gpoyw | sweet baby tosh edition

rhyan and i had the opportunity to meet bailey and nate’s new addition last week, and i can’t even explain howtiny and perfect he is. we instantly fell in love with him, and luckily he was awake the entire time we were there!

they are such great parents, bailey’s a total natural at the whole mom thing and i have no doubt about this little guy growing up to be a fine young man.

i’m so grateful to have become friends with such a sweet soul, i know a lifelong friendship has formed and look forward to all that’s to come!


If you could choose a superpower, Which one would it be?

How many times have we asked ourselves that same question? Surely, since we were at preschool. However it is now that I find out it’s real meaning.
I must start by affirming that the term “superpower” is overstated. It is a human being’s ability to do extraordinary things, to possess exceptional skills to do what is impossible for others. Regardless, I am pleased to confess that now they are within our reach.

If you have ever wished to have one, don’t worry because during the Erasmus you can get them, and what’s more, all your wishes will come true, without the need for a magical lamp or a genie, but it is necessary to be a genius to be able to do all the things below.
So, here is the catalogue of superpowers you can get on your Erasmus:

• Possess a super liver that can withstand, without exploding, all the alcohol your are planning on ingesting, and beyond that, not having a hangover the next day (it is recommended not to try this with limoncello, it’s impossible)

• Be able to party hard according to the chinese working timetable, in other words, 24x7; which leads us directly to the next superpower;

• Not going to class and magically passing all your exams, pulling your best trick out of the hat, like the “puppy eyes” face combined with a “non parlo bene italiano” and the final blow, “ma Italia è un paese bellísimo!” (Italy is such a beautiful country!) accompanied by an angelically innocent smile. And in case that doesn’t work, Oh Great Magician, I recommend that you keep an ace up your sleeve; when they ask you a question, you reply with “Yeah, I was in class that day and I loved the way you explained that topic,” And if that still hasn’t worked, the most daring among you should try really pulling a rabbit out of the hat ;P

• Also in the catalogue you will find the power of the ability to defy the laws of physics visiting more places in the world than you will ever visit in your whole life. To this last power we should add the super accessory of finding cheaper flights and hostels than you have ever found before in your own country (bearing in mind that there are consequences; I have seen boxes under bridges that are more hygienic, and soap omnibuses that are less boring than waiting to catch your transfer in the airport.)

• On the other hand, I recommend the superpower of tasting almost all the typical dishes of the world in just one night, in those mythical Erasmus dinners, in which you will have the chance, and just for one night, Damen und Herren (I don’t know why fumbling through German is what we like best when we travel) to be in 7 different countries in one sitting. Yes, it’s a science fiction film starring; the Spaniards with their Spanish omelette, the Germans trying to compete with their “Kartofen”, the Greeks with their Tzatziki and Moussaka, the English with their “Fish and Ships”, the French (who wouldn’t dare put their skinny, tasteless 2-egg omelette next to Our Lady La Tortilla) conform with cheese and wine, and then our beloved Basque neighbours, who want to delight our stomachs with their exquisite Pintxos mix.

P.S. After eating such a mixture, I won’t even mention what state your toilet bowl will be in the next morning.  
• The power, once again, to defy the laws of physics whilst travelling; Prof. Hawing would be amazed at how we can cram 16 people in a 20m2 flat. (The trick is in human bunk-beds, ladies and gentlemen)

• Finally, the superpower that, at the end of your scholarship, allows you to obtain a level C1 in tests of insults, bad-mouthing, and swearing in general, all in at least 6 different languages. I’ve been here for half of my stay and I already know an entire Greek song. You probably wonder, WTF?, yeah, me too. And how did I manage it? Ask my friend Peroni, whose lessons are divided in two parts, loosening the tongue and relieving you of your inhibitions.

The truth is that, miraculously, bit by bit, we acquire these superpowers that convert us into a more advanced species in society, a species that is able to mutate it’s DNA to drink more alcohol than the Americans during the Prohibition, to see more places than Dora the Explorer and to make more friends than Wally in his whole book.

I do feel obliged to warn you that these superpowers come with certain side effects. Certain… urmm… physical changes, like going home with fewer body parts, saying Au Revoir to an arm and a leg for the excessive prices (normally any European country is more expensive than Spain, except the lucky bastards who go to Poland, I hate you!); or Bon Voyage to a liver, (I think we all know why) or Hallo to flat-foot syndrome, as they will get worn away by all the walking and visiting. To say Welcome to eyebags, because you won’t have slept much, and in the specific case of Italy, Arrivederci to your bikini body, because you are going to gain more than a few kilograms… but “Mamma Mia, la pasta e la pizza italiana!”

In the end, it has been a brief, concise and precise introduction to Erasmus. For those who have already experienced it, you will understand me. For those poor, ignorant, naïve ones who haven’t, you’re late sending your application.

And if you have ever wished for the ability to make yourself invisible, to fly or to travel back in time, give up the nonsensical comic books and lets get straight to the point; get an Erasmus scholarship to continue the Digi-evolution of the human race into the Homo Erasmus because, I’m sorry to tell you but the Homo Sapien is already a museum artefact.

- Charles Darwin