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The Fate of the Watson Baby has been Staring us in the Face this Whole Time

We’ve been discussing this for ages: How can the baby be John’s with everything we know about Doyle’s canon? How can the baby be both real and not real? Why is she dressed like a rabbit? Why does she have the name of a stillborn from episode 9 and the initials of a stillborn from episode 1 if she’s alive? That’s because she is stillborn. The baby doesn’t survive the birth. That doesn’t mean the family doesn’t take a baby home with them. 

Just like Dr Stapleton, Nurse Mary Watson is going to bring home a “rabbit” that isn’t the one she was supposed to have. Kirstie got ahold of the wrong rabbit after her mother accidentally brought home one of the lab specimens that glowed in the dark. Dr Stapleton exterminated it after her daughter found out something was not right about the rabbit. “Hutch still locked, no sign of a forced entry.” Obviously an inside job. This would be an excellent parallel to “the dog did nothing in the night time” – which we saw referenced at Setlock this summer, the original story being “The Silver Blaze”. So the baby coming home with Mary isn’t going to be hers, John is going to doubt its legitimacy and consult Sherlock – just like Kirstie Stapleton – but Mary isn’t going to know that’s being investigated behind her back. She will abduct the child – hopefully she’ll just give her away to some loving family, but we all know how mirrors work (she will exterminate her off screen) – and John will think someone broke in and took her. Sherlock will realize it was an inside job. Mary will make her escape after she (AGRA) falls overboard. She’ll swim like a shark (who eats her young). 

Wonder why Mary has been wearing turned-up jeans this whole time? Because she’s not the mother. We were right, there was a reason they gave Sherlock that line in episode 3 about deducing paternity – except it will work both ways because Mary isn’t the mother, just like John isn’t the father. 

Is it time to freak out yet?

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Thoughts on Finnian?

Finny is a sweet, sweet person. His heart is genuine despite the fact he has had a rough life. It seems he didn’t have a childhood. From the flashbacks, it seems like he was treated as nothing more than lab specimen. He had no name. No identity.

With that past, it would be normal to see someone become cold, bitter, and cynical, but Finny is none of these things. He has hope, he loves deeply, and he takes pleasure in the small things in life.

And Finny’s brave, even if he doesn’t think that he is. When Ciel was scared of Sebastian during the Green Witch arc, Finny stood up to Sebastian - someone he not only respects but has a certain amount of fear of disobeying. He overcame this fear because he wanted to protect Ciel.

Like many of the characters, Finny is not innocent, but he has a sweet, pure heart.


The View From My Table

My table in the project lab was glass-walled and faced out to the main floor of the museum.  From there, I could see the hanging whale skeleton, the biodome with rain forest butterflies, and many, many people wandering by or staring in at me.  This was the most interesting place I’ve ever drawn anything.

i’m not sure if i’m annoyed or amused by how many people are butthurt over the anatomically incorrect horse skeleton

you guys realize it’s a halloween decoration, right? not a lab specimen, not an actual horse, not some beautiful piece of vulture culture adulation. it’s a halloween decoration from home depot. halloween skeletons are always anatomically incorrect. that’s what makes them absolutely hilarious and i will fight you if you try to tell me different.

Why haven't we had anatomy lab this week?

I shall tell you why.

Because some asshats thought it would be a great idea to threaten our school because we use “too many” animals.

Sorry, not sorry, but I am here training to be an animal DOCTOR. I can’t do that effectively if we don’t have animals to work with. The specimens used in lab are all humanely euthanized and preserved so that we can use the same specimen for MONTHS. Do you have any idea what the hell a cadaver looks like after it’s been dissected in a lab for four months? In the Caribbean?

It’s foul.

But we do it so we don’t have to use so many. Contrary to what some animal rights groups seem to think, we don’t ENJOY having to kill things. Shocker, I know. A bunch of people who want to be vets don’t want to kill animals? Wow. Eye-opening stuff.

Unfortunately, the three Rs (replace, reduce, refine) only apply to a certain level when you’re teaching goddamn doctors. I’m never going to know what the inside of a horse looks like if you never give me a damn horse to look at. And, yeah, we’d love to reduce the number we use (that whole not really wanting to kill them thing), but you can’t have fifty people looking at one specimen. It just doesn’t work.

But you can’t argue with some people.