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October 18, 2016

Ask yourself this most important question!

Why were GMOs very quietly but deliberately unleashed onto America’s grocery shelves in the mid 1990’s without OUR knowledge and consent?

I have yet to find a legitimate answer to this question, no matter how much I get trolled by Monsanto’s minions on social media.

It is no coincidence that big biotech, major food corporations, and government agencies like the FDA, USDA and EPA are no longer trusted by a majority of Americans. Would you rely on people that have intentionally poisoned you for decades? Why would anyone blindly put their trust in corporations and governments who have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that they are paid liars like the media that sells those lies to you every second of every day?

Where are the most basic questions about GMO health and environmental safety that any rational individual can ask? I can tell you that the answers are NOT found in any 90 day, short-term rat health study that big biotech like Monsanto passes off to the FDA for rubberstamp approval! Why were these GMOs so quickly approved by a government agency that is supposed to protect us?

What about our Congress? The DARK Act was passed by both the senate and house. Then, the backstabbing of consumers (that’s all of us) was given a final jab at the hearts of all Americans when our Traitor-in-Chief signed the DARK Act that our elected leaders passed, despite the fact that about 90% of Americans wanted and still want transparent GMO labeling. You will hear the same old, tired excuses from food companies that it costs too much to change a label, but they do it whenever they ship their GMO, poison-laden food products overseas. They have to; otherwise, their GMO junk will never make it further than a Boston tea party.

Why don’t the corporations that ship food and beverages to foreign countries every day at least label these genetically modified products that are made in the U.S.A.? Doesn’t it seem a bit suspicious to you that these same major corporations, like Coca Cola and Kraft, funneled millions of dollars to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, or GMA, to defeat GMO labeling laws in Colorado, Washington State, Oregon and California (twice)? In the meantime, biotech brat Monsanto stole Vermont’s GMO labeling law, and turned it into a weak federal labeling law (the DARK Act) that has the same eight, glaring loopholes in it that Vermont’s state GMO labeling bill had before our elected leaders and president deserted us, again, by signing this sinister act of American betrayal.

I am sure you are wondering at this point how much of what I stated is true. Where are the facts? They have been in front of you the entire time. I repeatedly point them out in my articles and social media posts. Other basic human rights activists have been doing the same for years. For big biotech, big Ag and big food, this is all just a money game. The losers in the end are the confused consumers who willingly keep shoving “glyphotoxic” (glyphosate and genotoxic) crap down their throats and also into the mouths of their children and grandchildren.

So, ask yourself all of the questions that I asked again, starting with the first one. Can you come up with any simple answers?

Or, maybe you already have that bitter taste of betrayal that consumes America’s barely beating heart.

John Loeffler
-Calling Out Corruption

It annoys me when people don’t support GMO labeling simply because they believe GMOs have no harm on you. Like it doesn’t fucking matter. Vitamin A has no harm on you and that’s on the label. Organic is on the label. Artificial is on the label. I have the right to know what I am consuming!! Like congrats you’re okay with eating altered food. Not everyone is?? Even if it ends up not harming us in the long run I still want to know. And if it has no harm why is everyone so afraid to label it?? Produce should even be label with exactly what pesticide it was sprayed with. I have a right to know exactly what I’m getting whether YOU think those things are detrimental or not.


There are finally answers to your questions about genetically modified organism foods

President Barack Obama signed a bill Friday requiring labeling of genetically modified organism foods. The bill requires companies to be transparent about GMOs through one of two ways. They can present the information on the product label, or share GMO disclosures behind QR codes — but this is not quite what Americans want.

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You Need to Support Bernie Sanders

For anyone who doesn’t know, Bernie Sanders is a candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. He is seen as the underdog of the election, mainly because most people don’t take his campaign seriously, especially next to Hillary Clinton. However, his policies and goals are extremely progressive and can start a revolution for Americans. To help spread the word about this, here’s a simplified list of some of his views on certain issues:

Social: Bernie is pro-choice for abortion. He supports the legalization of same-sex marriage. He believes that the government should require insurance companies to provide free birth control. He feels that businesses do not have the right to deny service to anyone because of religious beliefs. Also, he feels that the Federal government should not allow the Confederate flag to be flown in states.

Environmental: Bernie supports the preservation of America’s National Parks, and believes that the government should expand their domain in order to preserve more land. He feels that the U.S. should require labels on GMO/non GMO foods (genetically modified organisms) because the people have a right to know. He also supports environmental regulations and changes to prevent global warming, as well as an incentive for the use of alternate energy production.

Economic: Bernie supports an increase in the minimum wage from current status to an actual living wage. He also believes that men and women need to be payed equal pay for equal work.

Domestic Policy: Bernie supports American’s right to bear arms, and wants to keep it in tact. However, he supports increased gun control in that strict background checks, psychological tests, and training should be required when purchasing a gun. He also believes that anyone purchasing a gun needs to pass a criminal and public safety background check.

Foreign Policy: Bernie feels that the government needs to reduce military spending in order to better fund education. He also believes that [suspected] terrorists should be given a fair trial in federal courts.

Education: Bernie supports an increased tax on the wealthy in order to reduce student loans.

Healthcare: Bernie supports the legalization of marijuana, and feels that all citizens jailed for crimes involving the drug be freed upon legalization.

Again, this is just a general overlook of some of Bernie Sanders’ beliefs regarding controversial issues. Of course, use this how you will, but it appears blatantly obvious that in numerous ways, Bernie Sanders is what America needs. I can’t vote, but I can spread the word and support a worthy underdog. He truly wants to make America a better place, and I think he’s the best candidate for doing just that.

Vote Yes On Prop 37. 

Californians will have the opportunity to vote on Prop 37 to label food that has GMO’s in them. I have been doing a little volunteer work for this campaign and now the organization I work for has signed on to the campaign. 

Monsanto recently dumped a big pile of money into the vote no campaign so here we are trying to spread the word in whatever ways we can. Feel free to help get the word out. 

If you are interested in food issues or have a problem with large corporations (like fucking Monsanto) dominating more aspects of your life then Michael Pollan’s latest piece in the New York Times  is worth a read. 

Guys, would you please sign here?

the girl who’s running the petition is really compassionated about it and i think it’s a really good thing and i mean honestly, it doesn’t cost you anything to just give her petition your voice. it’s a petition AGAINST GMO FOOD and i think there are a lot out there who are against it.