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Name: Monika
Age: 24
Country: USA

Hi. My name is Monika and I’m from the USA. I live with my boyfriend and I am currently back in school to be a medical lab technician in hopes to becoming a Pathologist Assistant one day. I am an extrovert-introvert. Mostly introvert unless I am comfortable with the people around so it’s hard for me to make friends. I have a very colorful personality and very nerdy and geeky. I love science and chemistry and anatomy and physiology whilst diving into most comics and shows and movies that have anything to do with fantasy, supernatural and superheroes. I also love history and documentaries.
Lately, I’ve been trying to work on my life dealing with some mental illnesses that happen to get in the way of my social life, that to now has vanished. I always loved writing letters but they do get a little unorthodox. I tend to write more random letters as if I’m talking to you in personably, about random subject or my thoughts or how my day has unfolded versus the straight forward “My favorite things to do…. I love listening to..:” but I do incorporate those kind of things.
I am also a very open person to ask for advice as my life experiences are vast for my background.
I am looking for someone that I can have a connection with on a more slow paced, less social anxiety level if that makes sense. I love Batman, LoTR, mermaids, the Justice League, MCU, ghost adventures, studying, singing along to my music, deadlifting and fitness, traveling when I can and thinking about the infinite possibilities of the universe when my mind isn’t exhausted and allows it.
I guess, if you looking for a unique, colorful personality to talk to or write to and doodle, I’d love to be considered! So yeah, hopefully that was an interesting and good bio but yeah >.<

Preferences: Preferably anyone over 21. I would only like to participate in snailmail.m but other than that, anyone is welcome(:

Naughty Dog nice e-mail reply to me

Dear Ms. Barker,

Our condolences about Casper. We hope you are able to spend a good deal of quality time with him in the days and weeks to come, which is usually all that dogs ask of us as owners.

We’re thrilled you’ve enjoyed our games. Your plush Nathan Drake is awesome, and thank you so much for sending in the pictures. Love how you posed him in various appropriate background settings.

Hearing from our fans is always a highlight of our day, and when they are willing to use their artistic talents, it makes it that much more rewarding. We really appreciate you taking the time!

Warmest Regards,

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Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2017 7:58 AM
To: ndi-dog
Subject: hi


i don’t really know if this is the place for this but here goes, i made a plush nathan drake (photos in attachments if you wanna look at him)

he took me 10+ of work to make,he was created with love and imagination.
Creating Nate kinda took my mind off things,my yellow labrodor Casper has cancer and his chemo is no longer working.

Your games are amazing i feel you put your heart and soul into everything you do keep up the good work.

well we ever get a uncharted golden abyss remaster for ps4?

uncharted is my favourite game series (coming from an orginal 1990’s britsh tomb raider fan you should take this as a massive compliment lol).

have a nice day

Miss Louise Barker (age 34)

p.s i have got my dad into uncharted (he’s 60) one day i’ll teach him to play.

Cranquis Mail: What do you think about lab techs?

@beta-hydroxybutyrate asked:

I’m sure you get thousands of messages and I doubt you will see this, but when will your ask box be open again?! I’m a Medical Technologist at a local hospital (I work in Chemistry and Hematology) and I’d love to hear your opinion on med techs and the lab… in addition to the unspoken “battle” between nurses/lab techs/doctors (ie: when we call to cancel a test due to not enough sample/hemolysis/incorrect specimen collected, etc). I once had an outpatient doctor who refused to take a critical result from a “lab rat” and it made me very sad to hear he thought of us in that way.

Med techs! Clinical lab specialists!

“Oh ye tireless workers, blessed with the mental and emotional fortitude to perform a wide array of ridiculously complex, perfection-requiring tasks OVER AND OVER with little acknowledgment from the people who depend on their work (except when those people feel a test took too long or didn’t come out right). Ye who do a job which I personally would hate to do, but for whom I am so grateful that you are willing and able to do it!”

Look, I’ve said something similar to this before: in any profession, there are jerks – and it is usually the way that the jerks from one profession interact with another profession that determine the reputations each profession carries around. So listen – I want to apologize for the doctor jerks who have forgotten that lab techs (JUST LIKE DOCTORS) are human, capable of making mistakes, and possess emotions which can be battered and broken by harsh words and actions. Those doctor-jerks have lost sight of the main reason that they themselves endured toil and abuse by superiors and self-deprivation in order to become doctors: “Solving problems and helping people”. Instead, by behaving like spoiled brats when a lab tech “dares” to approach them with an issue, they are CREATING problems and HURTING people!

So the next time some jumped-up jerk-king with a long white coat feels snooty enough to royally degrade you and your profession, just remember: without your tireless toil down in the lab dungeons, the entire healthcare castle would grind to a halt.
Thank you for what you do!

(OH, and re: my stubbornly-closed Ask Box – see my explanation here.)

Spine not being able to find his shoes and at first getting mad because he thought Hatchy or Rabbit had stolen them, but realizing that Matter Master David had borrowed them and Spine’s all “It’s okay, hooman.  You can keep them.  You need them to protect your hooman feets and I understand that.  I do not need them for such purposes, so you may use them to protect your fleshie feets in the lab or checking your mails. But don’t scuff them.

Lab Rats

“Lab Rats”

All our mail is continuing to pile up,
As we send our prayers higher and above,
Past the angel wings that peacefully sing,
Harmonies of serenity and loving things.

But He can not be bothered by our useless banter,
Or pointless hymns from useless cantors.
The louder we sing the more He blocks us out,
And yet there are still those who continue to shout.

What people just refuse to understand,
Is that they are already part of a master plan.
A scheme which is greater than you or me,
And one that is more powerful than we could ever be.

Like the diseases contained within our skin, 
We are not meant to fully understand Him,
Or the secrets kept we ponder until we wept.
We must accept what we see and fail or adept.
A simple flaw of our blinded human design.
A symptom of being controlled by the masked divine.
We’re like slaves in a world and trapped on all sides,
Doing His bidding forever until the rest of time.

Like lab rats running around a wheel in a cage,
Killing each other while He flips the other page,
Yet He follows us in our homes or every cuss,
For he is always watching every one of us.
The biggest voyeur that could ever exist,
Is He who created humanity and insists,
On judging and condemning us straight to hell.
An unfair trade considering we are forced to dwell,
In a world He created supposedly in His vision.
If this is true than he must of missed with precision.

Perhaps the creator of this world simply has forgo,
Like a child with a toy he has learned to outgrow,
And although during winter times outside we still have snow,
Maybe who we thought He was isn’t what we know,
But continuous hope in this spirit makes me feel weak.
Not even this being can provide the things that I seek.

Paint me a new canvas, one with color so vivacious,
And eliminate those who are ever so predaceous,
But knowing how He sees this world outside of my home,
Makes me realize more than ever that we are better off alone.