labby chan

Dear theagentofouendan,

Hm, Disney Movies? Now, that’s a fun one… OK, let me think…

Oh, that’s an easy one for me! I always loved Cinderella as a kid. It’s just so nice, dreaming that one day, your whole life will change, and your true love will come and sweep you away… It’s every girl’s dream!

Hm, I don’t know about that. I mean changing your life is great and all, but Cinderella doesn’t really get to do much, right? All she does is run around being made to do stuff until she has a lucky draw… Then again, I didn’t really get to see Cinderella when I was still a kid… Maybe I was too old for it by the time I saw it?

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Dear tehsharkster,

You mean when we met them the first time? Umm, I wouldn’t say ‘familiar’… But I had kind of a feeling about these guys right away when we started talking after the battles. Something like ‘yeah, we can trust these guys’, you know? I guess it was just that vibe they gave me…

Yeah, I had a good feeling about them right away  as well. It was a bit like… I just knew were going to be allies, I guess?

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