The best example that why do chemists wear lab coats. 

In this case a nitration overreacted and spilled a large amount of concentrated sulfuric and nitric acid everywhere. Just imagine what would happen if someone is doing that reaction without a lab coat….

How to choose a lab coat:  

  • go for cotton (in case it catches fire, no plastic to melt on your skin) in a sturdy quality (takes longer for things to seep through) 
  • press stud buttons (easier to get the lab coat off in a hurry in case of spills)  

COLOR!!!! And this time I’m not up at some ridiculous morning hour HAHAHAHA.

(( pandoyareblogs shared a lol moment today in suggesting the periodic table probs hasn’t actually been approved by the Council. Its hard to read, but the last point on that white board reads: “Get Periodic Table Approved”))