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What Matters Most (An Underswap Babyblaster Fanfiction)

Part 7  Anyone get that thing when you walk into a room and forget why you went in there?

Styx had been strolling around the underground for hours, at first they were searching for the two missing experiments, however… they got distracted. Once they had entered Waterfall they couldn’t help but notice the beautiful and entrancing way the water flowed,and how could they not say hello to each of the Floweys in Flowey town? And by the time they had finished having a lengthy discussion about certain human historical documentaries with one of the younger guard recruits, a short yellow lizard, enough time had past that they had forgotten the reason they had left the lab in the first place. The shining grey doors of the lab buzzed open, the sterile white walls of the lab coming into view. “Tra la la…” Styx said, but as they stepped inside they stopped. Seeing the chaotic state the lab was left in brought back the memory of what they had left the lab to do in the first place. Find the escaped experiments. They brought their black featureless arm from out under their cloak and slapped their face. “Tra la la…I should probably leave this to the guards.” Styx announced to themselves. Suddenly they noticed other members of staff in the lab staring at them. They cocked their head to the side. “Tra la la. Is something wrong?” This was strange, thought Styx they did not seem to look nervous as they normally do, instead the look on their faces is one of…wonder? One of the gawking lab assistants cleared their throat and said, “you have arms?” Styx nodded, confused as to why others always found that strange. Sure, I keep them hidden most of the time but that is best for everyone, thought Styx. They truly did not understand why everyone they met had stared at their arms whenever they were visible. Turning towards the corridor leading to their office they glided through the corridor, humming their tune. The guards would get their experiments back soon, they just knew it. Then they could find a way to break that infernal barrier and finally achieve their true goal, what they had wanted to do since the barrier had cursed them to this place. They could finally……    


“Seriously?” You piqued, blinking up at Harrison with a toothy grin that was quickly suppressed after he rolled his eyes for the fifth time that night. “I mean… We could do something else if you want. I just thought we could use a relaxing night after-”

“It’s fine.” Came his usual rough tone as he tucked his hands into his pockets and moved to lower himself against the couch before propping his feet on the coffee table and kicking at the Xbox controllers Cisco had left behind in the lab’s very own viewing room… Or rather the old break room that had been turned into a theatre and gaming area, curtesy of Francisco Ramon’s boredom.

“Great!” You beamed, plopping down on the couch and snatching the remote… “So, you have America’s Next Top Model on Earth-2, right?”


Just when you were about to let him off the hook and offer to fire up something a little more Harrison-Friendly, you felt the cushion beside you dip as he scooted closer and draped his arm over the back of the couch… And with that, your gaze was pulled away from the TV to find Harrison looking at you with a barely-there smile, his fingers tangling in the ends of your hair as you leaned back and allowed his arm to snake over your shoulders. Sure, America’s Next Top Model probably wasn’t his thing, but judging by the look on his face as you settled against him, there was no place he’d rather be…

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*Imagine having a relaxing night in with Harrison*

(1) Request: Now on to the DC ones! Obviously I must begin with a Harrison one. Imagine having a relaxing night in with him.

(2) Request: if you’re accepting requests can you do something Harrison related, fluffy preferably? and yes I am a girl :D

There are several places around town where streets end and turn into staircases because the hills are too steep. This set is my favorite because it goes up to one of the highest parts of town and you can see for miles down the valley. I go out of the way to include it in my walk to the lab. The view was especially nice today.

It wasn’t often that Hancock got to wander around outside of Goodneighbor, despite his lack of….. anything to do there day to day, he tended to stick around more often than not, but every now and then he managed to get out and let off a little steam. Just like today. The ghoul had already taken down a small group of raiders near the gates and now he was headed farther into the ruins of the old city, whistling and spinning that knife in his hand as he walked.

Before too long, that good mood faded when a familiar lab coat came into view. Well, shit. Quickly putting the weapon away, the ghoul rushed over and knelt down beside him with a grimace on his face and gently shook his shoulder. “Hey man, you still alive there?”

That time on Voyager when they entered the “void” and everyone got so bored that even Tuvok started making bad puns

*looking at the stars in the astrometrics lab* “the view from my quarters has been less than stellar lately”

*wants to fire a torpedo because they can’t find the source of the power drain* “perhaps we could shed some light on our predicament”