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What a complete shit show. It’s like a scene stolen from Get Out.

NOW can we finally drop kick the Clintons, the DLC and neoliberalism out of the Democratic Party? Can we at least stop pretending that they’re progressives, instead of neoliberals with a “benevolent” plantation owner mentality?

If you haven’t already seen it, now is probably a very very good time to watch 13th, a documentary about how prison labor is legalized slavery.

Bill Clinton was bad enough for Black people: Think about all the harmful anti-Black legislation he actively supported, like the Crime Bill of 1994 (mass incarceration), TANF (gutted welfare), how he signed legislation that blocked Pell Grants from going to prisoners seeking education, to how he blocked parents with drug arrest records from receiving food and housing assistance.

And now remember Hillary’s racist super predators speech (who needed to be “brought to heel” like animals), and how it took her 20 years to give a tepid non-apology, and how she literally had to be BEGGED to stop taking money from the private prison industry. The Clintons are foul.

YES, we still need to get rid of Donald Trump. No one is losing sight of that. But we can chew gum and walk at the same time. To beat Trump by wide margins we need actual progressives in 2018 and 2020. Not Third Way “moderates”. Not centrists. We need—we demand—progressives. By now it should be painfully clear that we can do better than Bill or Hillary Clinton. They are a political gift to Republicans and a liability to progressives. Any political influence that the Clintons hold over the Democratic Party needs to be completely rejected and eliminated. And that includes revamping or eliminating the rigged Super Delegate system.


The people who worked for Trump’s labor secretary pick are in the streets opposing him

  • In 24 cities on Monday, fast food workers took to the streets, hung banners from the tops of buildings and even shut down a corporate office in St. Louis. 
  • They had one simple goal: to stop Trump from making fast food CEO Andrew Puzder the top government official for protecting workers’ rights.
  • Puzder serves as the CEO of CKE Restaurants, the umbrella company that owns Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. burger chains.
  • Less than a month ago, cooks and cashiers filed 33 legal complaints against CKE. One complaint says that the company surveilled employees and sent out intimidating memos warning them not to speak to the press. 
  • One woman fought off advances from a manager who, after he was rejected, allegedly told her, “If you don’t start giving me what I want, I’m going to have to start taking it from you.” Read more (2/13/17 8:12 PM)
Why Hollywood’s writers are on the verge of a strike — and what it could mean for the industry
By Alissa Wilkinson

In a nutshell:

– Writers get paid by the episode and most TV shows have gone from 22 episodes a year to 10.

– Production companies/studios want writers to work exclusively on one series for the duration of the series, meaning a writer on hiatus from 10-episode Series A isn’t allowed to write for 10-episode Series B.

– Writers could once count on residuals from syndicated broadcast re-runs of episodes they wrote to supplement their income, but ratings for syndicated broadcast shows are down. Meanwhile, residuals from streamed views of episodes are substantially smaller than those from broadcast TV.

– The WGA’s health plan is running a huge deficit and is about to implode. Since the Big Six studios (Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and Warner Bros. Pictures) have seen record profits over the last 10 years, the WGA wants them (and the other 344 production companies and studios that make up the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) to pay more into the plan.

The strike is slated to start May 2nd if an agreement can’t be reached. It will not only delay the Fall 2017 TV season but affect Saturday Night Live and all late night TV shows immediately, as well as sideline production crews.

Chicago Police open fire on striking steel workers and their families killing 10 and wounding around 100. Anarchist Dorothy Day, who was present at the March and massacre, is quoted “On Memorial Day, May 30, 1937, police opened fire on a parade of striking steel workers and their families at the gate of the Republic Steel Company, in South Chicago. Fifty people were shot, of whom 10 later died; 100 others were beaten with clubs.”


Immigrant labor is more important now than ever

  • On Monday, tens of thousands were expected to walk out of their jobs and take to the streets for a national Day Without Immigrants strike. 
  • The strike was predicted by organizers to be the largest single-day labor strike in over a decade.
  • The message of Monday’s protest was simple: Immigrants power the U.S. economy, and America needs them now more than ever. Experts couldn’t agree more.
  • “All net job growth is coming from new businesses, and native-born Americans are becoming less entrepreneurial while new immigrants are picking up the slack,” Jeremy Robbins, executive director for New American Economy, a bipartisan organization devoted to highlighting the economic benefits of immigration reform, said in an interview. 
  • “Last year, even though immigrants were 13% of the population, they started 20% of new businesses, and that’s a huge thing.”
  • According to Robbins, new businesses created by immigrants are key to net job growth in America, which ends up benefiting native-born Americans economic prospects. Read more (5/1/17)
But in its blind unrestrainable passion, its were-wolf hunger for surplus-labour, capital oversteps not only the moral, but even the merely physical maximum bounds of the working-day. It usurps the time for growth, development, and healthy maintenance of the body. It steals the time required for the consumption of fresh air and sunlight. It higgles over a meal-time, incorporating it where possible with the process of production itself, so that food is given to the labourer as to a mere means of production, as coal is supplied to the boiler, grease and oil to the machinery. It reduces the sound sleep needed for the restoration, reparation, refreshment of the bodily powers to just so many hours of torpor as the revival of an organism, absolutely exhausted, renders essential.
—  Marx - Capital Vol 1 Ch.10 1867

update on British politics for those who might be interested and confused
Theresa May called for this election because she was SO sure the conservatives would get a majority vote. she wanted to actually be voted in as PM because she just kinda turned up when none of us really knew who she was.
in a shocking turn of events lots of young people actually turned up this time and voted for old man jezza (labor, Jeremy Corbyn)
Laoubr didn’t actually win, but we still smashed the torys because we took away the majority they thought they were getting
they ended up LOSING seats instead of gaining them and just secured Jeremy’s position as labor leader
we now have a hung government because no one really won and no one really knows what to do now
no one secured the majority, so a victory that close isn’t really a victory
you need a majority vote to really win in a way that counts and looks good
so when you see labor supporters partying and cheering even though we lost
its because we didn’t really lose
May will be HEAVILY pressured to resign now
and the Queen actually has the power to tell her to fucking do one when they meet up today but that’s unlikely
Corbyn still has a chance at being PM and the conservatives shot themselves in the foot
let’s all laugh at them together

How do you justify this shit. How do you make excuses. Hillary could have stopped the use of prison labor, hell, even if you insist that Bill was the only one who could have, she could have just said “end this or we are not living together” or even threatened to leave him if he didn’t end it. That’s what someone with principles would have done, what someone who actually viewed this for the gross injustice and morally abhorrent, retrograde racist system it is would have done.

Hillary Clinton didn’t. And that says more about her than you want to accept.