every day, seeing you making breakfast, how you would always have a reply for my sarcasm… it was you. That’s why I bought this…” he took a black velvet box from his pocket making you gasp silently.

“Tony…” you mumbled but he stopped you lifting a hand.

“Then everything went to hell. I screwed it up, like I have always done with the people and things I love. I lost you for three years, three years of living hell, of thinking about you, of missing you, of misery” he said looking down at the box. “And you appeared again, out of nowhere and giving me the best present someone could ever give me: Lizzie”, you smiled a little. “And once again you proved me wrong. I thought I couldn’t love anyone more than you” you chuckled and crossed your arms biting your lip, fighting the tears back. “And you were back to me, I had you and at the same time I didn’t but all those feelings were back and stronger than ever, making me see that you really were, are and will be the one for me. You’re literally the mother of my daughter, I love you. I’ve always loved you and after all this time I’m sick of losing time so…” he kneeled in front of you, making your tears come down your face as he opened the box, revealing the most beautiful engagement ring you had ever seen. “(Y/F/N)…will you marry me?”

It was already morning when you and Tony came back to the tower. You had spent the night literally walking around the city, recovering the time you had lost and talking about everything that happened during the years you had been apart. None of you had been with anyone else, even when you had try it but it had been impossible.

When you went back home, everyone was already up, even Lizzie was watching cartoons while she ate breakfast.

“Mummy!” She exclaimed when you two came out of the elevator.

Everyone’s eyes went to your entwined hands and Natasha gasped as she saw the ring blighting on your finger. You bended down and picked Lizzie up.

“Are you…?” Steve asked.

“We are” Tony smiled widely after he kissed Lizzie’s head.

“Are you what?” Lizzie said looking at the two of you with curious eyes. “Are you boyfriends?” She asked making you laugh but nodded. She clapped happily and then her eyes opened widely. “Are you going to be married?” She asked.

You laughed out loud along with Tony and hugged her tight. She was as clever as her father.

“We are”, you said with a huge smile.

She smiled a hugged you tight as Tony rubbed her back. You looked around to see everyone looking at you, some tearing up and some just looking at you with happiness. This was your family and this was how everything was supposed to be.

who knows what might’ve been

DigiOTPWeek Day 10: College AU

Word Count: 1192

Pairing: Ishida Yamato/Takenouchi Sora, with a slight twist. 

Thank you to @meliia2 for reminding me of this particular AU idea that I had a while back.

It took a few years of teaching before she discovered it, but Sora’s favorite place to grade assignments (when she needed a change from her usual office) was a co-working space with big open seating, good snacks, and lots of available outlets. She preferred to come in on early weekend mornings: her mind seemed to fire best in those first few hours after dawn, and there was a slimmer chance of coincidentally seeing one of her students.

Today, Sora had the luxury of getting her preferred spot at a window table. She took a moment to enjoy her tea before settling in to read the first paper of the day. She had just gotten uncapped her favorite red pen to start writing her notes when the door swung open.

“Professor Takenouchi?”

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Challenge: Mind Reader
User: dahliadenoire
Rating: sfw
Summary: Welcome to Abyss Laboratories! If you’re interested to become a test subject just let a test associate know. We’ll just disassemble your body, take some organs, put defective ones in, then put you back together. And we’ll scoop out some tumors, maybe. (Human Experiments AU)
Title: We’re The Only Ones Who Know

On desolate ground reared a stubby white twenty-storey building with the words ABYSS SCIENCE, INC. in shiny embossed steel, along with its company’s motto in smaller letters, “We do what we must because we can.”

Makoto had never seen so much white in his life. The wide-spaced room seemed to hurt his eyes as soon as he stepped in, like an infinite light slowly suffocating him. The air didn’t do much as it was too cold, even though it was a week before June. The harsh lighting and refractions created a blinding ambience as Makoto took in his surroundings.

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Baldwin Recipe Efficiency

From most to least efficient (XP/min):

  1. 2.36 XP/min - poison, toxin (level 10)
  2. 1.25 XP/min - venom rogue apparel (level 10)
  3. 1.21 XP/min - juvenile starsweeper, lesser wisp (level 9)
  4. 1.2 XP/min - sizzling phosphorous (level 3)
  5. 1.195 XP/min - mantles (level 9)
  6. 1.194 XP/min - irradiated alchemical reduction (level 8)
  7. 1.07 XP/min - waveskimmers (level 8)
  8. 1.03 XP/min - plague doctor masks (level 8)
  9. 1 XP/min - coarse alchemical reduction (level 2), skinks (level 7)
  10. .973 XP/min - lab coats, rubber laboratory gloves (level 7)
  11. .972 XP/min - cuffs (level 6)
  12. .944 XP/min - amulets (level 6)
  13. .917 XP/min - earrings (level 6)
  14. .88 XP/min - eyewear, goggles, plum wooly apparel (level 5)
  15. .87 XP/min - orange wooly apparel (level 4)
  16. .83 XP/min - plumed anticipate (level 4)
  17. .8 XP/min - five festival currency (level 2, festival only)
  18. .764 XP/min - twenty festival currency (level 3, festival only)
  19. .714 XP/min - prismatic meditate (level 4)
  20. .708 XP/min - sentient alloy (level 3)
  21. .69 XP/min - empathic regeneration (level 4)
  22. .64 XP/min - irradiated scratch, silverglow meditate (level 4)
  23. .636 XP/min - residue (level 3)
  24. .625 XP/min - soylent (level 1), two festival currency (level 1, festival only)
  25. .6 XP/min - glowing clawtips (level 2)
  26. .57 XP/min - glass beaker (level 1), one festival currency (level 1, festival only)
  27. .5 XP/min - reducing an item

Sizzling phosphorus is the most efficient recipe you can make until you reach level 9. Irradiated alchemical reductions are also good. Higher level apparel/familiars get you pretty good XP for your time and since they take a while to brew, you can set one brewing just before you go to sleep and let it brew while you’re gone.

+sherlolly because...the flu.

I fell terribly sick over the weekend, but have also been itching to write. Now that I’m a little less medicated and slightly more lucid, I give you this little one-shot. Working on The Admirer still feels a little tedious for now, plus I go back to work tomorrow (cries). Nevertheless, writing this little one cheered me up. And I hope you'll enjoy it too. x



It had started with a pair of kidneys. He had accidentally flambéed the pair he had taken from Bart’s, courtesy of Molly. He needed another pair, just to test another mad theory of his. He was determined not to cause any fires this time. However, after a quick call to Bart’s, he was informed that Molly had called in sick and had not been in to work for three days. 

“Three days?” he repeated incredulously. 

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Chemical reaction

Pairing :Gray x Juvia


Genre:Romance, Humour

Summary :you are my partner in the science lab and how the fuck did you explode that beaker

a/n: it’s been awhile since I’ve written something (basically I was too lazy to type) I am not much happy with how does fic turned out to be but here you go. Leave a comment or two if you can, it will really make me happy.


”Okay class, take your samples and test tube and begin the experiment with your partner.You have exactly 1 hour to complete and show me the results.“ the teacher declared and sat down to correct the remaining piles of exam copies lying on her desk,with an exasperated sigh.

Meanwhile, Gray Fullbuster was cursing his fate, because he had Ms.Juvia Lockser as his science lab partner ( and she apparently had a vice like grip on his arm?!!) Also her pretty face wasn’t helping the situation.
Natsu’s endless blather about his stupid blue cat behind him made it ten times worse.

“Juvia, we are supposed to begin our experiments” he said wearily, trying hard not to glance at her.( he absolutely disnt want his concentration to get all disgruntled)!

“Yes Gray!” She jumped up in excitement, still not leaving his arm. By the way, did he mention that her smile was really dazzling, and her azure hair flowed down just perf—

WHAT WAS HE THINKING?! Gray exclaimed in his mind, and deadpanned"I need my arm for that.“

Juvia looked down, with a confused expression before sheepishly moving away.

After assembling all his stuff, Gray opened his notebook to proceed with his work(their work).

“NO NATSU! Keep that away from me. WHAT ARE YOU EVEN—DON’T BURN ME!!” Lucy shrieked and Gray furrowed his eyebrows. This was physically and mentally draining. First he had been partnered with this adorable girl who harboured a huge crush for him( he dared to think that he might be liking her a little bit too. But only a little bit, mind you.)

And Natsu’s affinity for pyrotechnics was definitely going to bring the apocalypse one fine day.

Gray glanced at Juvia who was suddenly very engrossed with her work. A strand of her blue hair fell across her face and she tried to blow it away, and subconsciously Gray reached out to tuck it behind her ear. Juvia stopped dead in her track, before turning a bright shade of crimson. If she wasn’t holding the alchohol in her hands, then she wouldve definitely hid her face with them.

“Um…you had…well…hair…it was distracting me…I mean, not me..but…well never mind” an equally flustered gray stuttered.

See?! That’s why he didnt wish to be partnered with this girl!

Gray noticed how her soft, slender fingera worked carefully with the apparatus, smoothly and so ever delicately. He couldn’t help but notice how beautiful her eyes were. How clear, how blue they were. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He was going mad. And it would get worse if he just sat there watching Juvia work. The vision of Juvia working with all the chemicals appeared incredibly sexy to him, he didnt know why.

So that’s why he snatched the alchohol filled test tube from her muttering “ill do it” and started heating it.

And then he was bombarded with Juvias million questions.

“Does Gray drink alchohol?” She asked.

“Of course I do” he murmured

“Will Gray Sama join Juvia at the bar tonight for a drink?”

“Sure why not—wait, what?” He looked up stupidly.

“Gray said yes! Its a date!”

“I wasn't—GODDAMMIT.” He growled, beforw returning to his work ( but he inwardly smiled thinking how opportunistic and sneaky Juvia was)

“Ms. Lockser? Are you at all doing some work? Or is Mr.Fullbuster doing everything?” The teacher called out.

“Shit. Here, take the acid. Work.” Gray handed her the stuff.

“Juvia wanted Gray to do this part. She doesn’t like acid.”

“C'mon Juvia, the teacher is watching us, do something.“he groaned in frustrated, while the teacher gave suspicious looks from the table.

“But how.”

“Don’t ‘but how’ me! Teacher taught us last class how to work with acid! What were you learning?”

“Well Juvia learnt how Gray keeps darting his eyes across the room when the teacher talks too much, how he dislikes wearing the laboratory coat, how flushed he gets while working with chlorin—”

“OH GOD.” He face palmed.“ I don’t need to hear that.”

“ But Ju—”

“Take the concentrated sulphuric acid and add it drop by drop into the sample in the beaker.”

“Can Juvia dilute it?”

“No. It says ‘use concentrated’.”


“Gray was ready to fly off in hysterics. Why was this girl so damn stubborn and adorable at the same time?!

Well that’s it. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So when Juvia was struggling with the struggling with the beaker, the sample, the test tube holder, the acid and her wandering thoughts, gray went close to her ear AMD whispered in a husky, sultry voice,
“But I think ‘chemistry’ is really important.”(pun intented)

With an “eep” Juvias hand slipped and accidentally instead of adding sulphuric acid drop by drop, she emtied the whole container into the beaker, and Gray barely managed to say “HOLY SHIT” before the beaker burst, showering its overreacted contents on the table and theit clothes ( and Gray cursed in agony because his new wristwatch was reacting with sulphuric acid at that moment) and Natsu let out a small “What the fuck” from behind him.

Juvia was standind stoic like a statue, her eyes wide open. The teacher came running and pushed Grays hand under the tap(thank god for the gloves or his hand wouldve been poached) and his sad wristwatch lay on the table like a muddled up mess.

“That was quite a chemical reaction, Gray” Cana snickered from the last bench, Laxus trying to stop her from drinking ethyl alchohol as a distraught Gray furiously tried to calm down a weeping Juvia, all the time yelling “How the fuck did you manage to explode the beaker?!”
A/n:meh. I’m sorry if you couldn’t understand some scientific terms(I’m a science student lol) and I’m sorry if this fanfic turned out to be trash, but I liked the prompt a lot and Tumblr is filled with stupid stuff so I decided why not join the stupidity.
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