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My parents are big fans of detective stories and especially Agatha Christie and I thought it might be fun to give them the chocolate boxes from the Poirot story “The Chocolate Box” as a gift in the future so I tried my hand at creating the labels in Photoshop. Funnily enough, the ST. ALARD font already existed so I didn’t have to draw it myself.


Liquor Bottle Labels Photoshopped to Tell the Hilarious Truth

If your favorite liquor bottle was this honest on the label, would you change your approach to a cocktail? This hilarious collection of digital creations from features phrases created in the style and design of the original liquor bottle labels, but with messages of the brutally honest truth about what you are in for if you drink too much!


Want to make an artist go crazy? Tell them to make a perfect cube. 

Hey everyone! Welcome to my second illustration assignment–a T6 vertebrae, in a cube. Then an additional illustration with a slice off the top. Rendered in pencil, and labels added in photoshop. This was definitely a tougher project and I would even go as far to say that some of us took the same amount of time making the perfect cube perfect, as making the actual vertebrae itself! 

Honestly, I am not too sold on getting hung up on perfection. Yes, it is important to be accurate, but at some point, you (the artist) must MOVE ON–Create something! Artblocks (roadblocks for artists!) are all too common and often stymie progress and growth…and in an assignment, time simply isn’t affordable. So instead of drafting a perfect cube, I used Photoshop’s 3D workspace to drag out a cube to a decent, slightly superior, anterolateral, position and moved on. I can live with that. 

Why a vertebrae in a cube? For the mental orientation exercise of lining up transverse, sagittal, and coronal planes of an organic object with corresponding planes of a cube…aka, orienting two objects in relation with one another. But, man, is it a lot harder than it looks. So, if you ever want to drive an artist crazy, tell them to draw a perfect cube in perspective. 

Oh, and my cube isn’t perfect. None of the vanishing lines line up. Oops! 

Also–the labels. Labeling is truly an art form–we were required to label many things that all happened to be in the same tiny little space, and I had to get pretty creative. My solution for the IPD and APD (interpedicular distance and anteroposterior distance), for example, is very unique and I’m not totally sure if my instructors are sold on it. But other options of labeling in that small area simply weren’t plausible without making the labels a total cluster-you-know-what (I give my teachers this blog too so I won’t say clusterfuck) .

Anyway, enjoy! As always, hope you all get a kick out of it. 


“The ‘Woman’ Label” - Comic
Ink and Photoshop.

This is a comic I made a year ago for my Feminism, Gender and Cultural Studies class. I’m rather nervous about posting it, because I had to create it in an incredibly short time for an assignment (hence the rather poor quality), and I’m still learning a lot about these issues. I wanted this comic to be a little tongue-in-cheek (especially with the list of gender 'traits’), easy to digest for someone new to the idea, and non-accusatory, but thinking back on it I think it’s too light and skips a hell of a lot of important points (of course it does; this topic is too nuanced to be summed up in a four-page comic).

When I first wrote the script it was many paragraphs long, and cutting it down was hard, but I did my best. So, yeah, a little nervous about posting this, but I hope it’s interesting to someone! If you have any comments or concerns, please do get in touch; I want to learn more.

So tomorrow i gotta drop off my computer to a computer repair shop and at first i was kind of nervous, leaving a machine full of my personal things with a stranger, then i decided to view it as a perfect opportunity to screw with them just a little bit, or at least make them laugh. First of all im setting this to my desktop:

with only one folder on the desktop labeled ‘important’

full of ridiculous photoshopped images of nick cage. and should they open chrome for any reason, the home page is set to this youtube video:

A mock beverage label done for a project. I knew I wanted to do an actual fictional drink and it was really a toss-up between: 

  1. Butterbeer (from Harry Potter)
  2. Victory Gin (from 1984)
  3. Scumble (from Mort, Discworld)
  4. Miruvor (from the Lord of the Rings)

The Discworld novels are one of the dearest series to my heart and so here is a label for Nanny Ogg’s scumble, mainly-apple-based beverage/spoon-cleaner. 

Apples drawn in Photoshop CS6, label created in Illustrator CC.