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The Thing (1982) - Norris Transformation

my latest pic made using Hexels2. Some artistic licence as the head only tries to escape after the monster is set on fire. Mostly happy with this, a couple of characters missing and a few medical spotlights. The only photoshop here is the grain and my name - the rest is 100% in software.


The Determination injections reversed the state of “fallen down” for the monsters in the Lab. 

Heck even the remains of monsters can be brought back, as seen with Flowey, with Determination and a physical form to anchor to.

And I think I know why.

My body…It feels like it’s splitting apart.
Like any instant…I’ll scatter into a million pieces.
Deep, deep in my soul.
There is a burning feeling I can’t describe.
A burning feeling that WON’T let me die.

Monster SOUL’s have Determination in them.
But unlike humans who have bodies made of physical matter, and whose Determination makes their Souls persist after death…

Monsters use their Soul's Determination to maintain their bodily form.

That’s why even normal monsters like Gerson can live for a millennia without ever “falling down” and why monster Souls don’t last long after the Body is destroyed.
Age doesn’t cause “falling down” because the age pool of monsters is at such a wide range going from Snowy’s mom to Shyrin’s sister.
When monsters loose Determination it compromises their physical wellbeing.

Lost and Found

@determination-saved for a starter meme

The 13-year-old wasn’t sure why he came by this timeline anymore when it came with such painful memories. Perhaps…because it came with good ones as well. The integration of monsters back into surface life the past year had gone…surprisingly better than most people expected, not that that’s saying much, and Justin was doing a fairly decent job as ambassador with the help of the other souls. Sure, there were major hiccups and incidents here and there, but society seemed to be more or less on the right track in the long run.

After a quick walk in New Home, Sasha stepped into the elevator. He took a breath and sighed, selecting the CORE level and watching the doors close. He stood and waited as the elevator chugged away, expecting he’d be arriving at the old power plant soon.

But…something was off. The ride started feeling shakier than usual. And all of the sudden, it came to a halt as if the elevator car got stuck on something. Just as Sasha feared it couldn’t get worse, he heard something sturdy snap–and the elevator went tumblring!

In his panicked state, the young teenager balled up barely even felt the elevator land. And it was another good moment or so before he uncurled and saw the elevator doors now open, with a dim light shining into the now dark interior. Gulping to steady his nerves, Sasha poked his head out and peered around.

Was this…the True Lab? How odd–according to Justin, the Asgore of this timeline had ordered this lab decommissioned and stripped of everything shortly after the Barrier’s breaking. …A week or so before she was taken. Yet…it looked like some had been here since the king’s ordered were carried out…




OH MY GOD. He either turned Tom into the monster by accident or on purpose.

And it looks like someone has been living and eating in there. Maybe Tom got in and THATS how he became the monster??

@monster-apartments-au Did you guys know about them??

I just want answers holy shiiitt.

I sometimes like to imagine what would happen if Frisk was half-monster, and having the magic ability to bend water is the only thing they got from their monster parent.

Idk how it would happen, I’m not sure how long before Frisk went to the underground that everyone was banished, but bear with me here.

Just imagine a few things for me:
• Little Frisk using water as a shield when she meets Flowey and his “friendliness pellets”. Flowey stares in shock.
• Frisk using water to lightly slap at the dummy Toriel tells them to talk to. Toriel stares in confusion.
• Frisk automatically bringing up a little water whip when they hear Sans ask to shake their hand. Sans stares in surprise, and bursts out laughing.
• Frisk using their water to shoot them over Papyrus’s bone attacks. Papyrus stares in admiration.
• Frisk using their water instead of spears to block Undyne when they fight her. Undyne stares in anger.
• Frisk creating a bubble of water around them to block Asgore’s attacks. Asgore stares in despair.
• Frisk protecting the other human’s souls by encasing them in bubbles when fighting Omega Flowey. Omega Flowey doesn’t stare, because he isn’t surprised.
• Frisk not knowing how to help Alphys in the true lab, so they stay with her for a while and use their water to help her make new experiments so she doesn’t have to dwell on the past. Alphys stares in gratitude.
• Frisk hands being cold as ice from bending water all the time, and Asriel smiling and holding them to warm them, saying “Thank you.” He would never stare.
• Frisk playing with Onionsan at the beach, staring around at their mom and friends and feeling like they could bend the ocean if they wanted.

I just… I need to stop


Voice Actress Christine Cavanaugh Has Died

Written by rychu79

Veteran voice actress Christine Cavanaugh passed away on the 22nd of December. Her cause of death is not known at this time. She was 51.

Cavanaugh lent her voice to many animated characters throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s. She was the voice of Gosalyn Mallard (Darkwing Duck), Chuckie Finster (Rugrats), Marty Sherman (The Critic), Oblina (Aaahh Real Monsters), Babe (Babe), and Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory) just to name a few.

A Memorial Stone ceremony was held in her honor on Antelope Island, a place she loved and visited often with her father.