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don’t forget to dream of me

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A/N: i’ve been away for awhile yikes, sorry :/ here’s a short scenario that someone actually requested so thank you!! it’s not the best but it’s something,, heh. 

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[jaebum x reader]

genre: fluff

word count: 894

Practice ran a bit later than expected but I’m omw! Be there in a few! Wait for me jagi!

You shook your head as a giggle escaped your mouth. Just by the way JB texted you, you could already tell he was rushing over to see you.

Since you had a moment to spare, you made your way over to the many bookshelves lined up in front of you. Your fingers brushed over the labels, eyes scanning for the letter s.

There it is.

The book you needed for your English project was sitting on the highest shelf.

Being short occasionally had its perks but this definitely wasn’t one of them. You stretched your arm to grab the book but it was no use. Tippy-toeing didn’t seem to work either.

Should I call someone?

You attempted to grab it again. This time, the book shifted a bit closer to you; you could almost taste the sweet victory. However, that didn’t last very long. The book fell forwards and you caught it just in time; what you hadn’t realized was that the books alongside it slowly tumbled over, making its way above your head. It all happened within a few seconds. You felt a shadow in front of you and a thud following right after. Looking up from the book in your hands, you saw his face hovering above yours. He winced at the amount of books that had collided with his back.

“JB!” you let the book drop out of your hands and brought them to examine JB’s body. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine; don’t worry,” he said through gritted teeth. His warm palms made their way to your cheeks, sending a chill through your body. “You on the other hand, need to be careful. If I didn’t make it in time, you would’ve been crushed.”

“Don’t exaggerate. I would’ve been just fine. But are you sure you’re okay?”

He nodded, giving you a sweet smile and a tender kiss on the lips. “Sorry I’m late.”

He took your small hand in his and led you to a nearby table, pulling out a chair for you. You saw him leave to clean up the books scattered on the floor. He returned to the table to hand you your book as he held one in his own hands.


You felt your vision fading as you began to grow sleepy. JB however had already passed out in front of you. His arms rested on top of his book that he had barely gotten halfway through.

It seemed that constantly sneaking looks at you behind his book tired him out.

The bright light coming from your phone snapped you out of your daze. 11:23 pm. Luckily, the bookstore was open until 11:30. Only seven minutes until you had to wake up your boyfriend from his deep slumber.

You quickly finished up writing your analysis on the novel and tidied up your supplies. One of the employees came by to inform you that there was about a minute before closing; you took it as them politely kicking you out, as they also wanted to go home.

JB wouldn’t budge. The few workers still remaining in the store patiently watched as you attempted to wake your boyfriend. You slightly bowed at them, apologizing for keeping them this late.

“Im Jaebum. Wake up.” You shook him. He turned his head towards you, his eyes still shut.

“Good morning jagi,” he smiled at you. You laughed and told him it was time to go and so he obeyed.

“You took your nap so now it’s my turn to sleep,” you said to JB as you hopped into the passenger seat.

“No keep me awake babe. What if I fall asleep again?” He teased as he rested his hand on top of yours, his bright smile illuminating the dark sky outside.

“Okay okay.” You smiled back and patted his hand with your free one, indicating for him to start the engine.

“So what did you dream about?” you asked him.


“Wow, my boyfriend is so sly,” you kindly squeezed his hand, laughing at his response.

“I’m not joking jagi. I really did dream of you.”


The conversion continued on and halfway home to your shared apartment, you found yourself already drifting off to sleep. It was up to the radio to keep JB company for the rest of the drive home.

“Ahh seriously this girl,” JB grinned as he unbuckled your seat belt. He planted a soft kiss on top of your head, trying his best to not wake you. And then up you went, into his arms as he carried you inside – princess style.

He laid you down on the bed and helped you change into comfier clothes. Then he tucked you in and slipped in beside you.

“Good night jagi.” He wrapped himself entirely around you causing a smile to creep up on your face immediately.

“You mean good morning,” you replied, turning around to face him.

“Did I wake you?” he asked, with an apologetic face.

“No, I just wanted to see your face one last time before I sleep again.” You let your hands caress his cheeks and you buried your face in his chest. “I love you.”

“I love you more jagi. Don’t forget to dream of me.”

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