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The Able sisters didn’t have much. Their small, old house wasn’t the nicest in the neighborhood. Neither Sable, Mable, or Labelle had time for the frivolousness of round-the-clock housekeeping. Dishes sat in the sink, clothes were strewn about, and a fine layer of dust had settled on the knickknacks and shelves that were too high up to reach.

But inside their small home, the sisters were happy. On cold winter nights, Mable liked to kick off her shoes and warm her tiny paws in front of the radiator. Sable often passed the time journaling or watching her favorite soaps on the tiny TV, one of the few luxuries the girls had. And Labelle, the youngest of the three (who had once been embarrassed of her hand-me-downs and holey socks), had learned to fall in love each day with the simple life the three had built.

Life had been tough since their parents passed away, but they were hard workers. They loved each other, they loved their work, and they loved their lives. The sisters were happy.

30 Day Animal Crossing Challenge

Day Seven: Sable, Mabel, or Labelle

Labelle reminds me of an OC of mine; she looks so pretty and professional~

people who use the split attraction model, even one’s who aren’t a-spec but especially the ones who are, are fucking awesome.

To understand yourself and your experiences closely enough to be able to label them like that? To engage with a system developed over a century ago, without the modern experience in mind and say “but there’s value here and I can make it better”?

That’s cool stuff. It’s a beautiful interaction of knowing yourself and knowing your history, and it’s amazing.

You should be proud!


1977. Sin After Sin

is the third album by band Judas Priest, released in 8 April.

The album represented several major milestones in the group’s career; the band made their major label debut and were able to work with a famous musical artist as their producer, former Deep Purple member Roger Glover. The band also fully embraced an aggressive metal sound with this release, significantly toning down the arena rock and blues rock influences shown in their past work, and the group achieved widespread popularity on the radio stations for their first time, oddly enough with their hard-edged version of Joan Baez’s song “Diamonds & Rust”.

Sin After Sin is a great metal album. Fantastic composition and musical execution. I like to think of it as Part 2 of Sad Wings of Destiny. The production has a 70s tone to it but the songs do not sound dated in any way. The songwriting on Sin After Sin is true to classic heavy metal. The songs sound much heavier when played live using more modern sound technology. For proof look at Slayer’s South of Heaven where they included a cover of Dissident Aggressor.

Rob Halford   K. K. Downing   Glenn Tipton   Ian Hill   Simon Phillips

sigh, there’s an stl women’s march that’ll be happening in conjunction w the one on washington, and i wanna go so bad! i wanna get the satisfaction of doing something physical to object to this awful reality, to be able to stop feeling guilty every time i see posts telling people to just “get out there and do something!” bc i know the only things i’ve done are small things that didn’t require “getting out there” at all…

but i can’t! i can’t. i want to so badly, and i deluded myself into thinking maybe, maybe if i just pushed myself hard enough, then i could, but that’s not true and i know it. i looked up the route and the timing and i am not physically capable of standing and walking that far and for that long. 

i recently stood for almost that long (with some short breaks and a counter to lean on) while doing caroline’s hair and while it was fun i had to really push myself to do it, and by the time we finished i didn’t have much left in me. i had woken up only shortly before that began and i collapsed in bed as soon as i got home, and had to sleep for almost the entire next day. my back was in quite a lot of pain. it was something i liked, enjoyed, and was glad to do, but that didn’t change that that effort was very close to being my absolute maximum.

so i know if i added the extra time of like getting there and then leaving, plus the fact that i’d have to be walking, that i wouldn’t be getting little breaks, and that i wouldn’t have anywhere to lean on…there’s just no way i could do it lol. and i hate it so much!!! i hate that i can’t just fucking DO things, just bc they require some walking and standing!!! i hate that a manual wheelchair would exhaust me as much as, if not more than, no aid at all. i hate that there’s no way in hell i could afford a power chair and that even if i could i’d wanna give it to someone who needs it more than me. i hate that help from crutches or a cane would be almost zero, that a rollator could help maybe a little bit, but still not enough to do this. i hate that i am almost glad about these things, because i know the stigma associated with using mobility aids is so great and i’m terrified of it.

i do have access to a collapsible wheelchair that is designed only to be pushed by another person; my mom used it while recovering from her broken leg last year. if i didn’t have to propel it myself i wouldn’t get so exhausted. but the thought of not being able to control my movement is scary, i would have to get someone both able and willing to push me, and most of all i’m terrified of people being assholes. i don’t want someone to see me stand or walk a small amount and then follow and dump me out or something, and i KNOW that shit happens. i don’t want people to yell at me, that could very easily trigger a horrible ptsd episode. ugh.

basically i’m tired of this!!! i hate this!!!! i wanna be able to DO SHIT i want to again!!!!!

every time someone says that gay/bi people/lesbians shouldn’t use the term sga because it isn’t applicable to nonbinary/agender people they owe me $20.

FR wish

Lair tabs, but like. With Options.

  • Togglable “faction” settings. Not only being able to have tabs in your lair with various amounts of dragons, but being able to label them with the name of the subclans, or being able to not have tabs at all and just have the current “default” lair look.
  • Ways to differenciate between factions of a same clan and an entirely different lore group. 
  • Maybe being able to customize the Look of lair pages a bit, like change the background colors or something - or even just the header, to indicate which flight the subclan hails from, while your account is still tied to One flight, which is the one that determines the nests and forums you have access to, dom perks, etc… with headers serving a purely cosmetic effect. Maybe the clan that is shown as default in your lair has to be of your Flight.
  • Being able to choose which region of your flight your clan is shown as residing in - when can I be an Ancient Lair of the Zephyr Steppes, FR ?!
  • If tabs, maybe the option to have a profile/description box for each subclan, so people don’t have to go dive in the bios for the information they want ?
  • Bonus: bring back the togglable offspring lists

Like really, we have such an incredibly creative community, but if your lair doesn’t follow the One Single Clan scheme, it’s a mess. Help out the lore-creating users!!

anonymous asked:

hey rohini, I was wondering what is your opinion on labels? do you think they do more harm than good or do we need them? sorry this is random I was just curious

Honestly I think its up to the individual to decide, and it is fine to choose to label yourself or to not use them at all. It’s important, however, to remember there were times when LGBTQ+ people were considered completely unspeakable and not having name/labels made it easier to pretend they didn’t exist. 

With labels, people are able to unite under common identities and shared feelings to fight against the prejudices and stigmas that affect them. Words can be limiting, but they also have power.

anonymous asked:

just wanted to say that because of ideology on tumblr I identified myself as bi for ages for attraction to women and non binary people and then realised they all had one thing in common, being female. did anyone else have a similar experience here?

I can’t speak to this personally, but I definitely have seen people talk about this being their experience. I’ve also seen lesbians that called themselves pansexual when they really just meant that they were attracted to female people.

I find it really disheartening to see people forced to cobble together labels instead of being able to use the one that actually fits. I’m sorry you went through that.

Since I didn’t have this experience, I’ll leave it at that–any followers who have please feel free to comment for anon :)


musical theatre meme → [3/5] solos → wonderful
A man’s called a traitor- or a liberator. A rich man’s a thief- or philanphropist. Is one a crusader? Or ruthless invader? It’s all in which label is able to persist. There are precious few at ease with moral ambiguities, so we act as though they don’t exist.

So unfortunately I don’t have any more source information than what’s on the bottom of this pic because I got it from pinterest.

But I stumbled across this and it’s pretty useful for someone with my kind of emotional difficulties.

I can’t label my emotions due to neglect as a child. I never learnt to manage or deal with my emotions either. It’s super hard to explain but I suspect people who would find this sheet useful will understand its purpose.

This gives me some idea of an over-reaction to certain emotions and how they feel. In turn, I should be able to label the emotion hopefully.

“It’s like those chess games I used to play with mother, where you’d think you were winning, right up until the moment when you realized she got everything she wanted”

Inktober #1