Anonymous asked you: I noticed how many dunnys you had and im super jealous! could we get pics of all your figures? i hope you feel better soon! —————- Thanks, I’m better now that my fever has broken. :) I’m not super-religious about completing any series – I just buy a case, trade what I can at the shop, and then use the rest as blanks for customs. I couldn’t really say how far back these go… My fav series was the labbit 7 Deadly Sins. Fav artists are Kronk, Andrew Bell, and Doktor A (who is also a big delToro fan and complimented me on my Newt costume at DragonCon).

Rabbit & Labbit: What’s the difference? One is high maintenance, needs lots of love and attention, sheds all day everyday, chews on everything in sight, leaves poops everywhere, and can live up to 10 years! The other is just cute and cuddly to play with. 

Why buy a rabbit for Easter when you can have a Labbit?