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Literally as soon as I walked into the office this morning, before I could even sit down, my lab mate turns to me and says “someone brought you up as an example of a midwesterner the other day, but don’t worry, I told them that you’ve lived in New York long enough to not be a stereotype”

and I’m just like ????? what does that mean????

Shut Up  (Julian x Reader) Imagines - Fluff/Jealousy


You and Barry were just geeking out in the forensics lab, and Julian can’t help but get a little jealous…


“That’s so cool!”

“I know, right?!”

“And then, the part where he spelled out Francis –”

“That was gory, but so funny…!

Julian heaved a heavy sigh. For the past hour, the meta-human expert has been listening to you and his helpless half-wit of a partner Allen gushing over the latest Marvel movie, Deadpool, and it was honestly driving him insane.

I mean, really… Julian scowled as he watched you fawn over his lab mate. Is it too much to ask for a little peace and quiet?

Not that he minded hearing your voice.

God, no.

He loved listening to you. You were always so sweet, angelic - an infectiously happy person that somehow made him smile.

It was Allen’s yammering that he couldn’t stand. He just found his partner’s voice so…


Though, truth be told, he didn’t like how you went to the movies with Allen over the weekend either.

Just the thought of it made his blood boil.

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Our Quench Alarm: *freaks the fuck out and goes off (very obnoxiously) for over 24 hours for no reason*

Us: *calls EHS because this seems like something they would do*

EHS: sorry we can’t turn off the alarm until the space is cleared. Call fire safety.

Fire Safety: this isn’t a fire so it’s not our job. Call EHS.

EHS: we’ll send someone I guess

EHS: *does not send someone*

Our Quench Alarm: *finds a new, more obnoxious setting to alarm on*

Us: 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃


08.30.17 // feeling a bit better, but still working from home for one more day because i have the nastiest cough and i don’t think any of my lab mates would appreciate the sharing of germs. 

plenty of stuff to do though! i got my poster edits back and the conclusion section is just my PI commenting with questions like “are you sure this is what you conclude from the data?” and i’m like “um.. i thought so? but now you’re making me doubt all my life choices”

Standard Procedure 1/3

For Trek Fest 2017

Characters and Pairings: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Prompt: Is there a chance to get a new McCoy x reader story? <3 A soft story, where McCoy realizes, that he is in love with the reader. ;) (from @alternative-nerdgirl, Thanks!!)

Summary: McCoy thought he was married to the job. But when he meets you, he can’t seem get you out of his head. And oddly enough, you can’t seem to stop thinking about him either.

Word count: 2113 

Triggers: description of a wound/accident

A/N: So this is a reader insert, technically, but I’ve tried to focus on Leonard’s POV more in order to better address the request. I think it worked? Also, I have no medical experience, and it’s been years since I’ve worked in a lab (and even then, I was running tests on plant stems and roots, not blood or whatnot). I just kind ad-libbed the lab stuff based on my own lab experience.

Also, this got completely out of control (please send help), so there will be a Part 2 tomorrow, which I will queue up for 12:30 CST.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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so yesterday my lab mate and i were talking about the CO2 content required to maintain cells in an incubator (5%) and then we wondered what the atmospheric CO2 levels normally are (because “can someone die if they were trapped in a tissue culture incubator”) so i googled “what level of carbon dioxide is dangerous to humans” and google made me verify that i wasn’t a robot because it had “detected suspicious search engine activity” and i was like !!! excuse me ho i am a SCIENTIST my job is to ask these ridiculous and vaguely-serial-killer-esque questions how dare you

Your Friendly Neighbor, Spider-Man Part 2

Originally posted by starkquinzel

Peter Parker x reader

Part 1

Summery: During a sleepless night a nose makes you look out your window– only to see the webslinger himself. Now: what happens after.

You were sound asleep… so you didn’t even stir when your window was slowly, soundlessly, opened—making your curtains flutter gently from the breeze. You didn’t wake up as the red and blue clad figure of spider-man crawled into your room and slowly closed the window behind him.  And There was no movement from you as he crawled across the wall to settle into a corner of the ceiling—where he stayed, just watching you as time slowly passed by and the sun began to light up your room.

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Bound - Part 2 (Julian Albert x wheelchair!reader)

Words: 1,228

Note: The below isn’t my GIF, credit goes to its owner.

Part 1

“Hey, Julian,” Barry turned his chair around, looking at the meta-human CSI Specialist who was carefully picking a sample from a small piece of evidence with a pair of forceps, “can we talk about something for a second?”

“What?” Julian didn’t bother with lifting his head up, just concentrated on the tiny sample in front of him.

“Actually, I want to talk about Y/N.” Barry sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.

Julian’s hands instantly froze in the middle of the air after your name fell from Barry’s lips. He set the forceps down and turned around to meet Barry’s gaze.

“What about her?” Julian asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest, certainly not fond of any men, especially the always-late-for-work-without-a-proper-excuse Barry Allen, calling your name.

“I saw her the other day, you know… the day she brought your lunchbox to the precinct… and… I might know someone who can help her.”

“Help her with what?”

“Well…” Barry suddenly felt nervous under Julian’s cold stare, he cleared his throat and rapidly searched for the least offensive words inside his head, “I notice she is in a wheelchair… so… um… I think she might want some medical help?”

“My wife doesn’t need that, thank you.” Julian refused sharply, turning around with his back facing Barry.

“But the person I know is the expert in bioengineering field, she might be able to hel-”

“I SAID my wife doesn’t need that.” Julian raised his voice, feeling irritated.

“Why?” Barry frowned.

Julian was so done with Barry’s continuous asks, he really wanted to end this displeasing conversation, “It’s none of your business, Allen.”

Barry was discontent with Julian’s reaction, he scowled at him challengingly, “I’m sorry, man, there is a chance of getting Y/N out of the wheelchair, but I notice you just help your wife decide everything and block all the hope of recovery from her.”

“The last thing my wife needed is hope, Allen.” These words were almost pushed through Julian’s clenched teeth.

“I don’t think it’s the decision you should make, Julian.” Barry crossed his arms over his chest, “It’s up to her.”

“Since when you developed a sudden interest on my wife, Allen?” Julian pinned his suspicious gaze right on Barry, his features went totally grim, “You barely know her.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I already have Iris.” Barry defended himself, “I’m just saying that keeping hope away from Y/N isn’t a good thing.”

“Good? How do you define what’s good for her?” Julian barked, the rage he kept holding back finally broke, “She bore intense pain and disappointment every time the doctors said there is nothing they can do to help her. This is torture, and I won’t put her into a torture like this again.”

Barry went silent after hearing the unexpected outburst. He comprehended why Julian didn’t want you to go for a medical treatment now, he was protecting you from any possibility of shattered hope.

Julian glared at Barry one more time before walking out of the lab, “This is for Y/N’s own good, let’s keep it this way.”

“Dr. Caitlin Snow.” Barry uttered behind Julian, who stopped at the current spot without looking back, “If you change your mind, you can find her at S.T.A.R. Lab.”

“Goodnight, mate.” Julian said and stepped out of the lab.


Julian twisted the handle and swung the door open. What’s greeting him was the fragile you sleeping with knees and body curled up on the couch. Julian sighed, he dimmed the light and turned off the television which was currently on the 24 hour news channel.

Every time. Every time there is a crime in the city, you would be worried sick about his safety. Although he already told you he would not participate in any crime fighting as he was just a forensic scientist, you still stuck to the TV anyway and watched every news just to make sure he was okay.

He undid his tie and leaned down to gather your tiny body into his arms. He gently lifted you up and let your head rested against his chest. He carefully not to wake you and carried you up to the bedroom.

He lowered you onto the bed and sat beside you. A slight smile coiled up on his lips as he watched you sleep. He laced your hand with his and stroked your cheek with the back of his fingers. He then sunk into the memories.

“Am I able to walk again?” You sobbed, tears almost dropped from your eye frames.

“You will.” Julian assured, gripping your hand tight and firm.

“Promise?” You whimpered, voice cracked.

“Promise.” He reassured you and placed a soft kiss on the back of your hand.

Oh god, what was he doing? He once promised to make you whole again, but what had he done? He just left you broken and vulnerable. And damn it, maybe Allen was right, he did keep all the hope away from you because he, Julian Albert, was scared to hear the bad news from the best doctor in Central City again.

Feeling something poking his shoulder, he looked back and found you blinking at him.

“What are you thinking about?” You asked your lost-track husband, bringing him back to the reality.

“Nothing… Just…” He pushed away the memories and pull you up gently, he settled you onto his lap and wrapped his arms around your waist, “Do you remember Allen?”

You nodded, letting your head rested on his shoulder and feeling his hot breath smacking on your neck.

“He… um… He said there is an expert in S.T.A.R. Lab who might be able to help you…” He murmured, tucking a stray of hair behind your ear before eyeing you softly, “Do you want to give it a try?”

You looked him in his sapphire blue eyes. Those eyes were tired, barely happy, and beyond that, you found pain hidden behind those irises. It wasn’t the first time you saw him with regret and guilt. He always thought that he was responsible for putting you in a wheelchair. But the truth is, it was never his fault. And you would never, ever blame him for what happened that night. But learning that you could no longer use your leg again, he beat himself up over that accident even more.

If you are able to walk again, maybe he will eventually be relieved and let himself out of the self-blaming cycle.

“You know… I really miss those days when you and I ran around the garden and collected samples of insects…” You said with a grin, “I will give it a try.”

Seeing something lit up inside his eyes, you pressed a soft kiss on his lips, “I love you, you adorable dork.”

He let out a small laugh and kissed your lips again, “I love you too.”

“You should go to shave.” You said between kisses and chuckles, his newly grown beard somehow made your face itch.

“I rather not.” Julian smirked, he was already on the top of you before you could notice.

He buried his face and planted endless of sweet kisses along on the side of your neck while another hand of his started unbuttoning his shirt.

You giggled at the itchy sensation and pulled your husband closer.

This is definitely going to be a lovely passionate night.

Part 3

So one time, my lab mates and I were doodling on the lab counters in erasers and I drew Rick and Morty, Stan and Dipper, etc

and the next class, I got a note written in eraser saying “Sorry, we had to erase your Rick, Morty, and Stan!” 

so I wrote “It’s okay, buddy!” and doodled a little Mabel

So today I found a Cute ass Rick, drawn very much like they do in the show
and beside him, they wrote : “OH THANK GOD, MABEL, WE HAVE TO-”
and then the words were too messed up or blurry 
but IT WAS AMAZING I really miss having these mystery doodle buddies like I did in high school

so I drew a Mabel next to him, looking excited w/ starry eyes saying “WHAAAT?”

and off to the side was of Rick, I found “Gotta get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack”



Geology lab measurements!

My day: #coffee ☕️, @nsfgov-funded robot 🕹, acid ⚗️, #WomeninSTEM lab mate 👩🏽‍🔬, and 5,000,000yo shells 🐚🙌🏽😄 I am using the Element XR to analyze the chemistry of coastal groundwater samples from around the world to quantify what groundwater contributes to the ocean globally. 💧👉🏽⛰👉🏽🌊 Sarah White, another @ucsc PhD student, is using a laser to analyze the chemistry of #foraminifera #shells to explain how #ElNino changed over the past 5my. 

But can you imagine if Eddie was still at the precinct?.
“Barry, is your lab mate being nicer to you yet?”
“Barry, do you want me to talk to him? Are you sure? I won’t take my gun out this time. I wasn’t going to do anything! He overreacted!”
“Barry, do you want me to see if Singh can move your office? You know, maybe closer to my desk?”