lab husky

The Signs as Dogs

Aries: Labrador Retriever

Taurus: Bulldog

Gemini: Yorkshire Terrier 

Cancer: Maltese

Leo: Beagle

Virgo: Poodle

Libra: Cocker Spaniel

Scorpio: German Shepard

Sagittarius: Husky

Capricorn: Pug

Aquarius: Golden Retriever

Pisces: Shih Tzu


This is Sky. I rescued her in an airfield, in the country, contacted the rescue I work for, and we were on our way to the ER Vet. She was very anemic. Gums as about as white as herself. So dehydrated. She could barely stand on her own. Every single bone in her body was visible: hips, ribs, spine, you name it.

At the vet, she got an immediate blood transfusion and fluids. She was so anemic because she had - literally - 1,000’s of ticks attached to her, 90% of them full of her blood. She weighed TWENTY FIVE LBS, when we believe she is a husky/lab mix, she should weigh at LEAST TWICE that amount. Our hearts were broken.

Sky is now drinking on her own (without added food!), after refusing to drink water unless we soaked her food. We are feeding her small meals every two hours and she is now able to stay out longer to go potty, rather than going out to pee, maybe poo, and then collapse of exhaustion. Please pray for Sky! She is the SWEETEST, and will be available for adoption through Annie’s Rescue Foundation in Norman, Oklahoma when she is healthy and ready. If you would like to donate to her care, you can message me personally. - Taylor

This is my boy Zeus, and he’s 2 years old. When we adopted him, the shelter said he was a Lab/Husky mix but we aren’t entirely sure. This little chicken nugget is the light of my life!!!