labor day rules

It’s like, people these days are just so not fashion conscious. And I’m not talking about the “wearing white after labor day” rule, because no one follows that. But some of y'all still be wearing UGGs with your short shorts and I’m not here for it. Like, did you even look in a mirror? Cause you need to look again. Shit. It’s 2014, bitch. Dress like it.

bearsatan  asked:

Been following you guys for years and love the blog! Now that it's after Labor Day, white isn't supposed to be worn for some reason. Are there any similar "rules" of style for menswear you feel like should be adhered to or that should be retired and why? Also, say someone isn't particularly stylish but would like to start dressing better...what do you feel is a good entry point for a ratty-t-shirt-and-jeans kind of dude without a huge clothes budget to start classing things up?

The no-whites after labor day rule has been ignored by both the fashion world and everyone else in general for a while now. In the past, it had to do with class and wearing white was a functional way for folks to stay cool in the Summer. We’re dawning on the age of season-less clothing so no need to pay too much attention to the “rules” out there. 

A ratty t-shirt-and-jeans look is actually a great start (you have brands like Alexander Wang and Rag and Bone that spend much time and energy trying to perfect the ratty t-shirt). After a classic base wardrobe, I would start delving into vintage items since they’re budget-friendly. Think leather jackets, vintage tees and flannels. Once you experiment a bit, you’ll get a feel towards the items that make you feel good in your skin. Notice those items and build on them. Hope that helps!