In the latest battle of the Great War of People Insisting That I’m Actually Bisexual: stop telling me that “bisexuality is a spectrum.” I’m aware. I was bisexual for almost ten years. You–yes, you!–are welcome to identify as bisexual even if your attraction is 99% to one gender and 1% to another gender. For *me*, however, this makes no sense and doesn’t resonate. I don’t feel that I have much in common with bi women anymore, and referring to myself as bisexual would not give anyone very much useful information about who I actually am and who I’m interested in. Everyone doesn’t have to be bisexual. I am still very much invested in bi visibility and in fighting biphobia, but I’m not going to use a label that feels like a lie in order to do it.


Ad of the Day: Coca-Cola’s Minimalist Can Promotes a World Without Labels Less branding, more tolerance? By Tim Nudd

Coca-Cola has toyed with its packaging once again, this time to join the global movement for equality and tolerance—by removing its own label off its products to promote a world without labels and prejudices.
Dubai-based agency FP7/DXB, part of McCann Worldgroup, created special cans for the month of Ramadan that feature only the iconic Coca-Cola ribbon and the message, “Labels are for cans, not for people.”
The cans coincide with Coke’s global campaign themed “Let’s take an extra second,” which invites people around the world to take time to get to know people and banish their stereotypes and preconceptions.
“In the Middle East, a region with over 200 nationalities and a larger number of labels dividing people, these Coca-Cola cans send a powerful and timeless message that a world without labels is a world without differences,” says the agency. “And that we are all basically just the same—human.”
Conceptually, the effort is a bit peculiar, as it seems to equate branding with intolerance. But any approved hacking of Coke’s familiar design scheme will get plenty of attention, and it’s hard to begrudge a cause like this one.

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Your neighbors think we’re lovers;
the way we stumble helter skelter on the sidewalk, dizzy with laughter
loud happy
drunk on thick summer air.
The way our hands find a way to each other before we’re even aware of it.

I’m sure your mother thinks we’ve kissed, if not done other things.
She smirks and leaves the living room once my head finds its place on your shoulder,
a niche molded just for me, it would seem.
Our hands entwine over the muted commercial break.

Our friends think we’re playing dumb,
that we’re hiding,
The way we stay careful in our distance,
glances instead of stares.
Brushing hands only when no one can see.

Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the matter,
and their voices fall on deaf ears because we’re desperately convincing ourselves that the absence of labels mean absence of expectation.
Even though I get anxious when you don’t reach for my hand, and my heart aches terribly when you’re gone;
Even though you make sure to talk to me every day, and you only seem to care about my opinion.
The ‘I love you’s spread into the stars at night.

And 'friends’ has a pretty ring to it,
but it never matches the direct translation from heart speak for how much I wish you’d kiss me.

Your neighbors think we’re lovers;

And I wish they were right.

—  suburban rumours and sweaty palms, (7/2/15)

What internalized misogyny isn’t: women who choose not to be a feminist. Women who dont agree to some of the tactics feminists use or who are against the serous flaws in the movement. 

What internalized misogyny can be: women who genuinely hate or think less of other women. feminists who bash, insult, threaten, or tell women to give back their rights because they are not feminists/do not believe in the same things they do. 


My son couldn’t remember the word for hummingbird, so he called it a “chicken beetle.”

I just ate a sliced deli turkey sandwich with mayo and now I feel like I’m gonna barf.

The full debut album by Leon Bridges is out and it’s just as amazing as I knew it would be.

My boss spent the morning making me look up many different versions of “Here Comes The Breeze” to give me an idea for a future ad campaign and now I don’t ever want to hear that song again.

A coworker showed up wearing a Batman shirt and I’m wearing a Flash shirt and I told him we just need to find a guy in a Superman shirt and then we’d represent the JLA. He asked if we could use Green Lantern, and I said he would do in a pinch.

Another coworker told me that male goats will try to impress female goats by peeing in their own mouths. I’m gonna take his word for it. I have trouble going into a bathroom and using the toilet immediately after someone walks out.

I had to make a sign for the barrels at work because no one can tell the difference between the new trash can and the returnables can. I had to come up with Trash and Not Trash signs, just like our mail system, which clearly states whether the mail has left for the day in giant Gone and Not Gone signs. Soon, everything is going to be labeled exactly what it is because people are morons.

A friend of mine came to visit from Alabama last night. I haven’t seen him since high school. The last time we hung out, we watched Forrest Gump and the whole time, all I could think was how my friend’s voice sounded exactly like Forrest Gump. When the movie was over, he asked me if he talked like that, and I lied and said, no, no, of course not.

Erika Swyler has a book out today. That’s cool. She’s cool.

Shout out to people who don’t label their sexuality

Shout out to people who have stared at surveys completely at a loss for what to fill in

Shout out to people who have been assumed straight because that’s the default and they never said anything to the contrary

Shout out to people who have labeled themselves straight because it’s simpler than trying to explain themselves even though it doesn’t feel right

Shout out to people who have sat up at night wondering what in the world they would answer if ever anyone asked about their sexuality

Shout out to people who don’t feel like they belong anywhere because of their lack of label

Shout out to people who have been invalidated because they haven’t spent tons of time researching different terms in search of the one that fits them

Shout out to people who have spent endless hours reading up on definitions, looking for the one that feels right and never finding it

This is your periodic reminder that you don’t have to label yourself and that doing so doesn’t make you any less valid than anyone else xox

>Everyday is a different level of hell. Friends hurt you and betray you. Guys who you thought liked you show their true colors. School reveals itself as being a brainwashing facility where they train kids to have no creativity, to think inside the box, and live cookie cutter lives. Parents pressure their kids to achieve the impossible. They too want them to have the cookie cutter lifestyle. But that kid. That kid that seems to do everything just right, who seems to have it all figured out. Who seems to fit be what everyone wants them to be. Is in fact the opposite. They are just waiting for the chance to get on stage and tell all of their “friends” to go fuck themselves. To tell their teachers and administration what bullshit they are hammering into kids brains, to tell their parents to live their own goddamn lives and keep their asses out of their kids’. To tell everyone how much they fucking hate them and can’t wait to get the hell out of there. To finally be who they are without everyone pointing out what’s wrong with it. That seemingly perfect kid hates labels and judgement. They hate anything relating to society. They love being different but they’ve mastered hiding their personality. They’re just waiting until they can get to that place where they can be themselves. Where they can show the scars on their legs from years of self harm and not be labeled a suicidal freak, where they can speak their mind and state their opinion and not be labeled a bitch, where they can party, and drink, and have sex without being called a slut, whore, or prostitute. Where they can finally be happy without being labeled fake, or self absorbed. These kids are grenades. When they finally explode, there will be no survivors, only casualties. They will not stop until everyone feels the pain that they have suppressed for so goddamn long. They will destroy everything and everyone. Society killed the teenager, but little does society know that karma’s a bitch and that teenager is back and out for revenge.
Daily Affirmation 250.

Make up new words to describe your specific experience of asexuality. Use labels in combination, as many as you need to describe yourself fully. Use no terms at all to describe yourself and your asexuality, because none fit you perfectly. Do whatever you need to feel comfortable with who you are and how you feel. You will still be worthy of support, acceptance, and love.

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