Labbler Music Community - User Interface

Another outstanding design project by German designer Martin Oberhäuser. For start up Labbler (a music business community), Martin Oberhäuser created the full corporate identity and user interface design. On the website you have a lot of features like: upload and search or share: music, artists, photos, charts, news, events and much more…

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The Tumblr uses the same method for login. The movement between the login and sign up is nice. The box expands o allow for another field. It is consistent in its design, and also has buttons to switch from sign up to log on.

The behance sign up uses a different method to signup. Instead of using a lightbox, a new page is used. This is a little inconsistent but differentiates between sign up and log in.

The Labbler sign up is consistent with the login, except with a few extra fields added at the bottom.