The Rich Man’s Daughter Drinking Game

Because I know all lesbians are big fans of alcohol.

Take a shot if..

Ama says “Sino ka?”

Dada says “family” or “reputation.”

Amanda says “My daughter is not a lesbian.”

Angkong says “Do what you have to do.”

Paul says “Bakla” or “gay”

Batchi says “ano” or “pogi”

and of course,

JaThea say “lablab”

We tried the game last night, it works.

So basically I’m dead in love with someone I met online. This person probably has the cutest nose, most tantalizing eyes, most voluptuous lips, and prominent cheeks in the world. Has the most gratifying voice, coolest attitude, and greatest personality. You see? I never ever did in my life think that I’ll be falling in love with someone I haven’t seen yet. To others it may sound vacuous and absurd. I don’t know though. I just love this person so much and this human being means a lot to me. ♥


*so* as some of you know, 1. my parents dont let me drive anywhere buuuut…2. i really like going places and 3. i love love love visiting little markets/ethnic groceries

and im really excited to tell u what the items pictured in this post are and where they came from

my parents finally took me to an african grocery!!!! and the lady working there was so nice, she was from africa and some of her customers were too, really friendly bunch of people

i bought some stuff ive never seen before

the cerasee is an herbal tea, containing cerasee leaves, which are supposedly really bitter but something of an overall tonic + blood purifier. theyre used to treat a bunch of different things like diabetes, skin, stomach problems (most bitter herbs are), cancer

the njahi, also called lablab and hyacinth beans, are common in african cuisine (according to the internet) but theyre rather high in cyanide? idk how true that is, some people recommended washing and boiling them in 2-3 changes of water, some people didnt, so idk

and FINALLY shea butter! raw pure shea butter, 5 dollars per tub, imported from ghana

the flowey collection

(undertale spoilers)

understanding flowey/asriel is key to understanding some of the most important events in undertale. however, the game must be played again and again in order to see everything he has to say. to save you the trouble, here is collection of imgur albums filled with screenshots of all dialogue relevant to flowey.

important note: if flowey is killed at the end of the photoshop flowey fight, he will not appear again in subsequent neutral routes, until the very end where he destroys asgore’s soul and steals the humans souls. he will appear again as usual in the neutral route after a true reset or genocide erase.

ruins intro

everytime the game is reset, flowey will greet frisk in the ruins. since he can remember resets, his comments will change according to what has been done in previous routes. the only time he will not remember is after the pacifist route or the genocide route

ruins exit

if toriel’s battle is repeatedly reloaded, flowey will comment depending who lives or dies.

flowey stalking

when backtracking, sometimes flowey can be spotted popping back into the ground.

echo flower

flowey leaves a message on an echo flower impersonating toriel, presumably to unnerve frisk. in the “toriel is alive” message, flowey may be admitting that he thinks toriel has forgotten about him.


further information about flowey/asriel can be found in the sepia art and in certain scenes that include papyrus. the library books in particular are critical to understanding how asriel came to wake up as flowey.

monster tale

the monsters tell the story of asriel and chara’s demise. this is only one side of the story, missing key details that are later filled in by flowey/asriel.

photoshop flowey

flowey taunts frisk (or chara) with dialogue before, during, and after the battle. if frisk dies enough at flowey’s hands, flowey will even accused frisk of dying on purpose and accuse them of being a “sicko.” flowey also taunts frisk about running away if the game is closed before dying.

neutral ends

flowey must be spared in order to trigger these dialogues. “no kills” 2 - 6 can be gotten by repeatedly defeating (and sparing) asgore in a route with no kills. while repeatedly finishing the game is labour intensive, it reveals some of the most important information on flowey and his world view.

true lab

the information on asriel found in the true lab fills in the missing pieces about asriel and chara’s deaths as well as how flowey was brought into existence. considering that flowey manipulates frisk into getting to the true lab in the first place (requesting frisk make friends with undyne and alphys) it seems that flowey was trying to show “chara” what happened to him.

pacifist end

flowey becomes asriel dreemurr, the absolute god of hyperdeath. here he taunts and threatens, but eventually breaks down, admitting all of this was orchestrated because he wasn’t ready to let go of chara.

genocide route

the genocide route provides the last bit of information needed to piece together flowey’s story as well as his motivations. it also reveals flowey’s attachment to chara.

no save file

(these links are in the lists above, but here they are together.)

there are some minor variants if no save file has been created.

neutral: abort genocide

(these links are in the lists above, but here they are together.)

if a genocide route is triggered, but aborted and reset, flowey will refer to frisk as “chara” from then on.

From dapitan to morato to pasig to tagaytay to cavite to pasay. Don’t know what to say puki daming nangyare di ko alam san sisimulan hahahahahahahahaha pero isa lang masasabi ko, SOLID KAYO MAHAL KO NA KAYO SAWARIKOY PERO GAGO KAYO HANGGANG NGAYON KINAKANTA KO YUNG TULOY PA RIN HAHAHAHA PERO MAHAL KO PARIN KAYO HAHA @xyourbeautifuldisaster @barefootxbruised @cm-psycho @faithfuldaw @foureyedmonsteryeah-x @hugoterongmakata @notyourkenji @klershampoo HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SAINYO. TYAKA SYEMPRE YUNG KADADADA DIN @whereisred @kwento-sa-likod-ng-sxlita @sdkulas. Mainggit ka @sisangbuhayniyo hahaha. LABLAB GUYS HAHAHAHAHA NEXT TIME ULIT!!!

twdgislife  asked:

Headcannons for Ian and the reader having a toddler?


  • He has probably researched for all the things regarding taking care of a toddler. So in the beginning it would be rather frustrating for you because you’d be the only one who knows what to do. 
  • “How do I make him stop crying?!” “Hold him and rock him.” “What.” “It’s not rocket science, Ian.” 
  • He’d be very careful in holding the baby until he gets used to the feeling. Afterwards, you’d have to pry the kid off of him; he won’t let go that easily.
  • He always gives him piggy back rides (when the kid gets slightly bigger) and holds him on his shoulders cause your kid loves it. 
  • The type of dad who’d be rather patient when feeding the baby and would use ‘Here comes the airplane’ to get him to open his mouth. He’d only lose his marbles when the baby starts making a mess out of himself and his surroundings—he won’t have any idea what to do at that, so he’ll call you to clean the mess. 
  • Makes sure to tuck the baby in before going to sleep.
  • He adoooores talking to the baby—to the point of frustrating you. He’d tell him the most meaningless of things and he’s the one that tells the story at night. 
  • “Ian, stop trying to make our baby an astronaut…” “But [naaaaame]!”
  • “And you see? This is why we hate Leafy, because he is—“ “Ian!” “…not a nice person.”
  • He’d make the baby laugh with his gay retard accent.
  • He probably loves filming your kid do stupid stuff around the house, so casual-like. 
  • He’d be very proud of the toddler’s first steps and keeps on being very encouraging.
  • Let’s the baby sleep on his chest while watching TV on the couch. You find them both asleep later and make sure to take a couple of pictures.
  • He honestly doesn’t mind if your kid breaks something or starts drawing on the walls. He’d only enjoy your kid’s happiness and cute giggle—that is until you get home. His whole hair will stand on edge when he suddenly hears “IAAAAAAAAAN!!” 
  • He’d be careful to not let the kid put foreign stuff in his mouth. He won’t hear the end of it.
  • His reaction to the baby’s first words is pure happiness and excitement. He’d regret not having his camera on him to film it. 
  • “[name]! Come here, he said his first word!” You’d obviously be rather disappointed that you weren’t there to hear it, but if he was happy, then you were too. “What did he say?” “He said ‘lablab’.” “…That’s not even a word, Ian.” To prove you wrong, he’d Google it. “It is! It’s a tropical Asian plant of the pea family!” “Ian, I highly doubt our child has Asian ancestors or has spent enough time around Joji to know what that is…” 
  • You better keep your kid away from the Rocket team, Max and Joji. Whenever they came over, they’d try to teach your innocent baby naughty words, just to annoy you. The worst part was that the kid loved Ian’s friends to death. Even Ian might join in their quest—after pretending to be an angel in front of you with “George, Max, please don’t use such foul language around my child”. When you’re gone: “Dude, let’s teach him how to say cunt.” 
  • You’d chase them with a wooden spoon afterwards. And ban them from being near your child for less than five feet. 
  • You’d secretly teach your baby to say ‘Daddy’ and he’d be soo happy when he hears that the first word is ‘dad’. Maybe he’d even tear up a bit.
  • For Halloween, you’d be Princess Peach, Ian is Luigi and your kid’s a mushroom. Totally Ian’s idea because he can’t get enough of that costume. 
  • You lowkey adore when your kid so heartily laughs whenever Ian calls out for ‘Meriou’. 
  • Ian would buy your kid loads of toys (or just give him the ones he used in videos). 
  • He surely isn’t the one that wakes up in the middle of the night because your baby’s crying. He’s a very grumpy sleeper so you’ve got no choice, sorry. Unless you’d be really tired from a hard day.
  • Misses sex the most and he knows he can’t do it when the kid might interrupt. You tried once; didn’t end up well.
  • He’d take you on a lot of outdoor trips. 
  • Regarding changing diapers: he’d do it since he did a lot more disgusting stuff than that so he doesn’t mind. But only if you ask him to do so cause he’s too lazy. 
  • Lots of family photos with each important step.
  • He introduces the baby to dogs; the dogs love the kid to death and viceversa. 
  • He does not mind giving the baby baths.

Here’s another Jathea headcanon we can cry about. You can also read it on AO3. It starts when they first move in together in Ep 16. 

Jade reads whatever she can find on the bookshelves at Althea’s place, even though it’s mostly fashion magazines. After four articles on how to please your lover, she gives up (but not before trying #8 on Althea that night). Maybe there’s a use for those magazines after all.

When they move in with Batchi and later, Wila, a slow and gradual collection of books starts to accumulate. Althea repeatedly trips on them and struggles to glare at Jade for being messy (and a Senorita). Wila is much less civil and loudly whines about not being a cleaning lady for an heiress.

As Miggy adjusts to life at home with the two of them (and weird Aunt Wila), Jade starts to bring over books that they can read together. She can tell that Miggy doesn’t like it at first, mostly because he would rather play outside, but also because his reading level is far below other kids his own age. Jade patiently starts with easy books and relentlessly cheers his progress. Althea shakes her head as she watches them; her son doesn’t stand a chance against that smile.

Reading with someone is not something Miggy has ever experienced before, but he soon loves curling up into Mommy Jade’s side and giggling over the funny voices she makes. Sometimes one of them falls asleep on the couch, sometimes both of them do – which is why they completely miss Althea’s too-bright eyes as she carefully drapes a blanket over them. After they complete their first big book, Miggy spends an entire afternoon sketching Miggy the dog with three heads. 

On the rare and precious nights when Miggy is away at Marinelle’s, Althea pushes any and all books off their bed and Jade is all too happy to let her. It’s how they learn that Althea has a weakness for Jade wearing her reading glasses and Jade has a weakness for Althea whimpering in long-forgotten Tagalog words.

It all comes to an abrupt end. Miggy and Althea move into their new place and for weeks, Althea finds books hidden within different boxes (that sneaky son of hers). She refuses to have anything to do with them and dumps them all into one box to keep in Miggy’s room. 

It’s only on her weakest days that she allows herself to caress the sleeve of a book that is not hers – that will never be hers – and attempts to trace Jade’s scent among the pages. Over the next months, Althea slowly begins to read every book that she has ever seen Jade read and collect those that she doesn’t have (even while telling herself that this habit has nothing to do with Jade herself and more to do with becoming a better informed mother. Miggy gets a lot of practice rolling his eyes at this explanation).

Time passes and life is peaceful for Kathleen, Miggy and Althea and no one really comments on the growing bookshelf that lines the walls of Althea’s bedroom. Kathleen sometimes wonders why Althea has so many travel books, especially to foreign destinations which Kathleen knows that Althea has never actually visited. And why there’s a few business magazines and newspapers tucked in among bridal catalogs, all featuring the same prominent Chinese-Filipino tycoon and his family. She keeps these questions to herself, mostly because Althea has never been forthcoming about her own past. One wrong question and the woman seems to brood for days. And really it’s Miggy who endearingly shares details about a woman named Mommy Jade. 

Seeing Jade at the park destroys many carefully constructed illusions. Within a matter of seconds, Kathleen witnesses every painful truth that Althea has hidden from her. She waits for Althea to say something, but the woman stumbles home that night in no condition to talk. The alcohol lays her flat, but Althea sleeps fitfully and twice over, calls out for lablab. It’s not the first time Kathleen has heard that word and when she presses for an explanation in the morning, Althea has none to give.

Nothing changes outwardly, but the temperature at home begins to simmer with tension. Above them hangs the looming threat of a confrontation. And maybe that’s why Althea finds herself increasingly escaping to the same park where her past had stood before her like a shimmering daydream.  

Sometimes Althea sits on a park bench and reads until the evening light has completely faded. Sometimes she doesn’t read at all and just sits, running her thumb up and down the ridges of a worn out cover. 

There are some books that are meant to be read in reverse, she thinks, and some that were never meant to be written with final chapters at all. 

She finally accepts why she’s been reading the books all this time.


This moment is not life waiting to happen, goals waiting to be achieved, words waiting to be spoken, connections waiting to be made, regrets waiting to evaporate, aliveness waiting to be felt, enlightenment waiting to be gained. No. Nothing is waiting. This is it. 

This moment is life.


Nakakaluka yung title haha. Hello po sa inyong lahat. New year na naman, tatanda na naman tayo pero yung memories kasama natin yung mga mahal natin sa buhay ay di natin makakalimutan. Parte na naman eto ng past pero kailangan pa rin natin lumingon dito kasi di makukumpleto ang pagkatao natin kung wala eto at di tayo makakarating kung san man tayo ngayon. So ayun kabog sa intro magpapasalamat lang po ako sa inyong lahat kasi kahit na di ako marunong magblog well puro reblog lang ako tas note naging kaibigan ko pa rin kayo kahit na papaano charot. So eto na, yung mga taong nais ko pong pasalamatan dahil naging parte kayo ng 2014 ko:

Unang sa lahat ay si dashyangbeybee: Hi Kekhem! Gorgeous blockmate ko to at ang galing niya magsulat ng mga stories sa wattpad basahin niyo guys di kayo magsisisi char. Thankful rin ako sa kanya kasi dahil sa kanya nakilala ko si ate Daph. So ayun thank rin you kasi naging part ka ng 2014 ko at sana maging friends pa tayo sa susunod pang mga taon. Stay pretty as always Kekhem! Labyu :*

Next ay si Ate Ganda dakilanggerlpren: Uhm wala akong masabi sa kanya speechless ako jk lang eto na, ang masasabi ko lang kay Ate Daph ay thank you rin ate kasi di talaga gumanda yung blog ko kung di mo talaga ako tinulungan. Thank sa friendship kahit na baguhan lang ako dito sa tumblr binigyan mo parin ako ng pagkakataon na maging magkaibigan tayo. Sana ate wag kang magbago at stay strong kayo ni kuya Angelo, God Bless :)

Kay kuya dakilangboyyfriend: Di tayo nag uusap ever puro note lang ako sa binoblog mo pero happy pa rin ako dun. Ayun stay strong din kayo ni Ate Daph. Happy New Year, God Bless ;)

Kay mariangdalaga: Eto lang masasabi ko sayo, Akin lang si Rozen Elizalde hahah. Ayun thank you rin sa friendship at thank you kasi naging part ka ng 2014 ko yiie. :)

Kay ngitizoned: Ngiti ka always beb kasi mas lalo kang gumaganda pag ngumingiti. Sana maging friends pa rin tayo sa susunod pang taon. :)

Kay jiyologist: Pansin ko puro good evening,good morning lang convo natin bat ganun? haha kidd, Happy New Year, God Bless ;)

Kay paracos-pisces: Hi Daaxx!! Haha thanks for the friendship and thanks for being part of my 2014 char. Happy New Year and God Bless :*

Kay joaquinnapinsala: Wala akong maisip lol. Thank you naging part ka ng 2014 ko Thank you rin sa friendship kung meron man haha ;)

Kay nagtatagosakanila: Hello ate! Kahit nung birthday mo palang tayo nag uusap ang gaan ng loob ko sayo chos. Magkakasundo talaga tayo lalo na pag wattpad na ang pinag uusapan. Happy NewYear ate God Bless :*

Kay ordinaerika: Happy New Year bhe usap pa tayo more basta akin akin lang din si Rozen Elizalde haha.

Kay sinceriouslyy: Bheee ang gwapo talaga ni Vini. Nakatitig lang ako sa icon mo and waahh tunaw na ako haha. Thank you for being part of my 2014. God Bless

Kay imprincesspoohtatooh: Pehr!! Miss you Pehr. Thank you kasi naging part ka rin ng 2014 ko labyuu :* God Bless ;)

Kay scuareroot: Couuzz!! Thank you sa friendship at thank you rin naging part ka 2014 ko. Labyuu :* Sana friends pa rin tayo hanggang susunod na taon.

Kay dakilangkyut: Sige ikaw na ang kyut haha. Thanks rin sa friendship kahit na ang dalang natin mag usap. Thank youu.

Sa mga idol ko na marcelosantosiii matabangutak heyhaveyouseenthisgirl: Happy New Year po sa inyo

At kina bestfriends-na-ba-tayo-if-i happygoluckyako selpilurd anonymousketeer na nagsasabing WALANG FOREVER! haha Pero anong magagawa ko forever na pagka dyosa ko bwahah. Happy New Year sa inyo guys. :)

At sa inyo din:

Gustong gusto ko po talaga kayong pasalamatang lahat kasi naging parte kayo ng 2014 ko. Di ko po kayo makakalimutan charot. Sana maging friends pa tayo sa susunod pang mga taon. Sa mga di ko po nasulat salamat pa rin po. Thank you. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE :*

GOODBYE 2014. HELLO 2015.

untitled fluff

Don’t mind me. Just throwing this short fluff piece here.

“Sshh… Just relax, love-love.”

A/N: As much as I think that it’s so freakin’ cute for JaThea to use lablab/love-love as their pet name, it takes all my willpower not cringe while writing this. Also in my head, Althea curses like a sailor when she’s alone and/or stressed AND she wears glasses because HELLO HOT.

Disclaimer: I haven’t written in a looooooong time (so sorry if it’s OC) but this image just won’t leave my head. I don’t own TRMD nor do I get any profit from this. All rights belong to GMA Network and the creators of the show.

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laging judged because of her sexuality
all kinds of abused by ex husband
ulilang lubos
nilayo sa anak
niloko ng ex
verbally and kind of physically harmed by lover’s angry ex bf
all kinds of blackmailed by people with power
napalayas sa condo
nalulugi sa trabaho/business
paulit ulit iniwan at binalikan ni lablab
sinampal sinabunutan tinulak ng nanay ng lablab niya at tinawag ng kung ano anong names
patuloy na iniinsulto ng tatay ng lablab niya
nabugbog ng goons
minamanipula ng ex husband niya at pinagmumuhka pa na siya yung masama
yet remains pure hearted and lablab material
ladies n gents althea guevarra in less than six weeks actual cinnamon roll too good too pure for this cruel world!!!!!😭


Jade and Althea’s almost-kiss 

Hi be. It’s your day, enjoy it. Ang ganda ng ugali mo. Gustong gusto ko, hindi ka katulad ng iba jan na hindi ko maintindihan ang pag uugali. Wag ka mag bago. If kailangan mo ng tulong nandito lang ako. Someday magkikita rin tayo. Matanda kana, kaya pwede na maging kayo ni Gian. Hahahaha. Lablab kita ha, tandaan mo yan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BE :* Mwahugs ;)