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(m)- mature (f)- fluff (a)- angst

A little experimentation is always good for the mind… and the body

Req: hii, please could i request kinky jungkook smut? hehe thankyou! ^^

Req: Can I request a smut with Kinky sex with any of the members. Handcuffs, toys, the works. Thank you:)

He circles me like a hungry predator, my naked, twitching form fully displayed for his attentive eyes, dilated with power and raw with lust. “Tell me what you did.” His voice is deep and rough, reverberating somewhere deep inside of my ribcage.

Looking at the floor, I take my lip between my teeth, my hair falling to cover my red cheeks and downcast glance as I whisper: “I wasn’t listening…”

“Wasn’t listening to who?” Jungkook seethes, taking immense pleasure in watching me shift on my feet, rubbing my thighs together. I toe my shed clothes carefully, taking the lace of my panties in their grip and feeling the thin fabric rub between my feet as I swallow. Jungkook stops in my front peripheral, eyeing me with utmost interest and cocking his head, waiting for an answer.

I avert his gaze entirely when he bends down, getting right below me and chasing my vision with his until I am forced to make eye contact. “You.” I squeak, the black in his eyes swallowing me whole.

“Who am I?”

Who is he

He’s Jeon Jungkook. The boy who’s laughing one minute and pinning me on my back in the next. The guy who doesn’t do the dishes like he’s supposed to but finds ways to ‘make up for it later.’ That one person you pass on the street that looks like he has more swag in one toenail than you’ve had in your life. The man that drives me crazy. The man that gets me wetter than a slip’n’slide. The guy that is so undeniably attractive that he’s better at turning boys than he is pancakes.

“Mine.” I say firmly. “You are mine.”

He clucks his tongue and shakes his head at me sadly, as if I didn’t give him the correct answer to an elementary question. “Oh, Kitten.” He wets his lips, the pink of his tongue sending a hot flash through me. He slowly rises from his squatting position, the muscle in his thigh bulging through the material of his joggers. “Let’s get one thing straight: You are mine and you should know by now that if I tell you to do something,” he gets closer until there is barely an inch of space to measure between us, taking my chin roughly between his very capable hands and forcing me to look at him. “That means you do it or there will be consequences and you’ll get punished.”

I release a short puff of breath, eyes wandering from his lips to his nose and finally back to his dark eyes as I work up the courage to ask: “What if I want to be punished?”

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Show Me? ((Luke Smut))

Request: Can u do an imagine where you’re best friends and he teaches you how to play his instrument and then all of a sudden you’re in his bed and asfjxzc (preferably luke or ashton bc I love their instruments)

WC: 2279

A/N: first submission on here, let me know what you think! x Jessica


“This is hopeless, Luke,” you groaned at your best friend as he chews his lower lip in frustration. 

Luke scooted over closer on the futon in his bedroom and wrapped an arm around your waist. Your skin shivered as his skin brushed over yours in the slightest way. You’d always had a thing for Luke, but he never really saw you in that light. He always had a girlfriend or was interested in someone else, and before long, you had just ended up as ‘one of the bros’. You didn’t mind it until recently, when you felt your feelings for Luke become stronger. 

“Are you alright? Y/N?” He asked, “Are you shaking?” 

“No!” You blurted out, but in reality you are. 

There was just something about being around Luke these days that made your entire body tense. It was definitely nerves, your crush had developed exponentially over the months, now it was hard to even be in the same room with him when all you wanted to do was kiss him. And then there was the other part, a carnal part that you’d never experienced with anyone before. You weren’t a virgin, but still, you’d never wanted someone as badly as you wanted Luke. 

Sometimes when you were hanging out, he’d catch you in a daydream, thighs squirming together, pupils dilated with lust. But he’d punch your shoulder or ask what you thought of a new video game and snap back into reality. You were never going to be his girl. 

“Are you sure?” Luke asked, rubbing your shoulder.

You could feel the roughed calluses on his fingers, and imagined how they would feel on other certain parts of your body. 

You nod, and grasp the guitar tighter in your hand, “I guess I just need more help than I thought.” 

“Here,” Luke took the guitar from your hands and leaned it against the side of the futon, “sit on my lap, I’ll help you a bit more.” 

You gulped, “O-okay.” 

He sensed your hesitation and placed his hands on your hips, lifting you slightly and setting you firmly on his lap. Luke gasped as he settled into position, grinding against his crotch. This put a smirk on your face while you waited for Luke to let out the breath he was holding in.

“Everything alright?” You gloated. 

Luke nodded, picking up the guitar, “Yep, fine, great. Everything is perfect.” 

He placed the guitar on your lap, draping your arm over the body and carefully placing your fingers at chords on the neck, his rough fingertips lingering on yours for more time than necessary. 

Not that you minded, of course.

“Okay, so,” Luke began, and you noticed his voice was slightly higher than usual, his breath a little shaky as he explained the note, “this is an E minor chord, very basic.” 

He released his fingers from yours, placing them on your hips.

“So just strum…” 

You did, and the sound was awful. Terribly out of tune and flat. It didn’t take a music genius to know it was wrong. 

“I told you this was a disaster!” You groaned once again, beginning to stand. 

“Just wait,” Luke stopped you, pulling you down onto his lap, it was now that you realized just as to why his voice had changed. There was a prominent bulge in his jeans, and you couldn’t help but smile at what you had done, “let’s just try it again.” 

You turn your head slightly to face him, his one arm wrapped around your waist while the other clutched the neck of the guitar.

“Show me?” You whispered, your lips lingering just inches from his.

Luke’s eyes flickered to your mouth, as his hand let go of the guitar and clutched your hip, “Y/N, would it go against every rule in our friendship if I kissed you right now?” 

“No,” you replied, shaking your head. 

He brushed your lips once before colliding with them. He grasped your cheek with his hand, closing the space between you. Before long, his tongue parted your lips, and you could taste the sweet mint gum he’d been chewing earlier. 

Feeling uncomfortable from the awkward position, you turned, straddling his lap slowly and making sure to grind up on the growing bulge beneath the denim of his jeans. Luke moaned, sending hundreds of thousands of tiny sparks through your body. You couldn’t believe you were doing this, making him feel this way, having him make you feel this way. 

Luke was the first to break the kiss, his forehead still pressed to yours. His breath was labored, eyes darkened with lust.

“You don’t understand how long I’ve been wanting this,” he said, his lips motioning against yours, eyes fluttering while his hands explored the skin beneath your shirt. 

“Me too,” you confessed, tilting your head to the side while your lips latched to his jaw, moving slowly down his neck. 

“Really?” Luke questioned, “I honestly thought you always had a thing for Ashton.” 

You chuckled, bringing your lips back to his for a reassuring kiss, “No, it’s always been you.” 

Luke hummed, “I like that.” 

His mouth left yours, peppering kisses down your jaw to your neck, to the soft spot behind your ear. You let out a moan and rolled your hips into his. Luke’s grasp only tightens as you realize you both are going to need some serious release soon. 

“Take your shirt off,” you demand, toying with the hem of Luke’s teeshirt. 

He abides, and tugs it off with one pull. You admired his body so much. He was so broad, so manly but still lanky and long. He was perfect to you, in every way.

You scratched your nails lightly down his chest and down to the button and zipper of his jeans. Luke placed a hand on yours to stop you, looking up to catch your eye, “Are you sure?” He questioned. 

You replied by crawling off his lap and onto the floor, spreading his knees apart only enough for you to fit between them. Luke swallowed hard, his hands clenched into fists on the futon cushions at either side of him. You antagonized him a bit, running your hands up and down his clothed thighs while his head tilted back. 

“Y/N please…just…do something,” he pleaded. 

You palmed him through his jeans, undoing the rest of the zipper and pulling his jeans and boxers to just his knees. Amazed at his size, you took him in your hand, pumping him just a few times before letting your mouth do the work. Luke moaned your name as your tongue licked the pinked tip, teasing him a bit before taking the whole of him in your mouth. Now was a good time to be thankful for not having a gag reflux. 

Luke’s fingers threaded through your hair as you bob your head up and down his shaft. You looked up to see his eyes squeezed shut, small beads of sweat forming at his temples. 

“You taste so good baby,” you encouraged, taking a quick break as you watch his chest rise and fall higher and lower with each breath.

You can tell he’s close. His breathing was labored, and he could barely speak your name without a throaty moan getting in the way of the syllables.

“F-fuck I’m so close,” Luke panted, his hands tugging at your hair, strands fisted in his large hand. 

He twitched once and finished. You swallowed like a proper lady, wiping the corners of your mouth before coming back onto the futon. 

“So how was that?” You asked, crawling back onto his lap, feeling his dick pressed against the light fabric of your leggings, as Luke struggled to return to normal.

You rubbed yourself against him, rewarding yourself with at least some type of friction. 

“Amazing,” Luke breathed, capturing your lips in a kiss, “but that’s nothing compared to what I’m going to do to you.” 

“Show me?” You reply, unable to hide the desire in your voice. 

His smirk was deadly

Before you even had a chance to process what was happening, you were laid on Luke’s bed with him completely naked and hovering over you. 

“Now,” he started, “first thing, I think you’re a bit overdressed for the occasion, don’t you think so?” 

You nodded.

Luke slowly unfastened each button of your flannel shirt until he reached the last one. Pushing the fabric over each side, revealing your exposed stomach and bra to him.

“Amazing,” he breathed, “better than all my fantasies.”

His fingers hooked at the hem of your bottoms, pulling them down your pale thighs until they’re met on the floor with his clothes. Luke’s lips fell to the lowest part of your stomach, right above your panty line, kissing and nipping up the center of your body. You could feel yourself getting wetter by the second, unable to hide your need for Luke. 

“Sit up a bit,” he ordered in a soft tone, and you obliged. 

Luke pushed your shirt off your shoulders and unhooked your bra, kissing each part of skin that the fabric has touched. Soon, you’re completely topless beneath him. You don’t feel the least bit exposed, though, not like with other boys. It just feels so right with Luke.

He leaned to his side slightly, resting on his elbow while his free hand palmed southward down your stomach and below your underwear. His finger skimmed across your wet folds and you gasped at the feeling of his cold hands against your heated core. 

“You like that?” He questions, skimming you again, this time with a little more pressure. 

“More, Luke, please,” you cry. 

He accepts, rubbing his finger against your clit in circular motions, while his other hand kneads one of your breasts.

“Oh, fuck,” you moan as he increases his pace on your clit, his callused fingertips creating just the right amount of friction against your soft skin. 

You can feel the build up, that fire starting in the pits of your stomach, crawling out into every part of your body. But you don’t want to release yet. You’ve waited too long for this moment, and you want it to happen with Luke inside of you, making love to you, fucking you. 

Luke switched positions quickly, slipping a slim finger inside of you while continuing to rub your clit with his thumb. The combination was almost unbearable. He managed to find your lips with his, kissing you hard and rough, letting his tongue explore yours and you catch his lip ring between your lips, nipping at the corner of his mouth. 

“Luke stop,” you protested, despite every fiber in your body telling you otherwise, he looked down at you confused, his eyebrow raised, “I want to come with you inside me.”

He smirked and reached over to his nightstand, pulling a condom out of the drawer. You took the foil packet from his fingers and ripped it open, “Let me do the honors.” 

Luke smiled as you pumped him a few times before rolling the condom over the tip of his dick. He kissed the tip of your nose, aligning himself with you entrance. You pulled him to your body even more, kissing him hard as he slipped inside, slowly at first, so your walls had time to adjust to his size. 

His paces started slow, but soon picked up speed. The headboard of his bed beat against the wall with a steady tapping noise that made you wonder if anyone was going to hear the two of you. Not that you cared at this point. Luke rested his forehead against yours, while one hand dug into the skin at his back, the other held his face, his gaze fixated on nothing but you. 

Your bodies clapped together in harmony with the headboard and squeaky box frame. His name spilled over your lips time and time again as he hit your g-spot with every thrust. Luke moaned your name, his teeth chewing hard on his bottom lip as he struggled to keep it together.

“Baby I’m not going to last much longer,” he confessed, his thrusts getting sloppier and sloppier each moment. 

“Just try,” you encourage, “focus on me.” 

You weren’t quite there yet, the fire had ignited but not spread. Luke’s hand snaked between your bodies and to your clit, rubbing it again, timing it with the motion of his thrusts. It was what you needed, and you felt the flames lick your skin and you closed in on your release. 

“Fuck, Luke, right there,” you moaned, your nails leaving crescent shaped marks across his shoulders. 

The room spun as you came closer to your orgasm, the build up was so intense, you thought you might never get your end. Finally it came; Luke finished first, spilling inside of you, thrusting through his high until you reached yours. Your walls clenched tightly around his dick, his fingers still working on your clit even as your body shook with pleasure. 

You laid together for a while, unmoving, and just taking in the feeling of having each other so close; for having everything you’d wanted for so long to finally be reality. You rested your head on his chest as he played with your hair, twirling strands between his fingers while you listened to the sound of his heart beating. 

“How long?” You asked, tracing shapes into his skin with your forefinger. 

“How long what?” Luke replied, his fingers leaving your hair in favor of tracing your spine. 

“How long have you, you know, thought about this?” 

He chuckled, “Too long. What about you, Y/N?” 

You smiled, “Just long enough.” 


Happy to finally present to you folks a trailer for my film No Way Jose. A labor of lust, I co-wrote this with Sarah Kate Levy, directed it, made some songs for it, and licked it. It’s got an exceptional ensemble with some wonderful known and not so known actors – great friends of mine with whom I’ve collaborated on a variety of other projects and other mediums over the years before writing for them. Featuring Ahna O’Reilly, Emily Osment, thepathealy , Brendan Hines, Anna Belknap, and steveagee  making a very special appearance as The Clown). Also featuring some badass titles from number34 and an amazing soundtrack featuring some of my favorite ‘70s era tunes I cleared for the film, but not the trailer.  Coming to a home near you on July 7. You can pre-order the DVD (bonus features, commentary by me, etc)  or watch it on iTunes and other digital outlets in July. Or both. Or neither. It’s your life, you need to do what’s best for you. 

Fic: Filth (Thorki; Explicit)

Loki has a filthy mouth, but two can play that game.

Written for @janedoe876, who has the patience of a saint and asked for Thor and Loki making each other come with just words.
Contains Dirty Talk and Loki being a slut for Thor’s big cock, but what else is new.

On AO3

A whisper cuts sharply through the noisy buzz in the room.

Something about that isn’t right.

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