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Soooooo…. I went to try on the Enzoani Dress I want, bc i wanted to make sure it looked nice on me etc and plan for ordering if i choose it, since I didn’t really have a 2nd or 3rd choice as far as what dress I’m interested in. Even though it was a sample which was prob a size 10, I fell in love with the dress even more from the pictures. I’m real small and petite so I was worried it was gonna look bad on me, I’m guessing the size 2’s are probably a better length as well, but yeah the sample didn’t look freakishly long where i was swimming in it. All i know was.. that I didn’t wanna take it off!! I’m not vain, but I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the dress, in the mirror! The consultant had me try on veils as well, then it hit me, I’m gonna be married in less than a year. (Insha'llah) 

I thought I’d share pix because honestly, there aren’t many Fabi wearing bride pictures out there. So for anyone curious to see what it looks like on a person. Here’s a few pix of me wearing it. 

I’m planning on making/ buying a lace/tulle long sleeved top to wear underneath the dress. 

I can’t wait to wear it with my face and hair all done up!!! gah! So excited! :D