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The gold shirt has been one of my dreams,’ Mr Phuge told Indian newspaper the Pune Mirror.

‘It will be an embellishment to my reputation as the ‘Gold man of Pimpri"’ Mr Phuge said.

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KUT SXSW Four Seasons Lineup, Morning Shows!

Each set is 25 minutes. There is a $10 entry fee with the proceeds going to Seton Shivers Cancer Center. Oh yeah, you also get a breakfast taco and coffee!!!

Wednesday 3/14:
7 AM: Lost in the Trees
8 AM: Grace Woodroofe
9 AM: M. Ward
10 AM: Cotton Mather

Thursday 3/15:
7 AM: Kat Edmonson
8 AM: Ray Wylie Hubbard
9 AM: Jimmy Cliff
10 AM: Punch Brothers

Friday 3/16:
7 AM: Ruthie Foster
8 AM: Motopony
8:55 AM: James Mercer of the Shins
9:05 AM: Trampled By Turtles
10 AM: Nneka

Saturday 3/17:
8 AM: Sons of Fathers
9 AM: Glen Hansard
10 AM: Justin Townes Earle
11 AM: Nada Surf


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LabelMeInsane Interview with StoreOwner of Las Cruxes Veronica O!

After visiting this store i had a lot of inspiration  ,just seeing the vibe Veronica created has brought so much passion to my work. The store is everything she wanted, and i hope in the future my store reflects me that way. The clothing, & art that she buys speaks for its self. The unorthodox vintage style breaths austin fashion. She also supports local & nation wide designers that are stellarchic. Stuff an average person would not be able to find. This visit was a success & i recommend Las Cruxes to every Fashionista with an edge.

How long have you been in Business?

I’ve been sewing since I was very young. In 2008, I picked up again, and started selling to help with my college tuition. When I moved back to Austin, I realized I wanted to open up my own business and decided I never wanted to work under anyone else for the rest of my life. I mean, do everything I love to do. It’s nice to be a part of music, art, and fashion and I really try to carry that over into the space. 

What makes your store different from other vintage boutiques?

What the shop represents — it’s not just a clothing store; it’s a place I can curate art shows, but also support my friends who are artists and musicians. I host a radio program (Cease to Exist!) out of the space, because I’m an avid music supporter. I’m also a musician myself. In short, the boutique-cum-gallery is a combination of all those things I have a passion for.

What does Las Cruxes mean?

Las Cruxes is taken from the spanish word cruces, which means “crosses”.  I feel it’s the perfect name because crosses intersect; I believe all these movements I integrated into the store all intersect.

What are you price ranges?

My prices vary. I try to keep things affordable, but I also have a lot of local & out of town designers. I don’t want them to sell themselves short. I would say the prices range from 15$-100+$.

What has been your weirdest request, or craziest store experience?

When I was downstairs at the smaller location, someone walked in and asked if I sold cigarettes. I think they were drunk! Its easy for people to come in and ask for weird things because Spiderhouse is just next door and their beer-taps are constantly flowing.

Las Cruxes

2908½ Fruth Street
Austin, Texas 78705

Wed - Sat: 2pm - 10pm
Sun: 2pm - 8pm


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