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“it’s a bit impossible to forget about the boy who traces the constellations in the sky“ 

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Dog Biscuit Day

Note: This was written for @txf-fic-chicks birthday fic contest for @piecesofscully . Just a cute idea I had. All fluff, no angst. Contains red, London, & cake. I have an idea for a sequel, since I had to cut at least 400 words out of this. lol

      Title:     Dog Biscuit Day
      Author: @arcadianpetriedish
      Words:  2499 (not including title)
      Theme:  Birthdays, Celebrations
      Rating:   R 
     Spoilers: My Struggle II

                Fox Mulder stood at the discount table of a bookstore, a clearance-priced “365 Crazy Holidays” day calendar in his hands, and an elaborate idea in his mind.

                 The shrink wrap had been torn off long ago, so Mulder could flip through the entire calendar.  Several of the days couldn’t possibly be real.  Talk like a Grizzled Prospector Day?  Mulder rolled his eyes and continued to flip.  His eyes narrowed at January 11th – Cigarettes are Hazardous to Your Health Day.  Cigarette smokers are hazardous to my health, he thought.

                 January 12th – Kiss a Ginger Day.  Mulder grinned.  NOW we’re talking.  Had he known, he would have definitely welcomed the opportunity to celebrate with his favorite ginger.

                 February 22nd – The day old Smokey tried to poison the world.  He looked at the holiday.  That bastard pulled that shit on National Margarita Day??  Mulder was belatedly outraged as he flipped to the next day.  February 23rd – National Dog Biscuit Day.  Daggoo would be down to celebrate that day.  He’d love to make up for lost time if Scully let him.  Mulder’s brain slammed to a halt.

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Arkansas KKK members are planning a Labor Day rally — complete with a nursery for kids.

An Arkansas chapter of the Ku Klux Klan recently announced it will be hosting a multi-day rally filled with “fellowship, instruction, motivation [and] FUN” during Labor Day weekend. The event will include folk dancing, Bible study and cross burnings. To make it family-friendly, the Knights have urged attendees to bring their kids, even promising to operate a “very small nursery” for infants and toddlers. “Your children are the target!” the event website reads.