My university wants to do a video shoot in my lab tomorrow and this written in the notification email:

“At 2:30 pm, they want to shoot the b-roll action portion of the students/postdocs “doing things”.  There is no talking/interviewing during this section of the filming, just action (even if faked).“

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Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what happened to Harley in 'Second Opinion'? It sounded like she fell and got trapped in something? She said that she was going to 'break' whatever it was, but I don't know what it was she fell in. Thank you!

Oh, you sweet, innocent Anon.

Harley thought Joker wanted to play Doctor when he paged her, so she arrived wearing nothing but her lab coat (much to Jonathan’s surprise, and Harley’s as well). Her scream was that of shock when she saw that Joker wasn’t alone.

When she said “Take it off, or I break it off”, it was in reference to Joker’s hand on her bum, placed there after Joker said he was going to get to the “bottom” of things.

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Writing prompt 29! (If you want. It sounded fun)

#29: “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”

OHMYGOSH this was such a fun prompt haha I nearly died laughing when I wrote it! I hope you love it!!

Sherlock was, needless to say, awkward around Molly after Sherrinford, though she never gave him reason to be. He had told her the whole story and she had comforted him, never mind her. They were still friends; best friends, to be perfectly honest. John Watson had the privilege to witness each mess Sherlock made of himself. It was rather amusing.

“Molly, can you pass me that slide please?” he asked as he wrote his observations.

“Here you are,” she replied, offering the slide to him. He looked up at Molly in her bright yellow blouse and lab coat with her hair braided and pinned like a crown on her head. “Sherlock?” John stood by as his best friend entered ‘buffering mode.’ The reality set in and John finally realized the truth; Sherlock fancied Molly. He loved her and was not exactly well-equipped to deal with it.

“You. Look…sunny,” Sherlock managed to force out. His face showed a look of inward mortification over the awful attempt at flirting.

“Umm, thanks I…guess?” Molly told him, slowly backing away from the lab desk. “I’m just gonna get a coffee.” And she was out the door in a flash.

“Alright, mate, I won’t say that was a disaster but,” John paused. “It was a disaster.”

“You just said you weren’t going to say it,” Sherlock huffed.

“Yea,” John responded, “I lied.”

Sherlock avoided the lab for at least a week after that; only coming into the morgue once for a case. Here he was, once more, in the mortuary, not paying attention to Molly whatsoever in an attempt to avoid another mess. Greg stood by John as the consulting detective examined the body with his favourite pathologist.

“Lacerations covering his palms,” Molly muttered, “indicates that he tried defending himself against the murderer’s weapon; most likely to be metal, like a pipe or–”

“This isn’t Cluedo, Molly,” Sherlock sighed.

“But it’s still a possibility, Professor Plum,” Molly teased, gesturing to the aubergine shirt he wore.

“Oh? And what does that make you? Miss Scarlet?” he remarked with a chuckle. John was surprised that the teasing had seemed to improve. Then, their eyes locked intensely. A little too much.

“Eh, do you know what’s going on with them?” Greg spoke quietly. John only raised a finger to his own lips, telling Greg to keep quiet. They looked on as the never-ending gaze continued. The detective inspector took out his phone, ready to film what would happen next.

“Y-your eyes are…a preferable shade of brown…like…chocolate,” Sherlock stumbled out.

“Ooh,” Greg sympathized, “that’s gonna hurt in the morning.”

“I-I mean your–I could–”

“Sherlock,” Molly laughed, “it must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.” She continued laughing as Sherlock gaped at her offending him. “Just ask me out already, you numpty.”

“I love you,” he blurted out much to his embarrassment.

“I know,” Molly told him. “I’ve known for a while now.” She cupped his cheek with her gloved hand. “I love you too.” Sherlock’s shoulders seemed to sag with relief that the nightmare of a day was over. Applause was heard from behind them; John, Greg and now Mike stood there clapping.

“It’s about time,” Mike laughed. “I had to watch years of this.”

“Join the club,” John remarked. | ao3

This is a little fic I wrote several years ago, but I found this ring on Amazon and it inspired me to edit it/repost it for your reading pleasure. It’s still my favorite Sherlolly proposal I’ve ever written, and was inspired by a long week of studying for a molecular biology final. (Sherlolly + science = the real OTP)

Come to Baker Street immediately. – SH

Please. – SH.

Important. – SH

Molly stared down at her phone and sighed. She had been looking forward to spending a quiet night with Toby in front of the television. Oh well, she thought. She couldn’t deny that she was excited to see Sherlock. Although they had been together for almost two years, a high-profile kidnapping had kept them apart for the past week and a half. She missed him. Maybe he had finally solved the case.

She hung her lab coat by the door and walked out to the street, hailing a cab and directing the driver to 221 Baker Street. She would find out what he needed, and then perhaps she could convince him to take her out to dinner. 

Their anniversary was fast approaching, after all.

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Have you never wondered WHY we never see the flask again, and WHY was it even there?

In popular culture

The hip flask appears frequently in comedy, in part because it allows drinking in inappropriate situations where a bottle would not normally be found—for instance, in Two and a Half Men, where Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) drinks alcohol from a hip flask during a funeral. It also appears rarely in The Simpsons, when Homer drinks from it on occasion, and even allows Bart to take a drink during particularly intolerable occasions. In Family Guy, the character Brian Griffin also carries around a hip flask in the earlier seasons. In another adult animation, Rick and Morty, the character Rick Sanchez, who is shown to be notably alcoholic, carries a hip flask under his lab coat.

Meaning: Yes, was a solely “comedy” purpose. It just amazes me how capcom spend money in a, overall, needless scene of Leon being cocky. 

     [ Just realized that I never posted this here~ but fun fact, this is the very first drawing of Professor Kukui I ever did lol way back before the games even came out! 

     Surprisingly… I still kinda like it haha! ]

the other day i was covering for one of our cashiers and a customer came through with a monster high doll. normally I’ll ask if the kid or whoever is a fan of whatever the person is purchasing and this person told me “yeah, she’s really into science and this one is sciencey, but i’m not too keen about the outfit”. i look at the box and nod and say “yeah, I don’t think open-toed heels are safe for a laboratory environment”. the customer just looked up at me with big eyes and whispered back “thank you for saying that”

When Lena decides to take some time to work on her own personal projects in the L-Corp labs, none of the other techs realize who she is, because Lena Luthor is a devastatingly composed monolith of untouchable grandeur. But Lab-rat Luthor is all messy buns and thick-rimmed glasses, lab coat pushed up to her elbows, pen tucked behind her ear, muttering calculations under her breath, and always, ALWAYS buzzing around like pure kinetic energy on the verge of curing every single cancer at once.