Name: I will do what I have to do to help him.
Pairing: nah? father!Tony
Summary: the reader is Tony’s daughter that is almost as good as mechanics as him, and, after Tony says he will never help Bucky, she helps him make sure the arm is working smoothly. Tony catches them and corners the reader, demanding that she stops talking to Bucky.

“Ok, let me see that,” you softly take the metal arm off, and Bucky leans back in the chair, feeling lost with his whole arm helpless in your hand. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t like not having it on me,” he answers quickly and smiles, as you hand him a plastic hand with a mocking smile. “But I am grateful that you agreed to help.”

“Yeah. You got something between the wires, so I will have to work on it for a bit, ok?” you put the arm on the table and take the instruments. “So… Tell me, what were you doing to break it?”

“Are you actually trying to distract me from my arm being taken apart?” you nod, and Bucky chuckles. “I got in a play-fight with Steve, and we fell off a cliff.”

“You fell off a cliff?” you giggle. “And we believe that you are the only two grown men here.”

“I have no idea who told you such a stupid idea,” Bucky rolls his eyes.

“Exactly. You are actual toddlers.”

“Not funny,” you finish taking off one of the panels and put it aside, when Tony storms in the lab, almost emitting hatred.

“Y/N! Steve said you were helping…” he notices Bucky sitting in the chair. “Him!”

“Yes, I am,” you nod calmly. “You refused to help the man, so I took the responsibility.”

“He killed your grandparents, for God’s sake!” Bucky stands up, looking like he wanted to start fight, then sits down and looks at his knees, as he does not have his arm that he needs so badly.

“He did not kill anyone,” you answer quietly. “Hydra did. Bucky is innocent.”

“He is a murderer!”

“So are you,” you shrug your shoulders. “ I am still talking to you, am I not?”

“I want you to stop.”

“He needs my help. And I will do what I have to do to help him,” you clean the arm and reassemble it. “Buck, come here,” the man walks up to you, ignoring your father, and you carefully attach the arm, ensuring that it works. “Ok, try it.”

“Looks amazing,” Bucky easily lifts a heavy table, then puts it down, gently takes your hand and kisses it. “Perfect.”

“My pleasure,” you smile, doing your best not to blush. “Try not falling off cliffs for now.”

“Y/N, you won’t ignore me!” Tony is almost screaming, but you know that he won’t dare hit Bucky (not as long as his suit is not on him) or you, so you check the arm again, afraid that some joints may be too old or rusted and break when he is fighting someone more dangerous than Steve.

“Father, I won’t stop helping him. You may hate me. You may feel disappointed, but he is my friend. And I will be his for as long I can be,” Tony sighs. “He never meant to hurt anyone. Just try to see past what he was forced to do.”

Brother’s Keeper

Season 1 Masterlist

Michael Scofield x Reader

Word Count: 1,474

Warning: Language, Angst, Disease

   You hated hospitals. They always smelled like sick people who hadn’t properly showered in days. Everything was always blue and white and they kept the temperatures so low that it could pass as a cryogenics lab.

    Despite your hatred, you were here every weekend because your love for her was stronger.

   “Hey, how are you doing, Little Sis?” You smiled at her as you entered her room. Lacey was 19 and you were 23.

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