They are a fair folk and wonderful, and they have a power over the hearts of Men. And yet I think sometimes that it might have been better if we had never met them, but had walked in lowlier ways. For already they are ancient in knowledge, and are proud and enduring. In their light we are dimmed, or we burn with too quick a flame, and the weight of our doom lies the heavier on us.
—  Sador explains the Elves to Túrin

 To one friend only he turned at that time, and to him spoke of his sorrow and the emptiness of the house. This friend was named Sador, a house. man in the service of Húrin; he was lame, and of small account. He had been a woodman, and by ill-luck or the mishandling of his axe he had hewn his right foot, and the footless leg had shrunken; and Túrin called him Labadal, which is “Hopafoot,” though the name did not displease Sador, for it was given in pity and not in scorn.

“The Childhood of Túrin” - NARN I HÎN HÚRIN - The Unfinished Tales - J.R.R. Tolkien

Milyen nap

Az, amikor felkelsz, rajossz - mert megmutatjak, mert segitenek, mert hozzaerto - milyen egyszeru az egykezes kezallas, es ha egy masodprrcre is, de megcsinalod. Az, amint tapasztalod, h amit a Rippel tesok a tvben csinalnak egymas nyakan allva s kozben egyensulyoznak az valojaban nem is nehez mert elsore megtartod - az amogy persze tapasztalt - artistat a tarkodon, vihogva mint egy napkozis. Az, amikor mindez meg nem eleg es ragyogo napsutesben maszol par utat remek kovon jo hangulatban es mar elorre orulsz, h jol sikerult ez a nap is. Es akkor a labad ele ugrik egy nyul. A fal tetejerol, ugy 20 meter magasrol, es 5 masodperc rangatozas utan kinyul….
Nos, az mlyen nap?

  Sador worked in the outbuildings, to make or mend things of little worth that were needed in the house, for he had some skill in the working of wood; and Túrin would fetch him what he lacked, to spare his leg, and sometimes he would carry off secretly some tool or piece of timber that he found unwatched, if he thought his friend might use it. Then Sador smiled, but bade him return the gifts to their places; ‘Give with a free hand, but give only your own,’ he said. He rewarded as he could the kindness of the child, and carved for him the figures of men and beasts; but Túrin delighted most in Sador’s tales, for he had been a young man in the days of the Bragollach, and loved now to dwell upon the short days of his full manhood before his maiming.

“The Childhood of Túrin” - The Children of Húrin - J.R.R. Tolkien


Bilangin Ang Bituin Sa Langit (Regal Films, Inc., 1989)

Cast: Nora Aunor (Noli, Maggie), Tirso Cruz III (Anselmo, Jun) Miguel Rodriguez (Arturo), Gloria Romero (Doña Martina), Ana Margarita Gonzales (Margot), Perla Bautista (Cedes).

Direction: Elwood Perez; Screenplay: Jake Cocadiz; Cinematography: Ricardo Jacinto; Production Design: Ray Maliuanag, Raymond Bajarias, Gerry Pascual, Freddie Valencia; Music: Lutgardo Labad; Editing: George Jarlego; Sound: Joe Climaco.

For the first time nag pa aso kay gi asthma ug taman.. Hoy! Tawn! Dli jud lalim!! Lisod kaaju jud i ginhawa.. Naa paii sip.on, labad ug ulo ug hilanat.. 🤒🤕😢😢😭😭😭 (at Aquino Medical Specialists Hospital Inc.)

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